16 Reasons to Outlaw Pornography!

The Evils and Dangers of Pornography

  • Pornography is unredeeming filth. There is nothing positive about it ever, especially for young children.
  • Pornography is highly addictive, since it stimulates the pleasure center of brain like a drug. The desire for more pornography, like cocaine, for example, never gets satisfied. It leaves the brain craving for more and more, for an increasingly higher “high.” Therefore, pornography leads one into a never-ending downward spiral of addictions; it’s a deep, dark hole with no bottom.
  • Pornography destroys children, men and women and then marriages and families, which are the bedrock of society. When this foundation is destroyed, the whole society collapses.
  • Pornography can lead to all sorts of sexual perversions and deviant behaviors such as pedophilia, bestiality, necrophilia, homosexuality, masochism, incest, sadism and to sexual crimes such as rape, sex abuse and other criminality.
  • Pornography promotes lust, which is a sin. According to biblical definition, lust is the strong desire for something that’s illicit or illegal or, in other words, for someone or something that isn’t yours to have or doesn’t belong to you.
  • Pornography engenders lying, deceit, lust, abuse, violence, envy, compulsiveness, adultery, fornication, selfishness, self-hate, guilt and shame.
  • Pornography undermines the dignity of both men and women. It downgrades the value of sex by turning women and men into sex objects and the sex act because merely about sensual and selfish gratification. Pornography profanes the holy and divine purpose of the physical union between a man and his wife for the purpose of intimacy and to propagate the human race for the purpose of producing potential sons and daughter for the heavenly kingdom of Elohim (God).
  • The birth rate in western nations is going  down. This is due to many factors, but pornography is one of them.
  • Pornography can cause sexual confusion, gender confusion, sexual dysfunction, sexual frustration, false sexual expectations.
  • Due to chemical reactions that occur in the human brain while viewing pornography, these images are powerfully stamped into a person’s brain forever. They are difficult if not impossible to erase. 
  • Pornography is a form of prostitution.
  • Pornography feeds the sex trafficking industry. This is a form of slavery.
  • Pornography destroys children. Thanks to the smart phone, many young children are exposed to this evil. It adversely affects their impressionable and developing brain. Evil thoughts and ideas are put into their brains. Morals are eroded and often children will act out what they see, and such things will adversely affect them and those around them for the rest of their lives and for generations to come.
  • Pornography often promotes dissatisfaction and sexual dysfunction in marriage, since it raises one’s sexual expectations in marriage to unrealistic levels.
  • When young boys are exposed to pornography, it hampers if not destroys their ability to relate to girls, since they compare themselves to the male porn stars they see and feel that somehow they’ll fall short in looks and acts. Moreover, they’re scared of girls, who don’t look as good as the fake female porn stars they see on film. Likewise, young girls who are exposed to pornography compare themselves to the made up female porn stars they see, and feel that they don’t compare favorably in looks, so this affects their ability to relate to boys.
  • When boys view pornographic image on a computer screen and react sexually to that, their brain is conditioned to react to these fake, idealized virtual reality image. Their first sexual encounter with a women, in effect, is through a screen. Then when they’re with a real person, and when that person doesn’t live up to the idealized images and expectations of the screen, they’re unable to perform sexually.

For those of you struggling with addiction to pornography, offer up to YHVH Elohim your sincere and deep heartfelt repentance of this sin, and then ask Yeshua the Messiah to take away from you the desire for it, and he will. Then make a covenant with your heart and eyes that you will no longer view it. Them make sure that this stuff doesn’t come over your screens by activating all the security controls and filters possible. (I use electronics multiple times every day, and pornography doesn’t come across my screen, thus eliminating the possibility for temptation.) Then be accountable to someone else who will check in with you periodically and pray with you to insure that you stay clean and pure.

May YHVH Elohim strengthen and bless you as you walk down his path of holiness and righteousness!


Warning: Guys, keep your pants up!

Genesis 25:5, He sent them eastward. Ancient customs and cultures seems strange and foreign to us, even as many of our modern customs would doubtless have seemed strange to the ancients. What was behind Abraham’s banishment of his other sons? 

The Bible paints Abraham as a righteous man who was faithful to YHVH’s word including the Torah. He was also a very loving, hospitable and generous man. From this, we can safely say that whatever he did, it wasn’t evil, but was gracious, generous and was for the benefit of all parties involved. It is true that Abraham made some mistakes along the way such as having a son with Hagar. Romans 12:2 teaches us that there is a good, better and best or perfect will of Elohim for each our lives. 

Scripture reveals that Abraham wasn’t always in the better or perfect will of Elohim, just like all of us. Taking on extra wives and concubines was not the wisest thing that he could have done judging by the fruits thereof. The Bible in numerous places paints in graphic details the numerous family conflicts that arise when a men took on extra wives and concubines. 

Likely to keep peace in his large family, Abraham had to send these concubines and their children away in order to avoid conflict between them. This is what he had to do with Hagar on account of Sarah’s jealously. 

Even then, this verse states that the gracious Abraham blessed his other sons generously. It also appears that he sent them away to protect Isaac—the promised seed through whom all YHVH’s covenantal blessings were to come. This, again, was likely to protect the future Israelites from unnecessary conflicts with potentially jealous family members. 

As it was, the children of Israel still had on-going conflicts with the descendants of Ishmael, Esau or Edom as well as with Moab and Ammon, who were Lot’s children. To wit, the modern day Arab-Israeli conflict can trace much of its origins back to these ancient family feuds.

What can we learn from these lessons on Abraham’s life? Choose your marriage partner carefully. Resist the hormonal urges and social pressure to spread your seed indiscriminately through casual sexual liaisons or by taking on new marriage partners. The affects of doing so can have deleterious, multi-generational effects long after the momentary pleasure of the sex act have passed. If you’re widowed or divorced, move extremely slowly into new marital relationships with great care, if at all, considering the long term consequences it will have on your family and successive generations.


Are you taking vengeance on the “Midianites” in your life?

Numbers 31:3, Take vengeance on the Midianites. YHVH is vehemently opposed to moral looseness. Midian, through its seductive women, nearly destroyed Israel. The decisive actions of a morally straight leadership prevented Israel from going the way of so many nations that have since collapsed due to moral decay.

Sexual looseness and perversion must not be allowed to gain even a momentary toehold into our lives. Do you aggressively resist and fight against the spiritual Midianites that would destroy your life, your family, your marriage and your spiritual destiny, or do you even slightly countenance the enemies of your soul in the secret or hidden areas of your life just to placate the passions of your carnal and sin-bent nature?

The spirit of Midian is to be found everywhere from the magazine rack at the checkout stand to the morning newspaper advertising women’s undergarments, from bumper stickers to billboards, from television ads (not to mention the television shows themselves) to the internet, and among political, religious leaders and entertainment celebrities. How about the modern immodest and decadent clothing styles of our youth, which barely cover the body, and where little is left to the imagination?

How does one defend oneself against this incessant onslaught? Remember, the best defense is a strong offense. Resolve and settle in your heart and mind ahead of time how you will react against the darts of the enemy when you suddenly find them aimed at you, and then stick to your defense plan! Pull down every mental stronghold and take every thought captive to the mind of Yeshua, and flee all lusts. (Strengthen yourself spiritually by reading the following scriptures: 1 Cor 6:18; 10:14; 2 Cor 10:3–6; 2 Tim 2:22.)


What about the family purity laws?

Here’s a question I got today from a woman about the family purity laws of Lev 12 and 15.

I have this big questionmark when it comes to purity laws. How did Yeshuah fullfill the these laws? I haven’t been able to find an answer to for a very long time and I hope you could  help.

Here’s my answer. Hopefully this will help some of you as well. (Your thoughts and comments will be appreciated!):

Shalom K—,

Let’s first establish one thing.When we say “fulfill” as per Matt 5:17, we don’t mean “to do away with” or “destroy” as the mainstream church de facto infers from this passage. The Greek word means “to bring to its fullest completion” or “to make full.” This is the opposite of rendering the laws of the Torah obsolete and irrelevant to the redeemed believer’s life. Yeshua then goes on to explain in the rest of the Sermon on the Mount how both the letter and the spirit of the law are fully applicable to the life of his disciples. Curiously, the Jewish elite of Yeshua’s day focused more on the letter of the law obedience and often missed the spirit of the law, whereas in mainstream Christianity today, the focus is often more on the spirit rather than on the letter. Men just can’t seem to get the right balance! Yet Yeshua was perfectly balanced and presented a full, complete understanding of the Torah and urged his followers to walk out both the letter and the spirit, and declared that those who do both are the most pleasing to the Father (e.g., see John 4:23–24).
Now with regard specifically to the purity laws, Yeshua didn’t come to abolish them or any other laws. Having said that, to keep any of the laws of the Torah exactly as the Israelites kept them (in a letter of the law manner) all conditions that existed then when the laws were given must be exactly the same today. What are these conditions? Women still go through their menstrual cycles. That hasn’t changed. Husbands need to refrain from physical relation with their wives during this time. This hasn’t changed. With regard to the blood touching things such as the woman, bedding, couches, or other people, some things in this arena have changed. We now have feminine hygiene products that keep the flow contained. These things didn’t exist in antiquity, so others touching the blood is no longer an issue today. We have running water, and flush toilets and lots of paper products to keep us clean. Beyond that, it’s probably a good thing for a woman to be alone during the time of her cycle due to physical and emotional issues that can make being around her rather difficult. However, with women now in the work force, it may not be possible for her to sequester herself “outside the camp” for a week or more. At the very least, her family needs to be more understanding at these times when life and death are occurring in her body, and they need to “give her space.” The caring and loving husband needs to lead by his good example in this.
There are other aspects to the family purity laws that I haven’t touched on in this brief discussion, but I hope this gives you a good basis to understand the overall subject. In brief, we do the best we can to observe these laws by maintaining good hygienic practices,husbands keeping their distance sexually from their wives during this time. The Torah teaches that blood, human and animal, needs to be respected and properly disposed of. Excellent hygienic practices is a big step in fulfilling these Torah requirements. This is my quick answer to a complex issue. 
May YHVH bless you for endeavoring to love him more fully by keeping is commandments!


Our nation needs a spiritual revival!

This Is What Happens When Young Men Are Taught That Scoring With Women Is The Ultimate Goal In Life

Elliot RodgerElliot Rodger is a horrifying example of how badly we have failed young men in America.  You see, the truth is that his obsession with sex and losing his virginity did not come out of nowhere.  Rather, it was the result of being constantly immersed in a sex-obsessed culture for the past 22 years.  In America today, our young men are constantly being bombarded with sexual messages in advertising, in television shows, in video games, in movies and on the Internet.  They are literally being trained to believe that scoring with women is the ultimate goal in life.  So we should not be surprised when their behavior reflects this underlying philosophy.  Of course very few of our young men become mass murderers like Elliot Rodger, but the crisis that we are facing is much broader than that.  The obsession with illicit sex that our young men have is destroying millions upon millions of lives, it is spreading sexually transmitted diseases like wildfire, and it is a huge factor in the decline of the American family. To continue reading go here: http://endoftheamericandream.com/archives/this-is-what-happens-when-young-men-are-taught-that-scoring-with-women-is-the-ultimate-goal-in-life


Addressing the “Gay” Rights Agenda

The “Gay” rights agenda is pushing itself into all aspects of society and is on a collision course with Bible believers everywhere. What should be our biblical response? How do we help those with gender identity issues and same sex attractions? What should be a biblical and loving response? This video explorers these controversial issues from a loving, biblical, but firm perspective.