Our nation needs a spiritual revival!

This Is What Happens When Young Men Are Taught That Scoring With Women Is The Ultimate Goal In Life

Elliot RodgerElliot Rodger is a horrifying example of how badly we have failed young men in America.  You see, the truth is that his obsession with sex and losing his virginity did not come out of nowhere.  Rather, it was the result of being constantly immersed in a sex-obsessed culture for the past 22 years.  In America today, our young men are constantly being bombarded with sexual messages in advertising, in television shows, in video games, in movies and on the Internet.  They are literally being trained to believe that scoring with women is the ultimate goal in life.  So we should not be surprised when their behavior reflects this underlying philosophy.  Of course very few of our young men become mass murderers like Elliot Rodger, but the crisis that we are facing is much broader than that.  The obsession with illicit sex that our young men have is destroying millions upon millions of lives, it is spreading sexually transmitted diseases like wildfire, and it is a huge factor in the decline of the American family. To continue reading go here: http://endoftheamericandream.com/archives/this-is-what-happens-when-young-men-are-taught-that-scoring-with-women-is-the-ultimate-goal-in-life


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  1. My older son is a student at UCSB. I wrote up something about it; maybe I will edit and post it on my blog. Anyway, I can email it to you if you are interested, as it is long and I know it is bad manners to squat on someone else’s blog 🙂

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