Lo, the winter is past…!

Shabbat shalom everyone around the world!

My beloved spoke, and said to me: “Rise up, my love, my fair one, And come away. For lo, the winter is past, The rain is over and gone. The flowers appear on the earth; The time of singing has come, And the voice of the turtledove Is heard in our land. The fig tree puts forth her green figs, And the vines with the tender grapes Give a good smell. Rise up, my love, my fair one, And come away! (Song of Solomon 2:10–13)

Please enjoy these smiling faces declaring YHVH’s glory from Natan’s personal Garden of Eden…


Shabbat Shalom Beloved Fellow Saints!

As I often do early on the Shabbat morning, I strolled around my garden clutching my cup of organic coffee admiring the flowers in my personal Garden of Delight (the Hebrew meaning of Eden). As I talk to Elohim, I thank him for the wondrous beauty of his creation and praise him for his majesty. Remember what Yeshua said about the riches and wealth in this world?

Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin: And yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. (Matt 6:28–29)

Well, by Yeshua’s standards (and they are the true values to judge life by, NOT man’s artificially contrived ones based on pride and lust), I must be an exquisitely wealthy man: I currently have 16 species of flowers blooming in my garden!!! I praise Yah for this. My Eden brings me much joy, pleasure and delight. I carefully tend, protect and nourish my garden just like Elohim commissioned us to do at the beginning, and it blesses me back. Tending and keeping the garden was Elohim third Torah command to Adam and Eve (Gen 2:15).

And the Yehovah Elohim took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it. (Gen 2:15)

Think about this for a moment. There’s something really deep, mystical and spiritual about gardening. For starters, it connects us to something beyond ourselves, which has a whole host of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual benefits.… But we’ll save that sermon for another time.

In the meantime, here are some photos I snapped this morning. (Remember the days of  film cameras where you had to wait days or weeks between the taking of and sharing photos with others?)

So turn your eyes away from the sewage dump called the news headlines, take a break and think about the majesty of our great Almighty Elohim and his splendiferous creation for a moment. Please enjoy as you feast your eyes on these.



Today’s Sermon Is by the Flowers in Natan’s Garden

Where I live, after an intensely hot summer that began while it was still technically spring, and probably the driest summer in my lifetime, the cold nip of fall is finally in the air. HalleluYah!

With the arrival of the autumn season, we are reminded of the inexorable movement of cycles of the creation that YHVH Elohim, the Creator, set in motion many thousands of years ago. No matter what man does, he cannot stop these cycles. This points to the omnipotence and sovereignty of Elohim, and at the same time illustrates the smallness and weakness of men.

Think about it. The great and proud leaders of the world with all of their political, military, religious and economic power cannot stop the turning of the seasons or the flowers from blooming!  All that they are and pretend to be is merely a superficial facade speaking to the silliness and vanity of humans. The Creator sits in heaven and just laughs at them (Read Psalm 2.) In the big spectrum of things, how can we really take them seriously? YHVH Elohim is still in charge in spite of who they think they are. This fact alone should give us reason for a selah moment. 

As I stroll through my garden, I see the flowers blooming, the grass growing, the nuthatches and chickadees carefully selecting seeds out of the the bird feeder, the squirrels jumping from tree to tree, the robins eyeing and then carefully pulling earthworms out of my well-watered grass, and I hear the wind rustling in the trees overhead. All these cycles of life that YHVH set into motion a long time ago continue as they have and man can do nothing about it. Each is fulfilling its divine purpose and destiny as the Almighty ordained. Each one, like a symphony, plays its part in the orchestra of life as conducted by our Father in heaven, and man is powerless, thankfully, to do anything about it! The only thing that the right-minded person can and should do in response is to stop, reflect and to worship Elohim and take hope that he’s still the one who’s in charge—not men!

With the arrival of fall, the fall flowers celebrate the arrival of YHVH’s fall biblical festivals (the Day of Trumpets/Yom Teruah, the Day of Atonement/Yom Kippur, the Feast of Tabernacles/Sukkot and the Eighth Day/Shemini Atzeret. Are you getting ready to celebrate the fall festivals that prophetically point to the second coming of Yeshua, the resurrection and glorification of the saints, the marriage of the Lamb and the establishment of his millennial kingdom on this earth after having destroyed the Babylon the Great New World Order end times Antichrist system?

Please join my family and I along with the flowers in my garden in rejoicing over the arrival of fall and the autumn biblical feasts!

My primroses are finally awaking after quietly sleeping all summer. Yah, help us to awake to you to the joy of your fall feasts after having come through our own long, dry season of spiritually lukewarm sleepiness!

Despite the intense summer heat, my begonias have been blooming faithfully and non-stop all season long. Yah, help us to bloom for you even in the spiritual desert drought that surrounds us!

More ever-blooming begonias bursting with joy and life. Yah, may your joy be our strength at all times no matter what happens to us.

As the cooler weather of fall arrives, the chrysanthemums come alive bursting with joy to encourage all those who gaze upon them. Yah, as the days get darker and colder spiritually, help us to be lights shining in the gross darkness of this world!


The chrysanthemums are a hardy fall flower that can withstand all but the most severe frost. They keep blooming despite rain and cold. Yah help us to bloom brightly during the cold, dark gloomy seasons of life, so that those around us can see and marvel at the inner fire of your Spirit that buns brightly inside us.

More mums smiling happily at the world. Yah help us to keep smiling perpetually for you!

Not sure what these flowers are. Maybe someone knows. But who cares. They’re beautiful and that’s all that matters. They glorify their Creator by growing and blooming where they’ve been planted. Yah, help us to do the same!

More begonias showing not a care in the world by just doing what they do best—blooming! Yah, help us to keep our eyes continually on Yeshua and to do what you’ve called us to do for the glory of your kingdom.

Look at this gorgeous and sumptuous dahlia! What joy and pleasure it brings to all who gaze upon it. Yah, help us to be like a beautiful flower garden that you’re pleased to gaze on and which brings you great joy!

This foxglove has taken a beating this summer, but I keep watering it and it keeps blooming. Yah, pour out the water of your Spirit on each of us, so that we can continue to bloom through the hardships and rigors that life throws at us!

This plant (again, I forgot the name of it—someone please tell me) isn’t a flower, but it’s leaves look like flowers. The tag on it said it would grow to only 18 inches tall. Well, it’s now almost 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide! It has greatly expanded and overgrown the pot I planted it in. It’s obviously a happy, healthy plant. Yah, help us not only to grow and bloom joyfully where you’ve planted us, but to expand our borders as we help to advance your kingdom to those around us!


A Smiling Spring Shabbat Greeting to Everyone Out There!

Consider the lilies, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin; and yet I say to you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. (Luke 12:27)

A happy Shabbat greeting to you from my personal Garden of Eden!

And now for a colorful Bible lesson from my garden…

This is a prized rhododendron I inherited from my grandmother’s garden. Grandma was a godly woman who I miss greatly even though she has been gone since 1986. This flower reminds me of the great cloud of saintly witnesses that have gone before us to help make us what we are. I will be overjoyed to see  her in the first resurrection!

This azalea that adorns the front of my house is one giant bloom. May we be like this azalea always smiling and full of joy despite the cold, wet and cloudy circumstances life throws at us.

This pieris Japonica (commonly called an andromeda or lily of the valley shrub) come to us a gift from its native Japan. Yehovah’s loving gifts to brighten our lives come to us from far and near. Let us be ever grateful for his loving compassion and mercy!

This is my happy-faced pansy. It always seems to be smiling at passersby. Pansies get a bad rap! They’re not as frail as they look, but are one of the hardiest plants in the garden being able to withstand the winter cold quite easily. They’re also always smiling and happy. This one came up volunteer from seed. There’s nothing that’s pansy about pansies!

I love the hardy primroses that come in all sorts of gay colors to cheer up the garden (and me too!) during the closing days of the wet, bleak, gray and cold winter season. When we look around us at Yehovah’s creations, we can always find some loving gift from him to brighten our day.

Can’t remember the name of this flower. Just like when it comes to the Bible, I know a lot, but not everything! This no name flower teaches us to be humble and teachable like children, for none of us knows it all.

I salvaged this pink dogwood from a client who paid me to get rid of it. It now has a new home chez moi! Yehovah has salvaged us all spiritually and wants to give us a new home in his eternal kingdom. HalleluYah!

Pink dogwood flower close up. Solomon eat your heart out! This is how Yehvoah views each of us. Though part of greater redeemed Israel, each  of us is a unique flower in the eyes of our loving Heavenly Father.

A wood hyacinth declaring the glory of Yehovah in its own way!

The bleeding heart is a wild native to our region. Don’t eat this plant; its name speaks of its lethal nature. Its beauty belies its deadliness—just like sin!

Laurustinus is an ornamental shrub that when it blooms is a mass of fragrant flowers. May Yehovah make his face to shine upon us, so that we can reflect his love and beauty to the world around us like this plant!

Finally, wild mustard has many spiritual lessons to teach us. It  grows everywhere around here (from roadside ditches to meadows) as a wild weed and  is highly edible and nutritious. In mild winters, it will bloom all season and continue blooming well into spring. I planted these next to the bright yellow fire hydrant that “adorns” the front of our house. When in bloom, the wild mustard hides this necessary eyesore. That’s called taking your lemons and making lemonade. We have to do that with the trying and nettlesome difficulties that face us in life, don’t we? Moreover, Yehovah found each of us in the highways and byways of this world and  transplanted us into his garden to bloom and grow for him for his glory and joy. This is one of my favorite flowers. One man’s weed or junk is another man’s treasure. To the world, we may be junk because of what we believe, Who we serve and what live out, but to Yehovah, the saints are his peculiar and priceless treasure because we’ve been bought with Yeshua’s precious blood! Baruch hashem Yehovah!



Shabbat Shalom to all my friends in Yeshua around the world

As you know, I just posted a piece on Trump vs. Clinton. Reading this stuff is like walking through stinky barnyard muck that is knee-deep!

When I read Robert Daniel Phillip’s comment to that blog post, it punctuated the dilemma most Elohim-fearing, Bible-loving Americans are facing regarding who to vote for in our upcoming presidential elections.

The distasteful and bleak outlook of our elections in turn prompted me to take a stroll through my garden to de-pollute my mind. Here are some photographs of the flowers that are currently in bloom in my garden. Allow me to share this unparalleled beauty of YHVH’s creation with you on this beautiful Shabbat morning.

When the things of man look bleak and hopeless, let’s turn our eyes to YHVH the Creator and to the beauty of his creation all around us that silently shouts at us to cast our attention skyward to the source of all love, joy, peace, goodness and beauty. Yehovah Elohim is the ultimate Righteous Judge of the universe who, in due time, with the purifying fires of justice, will destroy all the wood, hay and stubble of men’s humanistic machinations and attempts to dethrone him.

I am casting my vote for YHVH Elohim—Yeshua!

Sorry Hitlerey, Tromp et al, but the flowers in my garden are a much prettier sight  to my eyes and sensibilities than you’ll ever be!

Shabbat shalom everyone…please enjoy the Creators gift to us of flowers!

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A Psalm: The Flowers in My Garden


 By Natan Lawrence

The uglier the world becomes, the more I plant flowers in my garden.

The deeper and darker the pit society falls into, the brighter and more colorful are those flowers.

The more vile, crass, ungodly, evil and profane people become, the more my garden resembles the sublimity and idyllicism of Eden.

The greater the degradation of the surrounding culture as it gleefully parades its descent into hell, the more my garden reflects heaven on earth.

Yehovah, I love you, praise you and find my hope and joy in you through the flowers in my garden!