The Healing Power of Nature

Yesterday, on Shabbat, Sandi I went for a walk in our local nature park. We just sat together listening to the sounds of nature, watching the birds, and watching the varying sunlight patterns highlight the trees in different ways. Through this, Sandi and I connected with each other, with the creation and with the Creator.

The healing and restorative value of these quiet times in nature can’t be overstated. Like taking an energizing vitamin B 12 shot, our need for spending time in nature increases as the world around us gets more frantic and crazy!

Here’s a video I did a couple of years ago on the healing power of nature. May it bless you!


A Psalm: The Flowers in My Garden


 By Natan Lawrence

The uglier the world becomes, the more I plant flowers in my garden.

The deeper and darker the pit society falls into, the brighter and more colorful are those flowers.

The more vile, crass, ungodly, evil and profane people become, the more my garden resembles the sublimity and idyllicism of Eden.

The greater the degradation of the surrounding culture as it gleefully parades its descent into hell, the more my garden reflects heaven on earth.

Yehovah, I love you, praise you and find my hope and joy in you through the flowers in my garden!