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The serpent-headed Greek mythological monster called the Hydra

The Manifestations of the Spirit of Antichrist


Like the mythical Greek Medusa monster, the hair of whose head was comprised of numerous serpents, or the Hydra monster who had a body with multiple serpent heads, the Babylon the Great, Antichrist system of the New World Order has numerous manifestations that all stem from the same source—Satan the devil, YHVH Elohim’s chief adversary. If we focus on the grotesque, individual manifestations of this evil spirit (e.g., Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Big Pharma, the Great Reset, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, ESG, AI, the WEC, Progressivism, Leftism et al), the pieces of this puzzle can appear disparate and confusing. However, when we realize who and what the source behind it all is, then the picture comes into clear focus. This is simply the Babylon the Great, global Satanic, Leviathan system that the Bible prophesied long ago would control the earth in the end times and that the Warrior-King Yeshua the Messiah will destroy at his soon coming return. This short article helps tie all of the pieces together into one, simple cohesive, Bible-based picture.

Below is a glossary of terms that are labels for current demonic societal trends, movements and ideologies that are working synergistically under Satan’s authority to promote the destruction of whatever moral and spiritual biblical Judeo-Christian values remain in our formerly Western, Christian culture and to replace it with devil worship or Luciferiansim. 

Antifa—This is merely locally-based movement of criminal malcontents that promotes anarchy, God-hating leftist, communist and Marxist ideologies as well as the abolishment of law and order through street violence, vandalism, intimidation and thuggery. They are, in fact, what they claim to be against—fascists.

Big (Tyrannical) Government—This is the opposite of the idea of small or limited government. Big government or the concept of Statism, often referred to colloquially as “Big Brother” or the “Nanny State” occurs when governments attempt to control many aspects (e.g., political, economic, sociological, philosophical, moral and sometimes even spiritual) of people’s lives, which usually occurs at the expense of civil liberties, personal freedoms, free choice and individualism.

Big Pharma—The major pharmaceutical companies are a mixed bag situation. True, they produce some drugs that help people, but they also produce many drugs that have serious deleterious side-effects. Of the greatest concern to Bible believers is a troubling prophetic passage in the Book of Revelation that seems to speak condemningly of drug or pharmaceutical companies in the last days. This is an end times prophecy concerning international business leaders controlling or socially engineering earth’s population through pharmaceutical drugs for their own malevolent purposes in a similar manner as witch doctors, shamans, witches and sorcerers endeavor to control people through their herbal often mind-altering concoctions and potions (Rev 18:23). This scripture indicates that these drug pushers are an aspect of Babylon the Great’s efforts to enslave and control earth’s population (Rev 18:11–13), which is something that YHVH detests and will destroy at his second coming.

Black Lives Matter—This is merely a less violent, community-organizing movement (than Antifa) that promotes leftist, communist or Marxist ideologies through street demonstrations, looting, vandalism and intimidation of those who disagree with them.

Cancel Culture—This is a leftist, “progressive” (actually regressive) concept where those people, businesses, institutions or organizations that do not go along with the prevailing ideas of leftism, “progressivism” or wokism must be boycotted, discriminated against, resisted through violence and ultimately destroyed. 

Climate Change—Climate change has been occurring as long as the earth has been in existence whether that is for thousands, millions or billions of years. Who know? The earth and its inhabitants (plant, animal and human) have been adapting to the vicissitudes of the climatological, astronomic (i.e., sunspot) and geological cycles of nature during this time. Now all of a sudden, the earth is threatened with destruction because of so-called man-caused global climate change. The critical and knowledgable thinker can hardly swallow this theory. No. Climate change is a politically motivated agenda by the globalists to bring the world’s inhabitants under the control of global governance. These global power brokers care nothing about the environment as they leave their huge carbon footprints jetting and yachting around from one mansion to another preaching the religion of environmentalism. It is all about money, power, control and world domination for satanic purposes pure and simple. 

Critical Race Theory—This is nothing more than a form of revisionist history that promotes racism against white people. Any serious and well-educated student of history can plainly see this.

Diseases and Pandemics—The recent “pandemics” whether real or constructed emergencies are tools by the globalists where the masses through fear and government control can forcefully be brought into alignment with New World Order ideologies. The so-called “vaccine passports” that are required to travel, buy and sell, and to engage in certain social privileges are nothing more than preparatory social engineering for the purpose of conditioning the masses to accept the mark of the beast.

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Biblical Reasons NOT to Get the COVID Shot

This was my first video that the devil-worshipping God and Bible-haters at YouTube banned. I outwitted them by simply rewording the title and then reposting it where it remains on my YouTube channel to this day to YouTube’s shame. You can view this video on my new Rumble channel at the link below. My Rumble channel, for now, will be reserved for my more non-woke, hard-hitting against the mainstream narrative, calling a spade-a-spade concerning the Babylon the Great New World Order videos.

It’s curious (not really—I say this tongue-in-cheek) to me how YouTube cares not a wit when I take aim at the greedy Christian pastors and profits, blast the unbiblical traditions of men in the Christian church that make of none effect the Word of Elohim. They’ll let me do that all day long. But when I attack the devil, they fight back with a vengeance. Rather telling, wouldn’t you say?

Their banning videos like mine is the first step in the institution of what has already come to pass in communist China and is know as the social credit score. I’m sure most of you are already savvy to this diabolical attempt to fascistically force people to act, think and speak only those things that the ruling elite scumbags deem acceptable. This is a form of social engineering to brainwash the masses into being good little plebeians—modern feudalists serfs for the factories of the global oligarchs. And they’ll keep everyone happy by keeping them drugged up (e.g., don’t close the borders so the illegal drugs can come in, force everyone to get a jab with who knows what kind of side effects, drug our kids for non-existent psycho-emotional disorders, and legalize drugs starting with pot). Moreover they openly tell us, “You will own nothing and love it, so they tell us.” In other words, you will be told what to think, where to go or not go, what to say or not, what to believe—and whether you can buy or sell (translated to mean, “Do what we tell you are you will starve to death in the dark cold.”). Is Europe getting a taste of this now as they enter the winter months energy deprived? The Swiss government is already telling their people, “Keep your thermostats down or your get fined or go to prison.” Switzerland is a cold and mountainous country. I know. I spent a year there.

So YouTube banning the Bible-based Truth of my videos speaks volumes about whose side of good and evil, light and darkness, heaven and hell that Google and its subsidiaries and minions are on.

Needless to say, and this is no news flash to the children of the light, the righteous saints of YHVH Elohim and Yeshua our Lord and Savior are in a furious spiritual battle for dominion of this world. Those of us who have faith in the Most High Creator of all things continually renew our hope and joy in knowing who will ultimately win this war that started in Eden. This is because we are standing on the rock of Truth—the Word of Elohim.

So watch this video and be strengthened spiritually in your resolve to withstand the evil one as he attempts to kill, steal and destroy those who were made in the Creator’s image to rule this planet along with King Yeshua while he suffers for eternity in the lake of fire.

If you can, forward this information to those around you.

Amein b’shem Yeshua.



Bye bye COVID and good riddance!

I came down with COVID two weeks ago. It started with a fever, nausea, vomiting, inability to eat little if any food. Within several days, the fever left, but the nausea continued making it difficult if not impossible to eat. I was physically weak and felt totally wiped out. I could barely get out of bed. I had little or no desires to do anything except lay there day and night. As they say, my get up and go got and and went! I lost 15 pounds.

In the mean time, Sandi contracted COVID as well—a few days after me. She recovered much quicker than I did. Perhaps her getting the Pfizer shot helped so that her symptoms were not as severe as mine. Several of my other family members have gotten COVID as well, and they got the shot, and they got over it much quicker than I did. Please don’t argue with me about this. I don’t have the patience for this. II’m just giving you the facts. Until you’ve had it, or been around those who have, all you have to offer me is your speculations and theories, which I could care little or nothing about. I’ve heard it all, and now have been through it.

Yes, prior getting this perilous pestilence, I was daily taking since April 2020 every anti-COVID and immune boosting nutraceutical recommended by every knowledgeable naturopath and holistic medical doctor I could find. I was hand sanitizing religiously and following every other known hygienic protocol including social distancing, and being a good little sheeple peasant and wearing my hated mask. Despite all of this, I still get it.

Now that I’ve been through it all, I am going to get injected! NO! Although there is evidence that the injection can help some people, I’m still not interested in being Big Pharma’s Guinea pig for an experimental gene therapy drug the long term results of which no one still knows.

In the mean time, thank you for all of your prayers. And my prayers and heart of compassion goes out to all those who are struggling with this evil, demonic plague.

Why did I get COVID? I still don’t know. I’m seeking YHVH’s wisdom from above on this.


The C0v!d Coverup Unmasked

On November 30, 2021, radio talkshow host Dr. Michael Savage interviewed Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MD, who has practiced medicine in three states (Arizona, Texas and Virginia) for 35 years. This is one of the most comprehensive yet succinct analysis of the issues surrounding the COVID pandemic that I have ever heard. The interview lasts for only about 30 minutes, and I urge everyone to listen to it and to pass it one to those you know who have ears to hear.

Here are Dr. Vliet’s credientials: https://www.truthforhealth.org/about-us-truth-for-health-foundation/

Savages interview with Dr. Vliet begins at 35.35 in the podcast. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-michael-savage-show/id635045292?i=1000543521860

In this interview, Dr. Vliet reveals the following about the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • The US government’s incentive payments to US hospitals for COVID-19.
  • According to the inventor of the PCR test used to check for COVID, the PCR test was not meant to be used as a diagnostic test for COVID (but a qualitative test only), and has been used incorrectly as a diagnostic test throughout the pandemic.
  • Many hospitals are setting the COVID testing thresholds higher so that it leads to a greater number of false positive tests for COVID.
  • There is a US government bonus payment for each positive COVID diagnoses that hospitals make as instituted by CMS (the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) as legislated by the CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act of 2020) by the US Congress. This allows hospitals to receive Federal funds for helping to fight COVID, yet incentivized unscrupulous hospitals to receive a financial bonus for every positive COVID diagnosis they make.
  • Hospitals are given a 20 percent bonus on every COVID admission from Medicare on the entire hospital bill (around $100,000 per patient) if the hospital uses Remdesivir to treat COVID patients instead of ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine.
  • In the Anthony Fauci NIH (National Institute of Health) funded ebola trials, Remdesivir had more than a 50 percent mortality rate plus kidney and liver damage. Knowing that data, in May of 2020 Fauci still declared that Remdesivir is the U.S.’s legal standard for COVID illness.
  • US hospitals under mandate from the US government are using the wrong drug protocols for treating COVID patients resulting in staggeringly high death rates.
  • In Texas, it has been revealed that once a COVID patient receives Remdesivir and is put on a ventilator, 85 percent of the patients died. Hospitals have never had this kind of a death rate for any treatment before.
  • Remdesivir is toxic to the kidneys and liver and after five days the kidney damage goes up and the body can’t handle fluids. Fluids then back up in the lungs, the heart is compromised preventing the blood from being oxygenated necessitating the patient going on the ventilator where, according Texas hospital data nearly 85 percent of patients subsequently die.
  • SMS pays hospitals a bonus to administer COVID vaccines. The more vaccines the more money the hospital makes.
  • The COVID vaccines are experimental vaccines unlike any other vaccine in history. They received no longterm clinical testing data, only several months of clinical testing data, no longterm safety studies.
  • The COVID vaccines are brand new technologies using gene therapy agents and meet the FDA specifications for gene therapy drugs.
  • For years, the spike protein in the COVID vaccine has been known to have toxicity to humans.
  • The MRNA and DRNA lipid nanoparticles coatings of this vaccine infiltrate the ovaries and testes in several animal species that have been studied over ten years. Thus there is known damage related to this technology that is unique to this vaccine that was never present in other vaccines in the past. The COVID vaccine is not a traditional vaccine, but a brand new gene-therapy technology that drive across the brain-blood and the placental barrier.
  • Usually, traditional vaccines take 2 to 5 years of testing before they are approved by the US government. Gene therapy agents take 5 to 15 years of testing. The current COVID vaccines were approved in only several months.
  • The COVID vaccines have a higher risk of death and complications than any vaccine in the history of vaccines. This is born out in the data from VAERS (the US government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) and from other countries (e.g. Europe, the UK, Israel, etc.).
  • Health complications and deaths from the COVID vaccines are unpredictable and there is no clear data to determine who will be adversely affected or not.
  • The US government has suppressed medical data that came out in July 2020 for early COVID treatment protocols that kept 85 to 90 percent of the people out of the hospital. This information was prevented from reaching the public.
  • Hospitals and health care systems are firing medical doctors who use alternatives COVID treatment protocols other than what the US government mandates.
  • Cloth masks are largely ineffective at stopping the nanoparticles of the virus, which can easily pass through weavings of the fabric like mosquito flying through a chainlink fence.

For more information about COVID from Dr. Vliet, go to https://www.truthforhealth.org

For COIVID home treatments, go to https://www.truthforhealth.org/patientguide/patient-treatment-guide/


The Truth About Vaccines—”They killing more people than they save.”

From: https://newsrescue.com/watch-bombshell-testimony-at-fda-vaccine-hearing-injections-killing-more-than-saving-driving-variants-re-all-cause-mortality/

WATCH Bombshell Testimony at FDA Vaccine Hearing – Injections Killing More Than Saving, Driving Variants! Re-All Cause Mortality

By NewsRescue – September 18, 2021Lazy eyes listen


by Jamie White

Several doctors from the Food and Drug administration’s (FDA) vaccine hearing on Friday claimed in explosive testimony that the COVID-19 vaccine is killing more people than it’s saving and is driving the coronavirus mutations like the so-called ‘Delta’ variant.

FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee after 8 hours of testimony voted 16-2against Joe Biden’s proposed COVID-19 booster shot program.

During that hearing, Dr. Steve Kirsch, director of the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund, claimed that the injections are killing more people than they’re helping.

“I’m going to focus my remarks today on the elephant in the room that nobody likes to talk about: that the vaccines kill more people than they save,” Kirsch said via teleconference.

“Today, we focus almost exclusively on COVID death saves and vaccine efficacy because we were led to believe that vaccines were perfectly safe. But this is simply not true.”

“For example, there are four times as many heart attacks in the treatment group in the Pfizer 6-month trial report,” Kirsch continued. “That wasn’t bad luck. VAERS shows heart attacks happened 71x more often following these vaccines compared to any other vaccine.”

“In all 20 people died who got the drug, 14 died who got the placebo. Few people noticed that. If the net all-cause mortality from the vaccine is negative, vaccines, boosters, and mandates are all nonsensical.”

“Even if the vaccines had a 100% protection, it still means we killed two people to save one life,” he added.

Kirsch also explained that in nursing home death data shows about half the vaccinated died, while none of the unvaccinated died.

Viral immunologist and biologist Dr. Jessica Rose noted that, based on the VAERS data, the vaccine risks outweigh the benefits in young people, especially children, pointing to a thousand-fold increase in adverse reactions to the injection in 2021 compared to over the last decade.

“There’s an over 1000% increase in the total number of adverse events for 2021 and we are not done with 2021,” Rose said.

Rose also said the data suggests the COVID vaccines are driving the surge of COVID mutations like the “alpha” and “delta” variants.

“The emergence of both of these variants and their subsequent clustering arose in very close temporal proximity to the rollout of the COVID products in Israel,” she said.

“Israel is one of the most injected countries, and it appears from this data that this represents a clear failure of these products to provided protective immunity against emergent variants and to prevent transmission,” she added.

An ER physician from New Orleans, Dr. Joseph Fraiman, noted not enough large-scale clinical trial data exists to assure well-informed unvaccinated Americans that their risk of experiencing vaccine side effects is lower than their chance of being hospitalized.

Doctor on FDA Vax Panel Admits Never Sleever’s Are More Informed Than The Vaxxed…

Says 65% In His Area Are Not Vaxxed…

Says They Cannot Prove The Never Sleever’s Are Wrong… pic.twitter.com/qdb9PW06Ll— Covid-1984 (@NeverSleever) September 17, 2021

“Demand the booster trials are large enough to find a reduction in hospitalizations,” Fraiman told the FDA panel. “Without this data, we the medical establishment cannot confidently call out anti-COVID vaccine activists who publicly claim that vaccines harm more than they save, especially in the young and healthy.”

“The fact we do not have the clinical evidence to say these activists are wrong should terrify us all,” he added.

After these alarming testimonials, it’s no wonder the FDA committee voted the booster program down.

The FDA panel voting against the booster program represents a major blow to the Biden administration, who announced in August its plan to roll out boosters for Americans who already took two doses of the jab.

Watch the testimonies of these doctors or to hear the full FDA hearing go to: https://newsrescue.com/watch-bombshell-testimony-at-fda-vaccine-hearing-injections-killing-more-than-saving-driving-variants-re-all-cause-mortality/

by Jamie White

From: https://centerforvaccineethicsandpolicy.net/2021/09/19/vaccines-and-related-biological-products-advisory-committee-fda/

An FDA panel’s vote deals the Biden administration’s push for universal booster shots a setback.
New York Times, 17 Sep 2021
The Biden administration’s push to make Covid-19 booster shots available to most fully vaccinated adults has been stymied for now by a Food and Drug Administration advisory panel’s recommendation that Pfizer boosters be made available only to those 65 and over and those at high risk of severe Covid.
However, the roiling debate over whether the shots are needed more broadly remains unsettled.
The panel of experts on Friday overwhelmingly voted not to recommend boosters for those over 16 after a tense, daylong debate that put divisions within the agency and the administration on public display.
The vote was a blow to President Biden, strengthening criticism of his effort to enhance the immunity of already vaccinated Americans at a time when most residents of poor nations have not even had first doses. The F.D.A. and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention authorized third shots for some immunocompromised individuals more than a month ago, on the ground that the additional dose would simply lift their protection to the level other people achieve with two shots.
Some F.D.A. experts said that the data from Pfizer and elsewhere still seemed to show that two shots protected against severe disease or hospitalization for months afterward, and that there was not enough evidence that a third shot would stem the spread of infection. Some also criticized a lack of data that an additional injection would be safe for younger people.
The panel’s final recommendations left some room for the White House to argue that the core of its booster strategy remained intact. Depending on how “at high risk” is defined, tens of millions of Americans could conceivably be deemed eligible for additional shots of the Pfizer vaccine. And a small but growing number of people have stopped waiting for federal authorization and are finding ways to receive booster shots

Here is NBC’s slanted coverage of this story. They mention that the board rejected approval of a third vaccine, but failed to quote the doctor’s passionate concerns as to why they voted against it. NBC did not present the whole truth. Read: https://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/fda-advisory-group-rejects-covid-boosters-limits-high-risk-groups-rcna2074

Here is Forbes Magazine coverage of this news event: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jemimamcevoy/2021/09/17/fda-advisory-panel-recommends-against-pfizer-covid-boosters-except-for-people-over-65/?sh=616666d26e1d. Like NBC, the failed to mention the more damning testimony of some of the medical experts who testified.

The other news outlets that I reviewed followed a similar track as did NBC and Forbes when reporting about the FDA Advisory Boards vote against the vaccine booster shots. They focused on the fact that the board voted in favor of giving booster shots to those over 65 years old, but failed to give the reasons—the damning testimony—as to why they voted against giving the shot to those of a younger age. These major media sources failed to give us all of the facts. Instead, they spun this story in such a way as to blunt the full truth of it. And you still trust the major media to tell you the truth?