The C0v!d Coverup Unmasked

On November 30, 2021, radio talkshow host Dr. Michael Savage interviewed Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MD, who has practiced medicine in three states (Arizona, Texas and Virginia) for 35 years. This is one of the most comprehensive yet succinct analysis of the issues surrounding the COVID pandemic that I have ever heard. The interview lasts for only about 30 minutes, and I urge everyone to listen to it and to pass it one to those you know who have ears to hear.

Here are Dr. Vliet’s credientials:

Savages interview with Dr. Vliet begins at 35.35 in the podcast.

In this interview, Dr. Vliet reveals the following about the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • The US government’s incentive payments to US hospitals for COVID-19.
  • According to the inventor of the PCR test used to check for COVID, the PCR test was not meant to be used as a diagnostic test for COVID (but a qualitative test only), and has been used incorrectly as a diagnostic test throughout the pandemic.
  • Many hospitals are setting the COVID testing thresholds higher so that it leads to a greater number of false positive tests for COVID.
  • There is a US government bonus payment for each positive COVID diagnoses that hospitals make as instituted by CMS (the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) as legislated by the CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act of 2020) by the US Congress. This allows hospitals to receive Federal funds for helping to fight COVID, yet incentivized unscrupulous hospitals to receive a financial bonus for every positive COVID diagnosis they make.
  • Hospitals are given a 20 percent bonus on every COVID admission from Medicare on the entire hospital bill (around $100,000 per patient) if the hospital uses Remdesivir to treat COVID patients instead of ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine.
  • In the Anthony Fauci NIH (National Institute of Health) funded ebola trials, Remdesivir had more than a 50 percent mortality rate plus kidney and liver damage. Knowing that data, in May of 2020 Fauci still declared that Remdesivir is the U.S.’s legal standard for COVID illness.
  • US hospitals under mandate from the US government are using the wrong drug protocols for treating COVID patients resulting in staggeringly high death rates.
  • In Texas, it has been revealed that once a COVID patient receives Remdesivir and is put on a ventilator, 85 percent of the patients died. Hospitals have never had this kind of a death rate for any treatment before.
  • Remdesivir is toxic to the kidneys and liver and after five days the kidney damage goes up and the body can’t handle fluids. Fluids then back up in the lungs, the heart is compromised preventing the blood from being oxygenated necessitating the patient going on the ventilator where, according Texas hospital data nearly 85 percent of patients subsequently die.
  • SMS pays hospitals a bonus to administer COVID vaccines. The more vaccines the more money the hospital makes.
  • The COVID vaccines are experimental vaccines unlike any other vaccine in history. They received no longterm clinical testing data, only several months of clinical testing data, no longterm safety studies.
  • The COVID vaccines are brand new technologies using gene therapy agents and meet the FDA specifications for gene therapy drugs.
  • For years, the spike protein in the COVID vaccine has been known to have toxicity to humans.
  • The MRNA and DRNA lipid nanoparticles coatings of this vaccine infiltrate the ovaries and testes in several animal species that have been studied over ten years. Thus there is known damage related to this technology that is unique to this vaccine that was never present in other vaccines in the past. The COVID vaccine is not a traditional vaccine, but a brand new gene-therapy technology that drive across the brain-blood and the placental barrier.
  • Usually, traditional vaccines take 2 to 5 years of testing before they are approved by the US government. Gene therapy agents take 5 to 15 years of testing. The current COVID vaccines were approved in only several months.
  • The COVID vaccines have a higher risk of death and complications than any vaccine in the history of vaccines. This is born out in the data from VAERS (the US government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) and from other countries (e.g. Europe, the UK, Israel, etc.).
  • Health complications and deaths from the COVID vaccines are unpredictable and there is no clear data to determine who will be adversely affected or not.
  • The US government has suppressed medical data that came out in July 2020 for early COVID treatment protocols that kept 85 to 90 percent of the people out of the hospital. This information was prevented from reaching the public.
  • Hospitals and health care systems are firing medical doctors who use alternatives COVID treatment protocols other than what the US government mandates.
  • Cloth masks are largely ineffective at stopping the nanoparticles of the virus, which can easily pass through weavings of the fabric like mosquito flying through a chainlink fence.

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13 thoughts on “The C0v!d Coverup Unmasked

  1. Add to the list that the current covid jab does not meet the definition for a vaccine! A real vaccine is bad enough. This one is monstrous. In the U.S.A the registration of the un vaxed is on the way also!

    • Yes, I am following that news item too. Eighty rhino Republican traitors went along with it. Thankfully we’re 330 million people and it will take a lot of bureaucracy to keep up with it all—a monumental task even for our rogue govt. Hopefully we’ll be able to fall thru the cracks in the system and remain free and unnoticed. That’s not the case in Australia where they have only 13 million [correction 25 million] people, and are arresting and dragging folks off to prison camp without due process. Who knows what’s coming down the pike. At least we have guns here. The goons will think twice before dragging people off. Can anyone see the mark of the beast coming eventually in all of this?????? Yah help us all!

      • Actually, there are over 25 million people living in Australia.
        We saw a video, created by some Aboriginal people, begging the international community to help them, because in the Northern Territory, they took some people who tested positive to a quarantine centre, which looks like a concentration camp. These Aboriginal folks also claimed that they injected some of their children by force with their ‘bioweapons’. Unfortunately, they barking up the wrong tree, because as we know, the international community wants the whole world jabbed.
        We saw on T.V, that Ursula van der Leyen, who was the German Defence Minister and now is the president of the European Comission, suggesting that the vaccines should be mandated for everyone in the European Union.
        It seems that this evil is speeding up rapidly.
        Yeshua come soon!
        Sonja & John

  2. Reading Natans Post and comments and Sadly ALL SO TRUE.(Sonja ,Steve & John. )

    Horrendous how over the last 2 years this garbage of a bioweapon v. has been used against humanity. A person from N.Z. showed a link to a video very early on in 2020. re the testimony of a man in the UK. who was privy to hear a top secret meeting in the old financial centre of London and a surprise pan …demise was being talked about then and then Dr weirdo. A.F. re-iterated the same thing in 2015 re a surprise you know what.!!

    Top men in high places were planning all of this.

    Also a friend reminded me and there were a few very good visual links to the video re the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games in London. and on re-looking @ a link to the same a few months ago I could easily see the predictive programming of the opening ceremony. thousands of NHS nurses etc pushing children around in hospital beds.. & a blow up replica of B .Johnson in one of the hospital beds. plus a scene that was very indicative of social distancing. -like a ritual.

    So now they are talking about the O. – Greek letter of a new one – re from Africa.. and all the top organisations who are spilling out re what has just come into focus on msm.

    So what does the enemy use but fear & panic & control & manipulation to bring about the plans of the enemy and we as True Bereans know what that leads to = the MOB. & it is the no of a man.. etc etc

    Many are sounding the Alarm.. .had just been watching a video on rumble re the very same thing prior to reading this post..

    Re the piercing .prick of skin. technology- someone mentioned on another blog re the word cheir can mean from arm- to hand. including the finger.

    Much to ponder and pray about.. stay vigilant and informed.

  3. Thanks Nathan. Dr. Vliet is another whistleblower along with many other doctors who’ve been sounding the alarm for many months and google, facebook and youtube shuts down anyone trying to expose the plans of the enemy.

    • After watching your video, I can better understand your dogmatic position about the jab being the mark of the beast. Since you’ve been more adversely affected financially than other business owners such as myself, your frustration and fears are more justified. It definitely appears that things are headed in a certain direction, and one would have to be blind not to see it. BTW, your singing isn’t half bad…it definitely fits the angst of the song’s subject.

  4. Apparently, laws have been changed in regard to stats/info.
    If a person has died within 28 days of having had a positive PCR test, their death will be declared as a death from, even if they died from a car accident.
    Also, if a person received the vac.ine, they are considered unvacc.d for the next 2 weeks. These measures ensure that the death rate from looks higher than it really is and that the death rate from the looks lower than it really is. Its called cheating.

    • Which once again confirms this is not about health. People are being step by step taken to the beast. Shot, passport, social credit score, digital currency, and you have arrived?!

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