The Feast Days in the Messianic Age/Millennium

The following is a list of the scriptures that prophesy that YHVH’s people would observe the weekly Sabbath and biblical feasts during the church age and into the Millennium or Messianic Age.

  • Ezek 45:17 — The Sabbaths (plural, includes the weekly and annual Sabbaths; i.e., Holy Day festivals) and solemnities (moedim) or appointed times (see also v. 9).
  • Ezek 45:21 — Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread
  • Ezek 45:25 — The Feast of Tabernacles
  • Ezek 46:1 — The weekly Sabbath
  • Ezek 46:9 and 11 — solemn or appointed times (moedim) and feasts (Heb. chag meaning “pilgrimage feast, festival, celebration, holy day, time of dancing, cyclical/yearly seasonal event; i.e., the feast days”)
  • Zech 14:16,18,19 — The Feast of Tabernacles

As you read these passages, you will see that it was not only Israel, but the nations of the world (i.e., the Gentiles) who would be celebrating YHVH’s appointed times.

It is curious to me how church leaders have told us for nearly 1900 years that the “Jewish” feasts were for the Jews only and not for the Christians. So let me get this straight: YHVH expected his people—ancient Israel—to celebrate the feasts, Yeshua celebrated them as did the early church and the apostles, yet when the Gentile church came along, they no longer had to do them, but then when Yeshua returns, YHVH will expect his people along with all the nations of the world to celebrate them, and if they don’t he will punish them for their disobedience? Something doesn’t add up here, and it’s not the Word of Elohim that’s off!

At this point, I’m reminded of the words of Yeshua in Mark 7:13, where when speaking to the religious hypercritical leaders of his day, he accused them of making of no effect the word of Elohim by their religious traditions.


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  1. Will there be a need of a Pasach lamb in the Messianic Reign, somehow Eze 45:21 does not mention it and, why would be need one if Meshiach is our Passover Lamb. Your thoughts please, I’m being challenged with this question. Shalom

  2. This is a good article to help believers understand our participation in the Feasts during the Millennial Kingdom. I think the current “disconnect” in the gentile church concerning the Feasts in general and even the observation of the Sabbath, must be traced to the Pauline epistles, and repeated mention of “breaking bread” on the “first day of the week”. In the Gospels we are told that Jesus rose on “the first day of the week”. I am sure that early Jewish followers of Yeshua observed Shabbat from Friday sundown until Saturday sundown, and then met on Sunday to break bread as the Lord commanded. But it appears that Paul no where instructs the gentile believers to celebrate the Jewish Feasts, or to follow the Law. James’ epistle seems to reinforce this. This in my opinion, explains the reason for the gentile church’s views on the Feasts.

    • The reason that Christians do not observe the Sabbath and YHVH’s (not the Jews’) feasts is because they don’t want to——because they’re rebellious and stiffnecked. It’s NOT because the Bible says so. Quite the contrary, nowhere does the NT say that Gentiles are not to observe the Sabbath, feasts, and the rest of YHVH’s Torah-laws. Any verse that that Christians use to say otherwise is turning the Word of YHVH into a lie and turning YHVH into one who changes his standards of righteousness.

      For those who are serious about digging into Scripture instead of just regurgitating what their pastors and teachers have taught (programmed) them to say and think, I, as well as many other more Hebraic minded Bible teachers, have countless resources to help one to wade through the lies that have been propagated by churchianity whereby the Word of Elohim has been made of none-effect by the unbiblical traditions of men.

      For example:

      “Breaking bread” is a common old English expression for having a meal. It is an illogical stretch when Christian teachers tell us that the saints’ gathering together to have a meal on the first day of the week is a replacement for the seventh day Sabbath. That Sunday replaced Sabbath was not the view of many if not most of the early churches up until the time of Constantine, when the Council of Nicea made Sunday the law of the empire in about AD 325.

      Moreover, Paul nowhere commanded his readers not to follow the Torah including the feasts and Sabbath. In fact, for example in one place, he commands them to celebrate both the Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread (1 Cor 5), and to imitate Yeshua (that is, to do what he did, 1 Cor 11:1). I have documented in written form as well has dozens of videos numerous Scriptures both from Paul’s writings and the other NT writers where the Torah is upheld as the standard of righteousness for all saints past and present to follow regardless of their ethnicity.

      Moreover, James in his epistle in no way states that the Torah law has been done away with. You cannot give me a single verse that explicitly states this because there is none. In fact he says that faith without works is dead, which is why Martin Luther called James “the epistle of straw” and all but threw the book of James out of the Bible. It went against his idea that obedience to the law was not necessary.

      Finally, why would the feasts be celebrated only during the Millennium and not now? They represent the seven steps that each each of us must take in order to be saved. Why do the humans living during the Millennium need to understand YHVH’s plan of salvation through the feasts and we don’t? This makes no sense.

      Again, I go back to the my first point. The reasons why people who have been shown the light of Truth about the feasts refuse to do them now is because they don’t want to. It has nothing to do with biblical what the Bible says despite how they twist the Bible to say otherwise. That is the plain and simple truth. Period, end of discussion.

  3. I don’t feel that the Gentiles are all stiffed necked and don’t want to celebrate the Feasts. The regular church goer don’t read their Bibles, if they do they read it with blinders on. The churches don’t teach about the feasts. Because of this they have no idea they are suppose to obey them. I have been told thousands of times that no where in the New Testament that the commandment to honor the Sabbath is found like all the other comments. The preachers teach this, believe this. Until the blinders have been taken off their eyes, and the people start reading their Bibles for themselves and minding the Word Of God they will not follow his laws.

    • I totally agree. One can never blanket statements about any group of people. I don’t know who said that all Gentiles are stiff-necked, but this is not something I believe or teach.

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