Woke-ism, Progressivism, the Great Reset, CRT, ESG, AI, LGBTQ+ Unmasked

The serpent-headed Greek mythological monster called the Hydra

The Manifestations of the Spirit of Antichrist


Like the mythical Greek Medusa monster, the hair of whose head was comprised of numerous serpents, or the Hydra monster who had a body with multiple serpent heads, the Babylon the Great, Antichrist system of the New World Order has numerous manifestations that all stem from the same source—Satan the devil, YHVH Elohim’s chief adversary. If we focus on the grotesque, individual manifestations of this evil spirit (e.g., Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Big Pharma, the Great Reset, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, ESG, AI, the WEC, Progressivism, Leftism et al), the pieces of this puzzle can appear disparate and confusing. However, when we realize who and what the source behind it all is, then the picture comes into clear focus. This is simply the Babylon the Great, global Satanic, Leviathan system that the Bible prophesied long ago would control the earth in the end times and that the Warrior-King Yeshua the Messiah will destroy at his soon coming return. This short article helps tie all of the pieces together into one, simple cohesive, Bible-based picture.

Below is a glossary of terms that are labels for current demonic societal trends, movements and ideologies that are working synergistically under Satan’s authority to promote the destruction of whatever moral and spiritual biblical Judeo-Christian values remain in our formerly Western, Christian culture and to replace it with devil worship or Luciferiansim. 

Antifa—This is merely locally-based movement of criminal malcontents that promotes anarchy, God-hating leftist, communist and Marxist ideologies as well as the abolishment of law and order through street violence, vandalism, intimidation and thuggery. They are, in fact, what they claim to be against—fascists.

Big (Tyrannical) Government—This is the opposite of the idea of small or limited government. Big government or the concept of Statism, often referred to colloquially as “Big Brother” or the “Nanny State” occurs when governments attempt to control many aspects (e.g., political, economic, sociological, philosophical, moral and sometimes even spiritual) of people’s lives, which usually occurs at the expense of civil liberties, personal freedoms, free choice and individualism.

Big Pharma—The major pharmaceutical companies are a mixed bag situation. True, they produce some drugs that help people, but they also produce many drugs that have serious deleterious side-effects. Of the greatest concern to Bible believers is a troubling prophetic passage in the Book of Revelation that seems to speak condemningly of drug or pharmaceutical companies in the last days. This is an end times prophecy concerning international business leaders controlling or socially engineering earth’s population through pharmaceutical drugs for their own malevolent purposes in a similar manner as witch doctors, shamans, witches and sorcerers endeavor to control people through their herbal often mind-altering concoctions and potions (Rev 18:23). This scripture indicates that these drug pushers are an aspect of Babylon the Great’s efforts to enslave and control earth’s population (Rev 18:11–13), which is something that YHVH detests and will destroy at his second coming.

Black Lives Matter—This is merely a less violent, community-organizing movement (than Antifa) that promotes leftist, communist or Marxist ideologies through street demonstrations, looting, vandalism and intimidation of those who disagree with them.

Cancel Culture—This is a leftist, “progressive” (actually regressive) concept where those people, businesses, institutions or organizations that do not go along with the prevailing ideas of leftism, “progressivism” or wokism must be boycotted, discriminated against, resisted through violence and ultimately destroyed. 

Climate Change—Climate change has been occurring as long as the earth has been in existence whether that is for thousands, millions or billions of years. Who know? The earth and its inhabitants (plant, animal and human) have been adapting to the vicissitudes of the climatological, astronomic (i.e., sunspot) and geological cycles of nature during this time. Now all of a sudden, the earth is threatened with destruction because of so-called man-caused global climate change. The critical and knowledgable thinker can hardly swallow this theory. No. Climate change is a politically motivated agenda by the globalists to bring the world’s inhabitants under the control of global governance. These global power brokers care nothing about the environment as they leave their huge carbon footprints jetting and yachting around from one mansion to another preaching the religion of environmentalism. It is all about money, power, control and world domination for satanic purposes pure and simple. 

Critical Race Theory—This is nothing more than a form of revisionist history that promotes racism against white people. Any serious and well-educated student of history can plainly see this.

Diseases and Pandemics—The recent “pandemics” whether real or constructed emergencies are tools by the globalists where the masses through fear and government control can forcefully be brought into alignment with New World Order ideologies. The so-called “vaccine passports” that are required to travel, buy and sell, and to engage in certain social privileges are nothing more than preparatory social engineering for the purpose of conditioning the masses to accept the mark of the beast.

ESG or Environment, Social Justice, Governance—This is a “progressive” or globalistic concept to bring humanity under a certain philosophical rubric as to how society should function along non-biblical lines and in a way that promotes secular humanism, globalism and ultimately Luciferianism.

Globalism—This is the notion and political idea that global governance should in one way or another replace or supercede national governments, nationalism, national identity, a nation’s borders and culture as well as patriotism for one’s own country.

Leftism—This is simply another moniker for socialism, communism or Marxism.

Progressivism—This is yet another moniker for socialism, communism or Marxism. This term suggests that anyone who does not agree with those who are so-called progressives are somehow regressive. In fact, the so-called progressives are the regressives in that they want to destroy culture, Christianity, family, marriage, normative sexual expression, genders and anything else that speaks of morality and civility.

Satanic Religions—Luciferianism/Satanism, witchcraft, New Ageism, Islam, and all of the other false, unbiblical religions and spiritual systems or ideologies that are extant on the earth today are in one form or another an expression of Satanism.

Secular Humanism—This is the religious, spiritual or philosophical concept that man (not Elohim) is at the center of his existence and, therefore, is to be idolized. Hence, humanism is the belief that obedience and accountability to a supreme, supernatural Being (i.e., YHVH Elohim, the God of the Bible) who is transcendent to humanity is unnecessary either because such a being does not exist, or if he does he is irrelevant. 

Sexual Freedom—This is the leftist or “progressive” idea that all forms of sexual expression or perversions (e.g., LGBTQ+++ [sexual deviance and perversion knows no bounds!], transgenderism, pedophilia, etc., etc.) not only are acceptable but should be promoted at the all times (even to the youngest members of society through the public education systems) as normative behaviors. This is an attempt by the leftist “progressives” to break down the family structure, which is the biblically based bedrock of society. It is the family unit, after all, that promotes and passes on down good morals and biblical values from one generation to another. The God-hating leftists are hell-bent to break this Elohim-ordained cycle. Ultimately, this is a war against Elohim and biblical values, and a Satanic-inspired war against the human species since homosexuals, transgenders and other sexual deviants are either incapable of procreating or are less inclined to do so.

Social Credit Score— This is a system where individuals are rewarded when they act, think and speak in a manner that is in line with globalist and leftist agendas and are punished when they act contrariwise. This system is being tried in Communist China, and is slowly and insidiously making its way into Western societies in an effort to slowly condition or socially engineer people, like Pavlov’s dog, into accepting leftist ideologies.

Socialism— This is another way of saying leftism, communism or Marxism. Read Karl Marx, for he says so in his books which are the blue prints that the leftists follow to this day.

Statism—This is the concept that the State or government replaces God in determining morality or good and evil and that the State is the ultimate authority in all matters legal, social, spiritual or civil.

The Great Reset—This is one of the latest buzz word labels for the New World Order. This is a term coined by Klaus Schwab who is the founder and leader of the World Economic Forum of Davos, Switzerland. The Great Reset is also known as the New World Order, Fourth Industrial Revolution, the Fourth Turning and the Liberal World Order. The Bible refers to this global system of political, religious and economic control as Babylon the Great or Mystery Babylon and associates it with the end times devil worshiping and empowered Antichrist and man of sin.

Transhumanism—This is the scientific melding of man and machine, or man and animal via genetic engineering to produce a race of super humans that is increasingly immune to disease and the aging process. This is man’s attempt to attain immortality by circumventing the biblical, Elohim-ordained way (via the way of the cross through Yeshua the Messiah) path to immortality.

White Privilege—This is a form of racism and discrimination against white people and is ultimately aimed at undermining and delegitimizing the white culture that has been largely responsible for bringing Christianity and biblical values to the world. Ultimately, it is an attack against the Bible, Christianity, the Messiah and the God of the Bible and all who believe in and follow the Bible.

White Supremacy—The concept that one race is superior (or inferior) to another is antithetical to Bible, which teaches that all humans originated from a common source and that all were created in the image of Elohim and are thus equal before him. The label of “white supremacist” is now being applied by leftists to refer to anyone who believes in traditional Judeo-Christian values regardless of their skin color. This label carries with it the idea that all white people are inherently evil and guilty of racism (also referred to as systemic racism) simply because they are white and hold to traditional white or Christian values. This is another form of racism and an attempt to divide and fracture society along racial lines thus weakening it so that it will be less able to fight against the radical and societally transformative ideologies of the globalist “progressive” leftists.

Wokeism—This is a slang buzzward indicating an individual or social entity that is “awake” to and in line with radical, so-called “progressive”, usually leftist or communist ideologies.

No doubt, this many headed demonic Medusa and Hydra-like monster has many other manifestations and permutations, but these are a few of the more obvious ones. The Scriptures admonish the saints of the Most High not to be ignorant of Satan’s devices. Why? So that Satan and his minion will not be able to take advantage of us, and so that we can stand against him and his forces (2 Cor 2:11).

YHVH Elohim’s Solution to the Problem

How do the saints oppose this mythical Medusa-like monster of the Babylon the Great New World Order also known as the Great Reset? What is the Creator’s answer to this toxic sea of spiritual sewage that the saints are forced to swim through in order to make it to the other side where they will experience justice and rest for their weary souls? The answer to the Great Reset is the Great I Am!

The devil’s kingdom operatives are unified by their hatred of a common enemy (i.e., Elohim, his Word and his people). At the same time, Yeshua the Messiah’s saints are unified by and empowered with the immutable Word of YHVH as they march forward under the protective shield of Yeshua’s blood and their love for him, and their passion to reach out to the spiritually lost show them the light of divinely the Creator’s revealed Truth. Love is the binding and unifying force between YHVH and his people (John 13:34–35; 14:15, 21; John 3:16; 1 John 4:7–11, 16). 

Yes, the devil, the god of this world, is mobilizing and unifying his malevolent forces in these end times under the Antichrist against YHVH and his Anointed One (Ps 2:2), as well as his anointed ones in one final, monumental thrust to take over the entire world before Messiah, the Anointed One, returns. This is all the more reason for YHVH’s anointed saints to renew their love for Yeshua, his Word and then come together in love for each other, so they can stand united against the forces of evil darkness, while awaiting the coming of their warrior King.


5 thoughts on “Woke-ism, Progressivism, the Great Reset, CRT, ESG, AI, LGBTQ+ Unmasked

  1. Sir, Your bias is showing!!

    For balance, Don’t forget the other extreme sides of same evil coin: “Maga-ism”, rightist”, “christian nationalism”, “fascism”, “oath keepers” etc etc.

    Nothing Christian about “christian nationalism” and its variations. HIS kingdom is NOT of this world (John 18:36).

    Both sides are of same satanic origins just different manifestations.

    • Of course I am biased. I am biased in favor of the Truth of Elohim and his Word and the biblical standards of righteousness, even as YYHVH Elohim and Yeshua the Messiah. So I stand guilty as you have charged.

      As far as MAGA and all of that go, this article was not an exposé on that. There is plenty wrong with everything, but to be sure, there is more evil to be found in the one side than the other. If one cannot see that, then I questions how closely one’s worldview lines up with that of the Bible.

    Daniel 8:23-25: – Barak OBAMA?
    Shalom, John

    Your southern border reminds me of ‘RED DAWN’.

    • Yes, except more of a subtle invasion. It is part of the planned destruction of America so that this nation will no longer be strong enough to withstand the demonic schemes of the globalist scumbags to impose their Luciferian plans on this planet.

  3. Australia used to be considered a Christian country. Not any longer; Christians are now being discriminated against. A man was given the job of CEO in a football club recently, then 24 hours later was asked to either distance himself from his church or step down; he did the latter. He personally had never made any public comments about his believes, but 9 years ago, someone from his church had preached against homosexuality.
    It seems we have lost religious freedom in this country.
    Apparently, a Christian boy school wants to ban the words ‘boys’ and ‘young men’ and were wondering whether anyone had an idea what to replace these words with. A world gone mad? Its amazing how many people go along with all that nonsense.
    I suppose, its a matter of brainwashing from the main media and people are so busy with work and entertainment, they don’t have time to think critically.
    Blessings to all, stay focused,

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