Biblical Reasons NOT to Get the COVID Shot

This was my first video that the devil-worshipping God and Bible-haters at YouTube banned. I outwitted them by simply rewording the title and then reposting it where it remains on my YouTube channel to this day to YouTube’s shame. You can view this video on my new Rumble channel at the link below. My Rumble channel, for now, will be reserved for my more non-woke, hard-hitting against the mainstream narrative, calling a spade-a-spade concerning the Babylon the Great New World Order videos.

It’s curious (not really—I say this tongue-in-cheek) to me how YouTube cares not a wit when I take aim at the greedy Christian pastors and profits, blast the unbiblical traditions of men in the Christian church that make of none effect the Word of Elohim. They’ll let me do that all day long. But when I attack the devil, they fight back with a vengeance. Rather telling, wouldn’t you say?

Their banning videos like mine is the first step in the institution of what has already come to pass in communist China and is know as the social credit score. I’m sure most of you are already savvy to this diabolical attempt to fascistically force people to act, think and speak only those things that the ruling elite scumbags deem acceptable. This is a form of social engineering to brainwash the masses into being good little plebeians—modern feudalists serfs for the factories of the global oligarchs. And they’ll keep everyone happy by keeping them drugged up (e.g., don’t close the borders so the illegal drugs can come in, force everyone to get a jab with who knows what kind of side effects, drug our kids for non-existent psycho-emotional disorders, and legalize drugs starting with pot). Moreover they openly tell us, “You will own nothing and love it, so they tell us.” In other words, you will be told what to think, where to go or not go, what to say or not, what to believe—and whether you can buy or sell (translated to mean, “Do what we tell you are you will starve to death in the dark cold.”). Is Europe getting a taste of this now as they enter the winter months energy deprived? The Swiss government is already telling their people, “Keep your thermostats down or your get fined or go to prison.” Switzerland is a cold and mountainous country. I know. I spent a year there.

So YouTube banning the Bible-based Truth of my videos speaks volumes about whose side of good and evil, light and darkness, heaven and hell that Google and its subsidiaries and minions are on.

Needless to say, and this is no news flash to the children of the light, the righteous saints of YHVH Elohim and Yeshua our Lord and Savior are in a furious spiritual battle for dominion of this world. Those of us who have faith in the Most High Creator of all things continually renew our hope and joy in knowing who will ultimately win this war that started in Eden. This is because we are standing on the rock of Truth—the Word of Elohim.

So watch this video and be strengthened spiritually in your resolve to withstand the evil one as he attempts to kill, steal and destroy those who were made in the Creator’s image to rule this planet along with King Yeshua while he suffers for eternity in the lake of fire.

If you can, forward this information to those around you.

Amein b’shem Yeshua.


7 thoughts on “Biblical Reasons NOT to Get the COVID Shot

  1. There is great comfort in knowing that we watch the show, but know the ending. “The nations rage”…yes, they do. They can kill the body, but not the soul. Let them have what they want, it will all belong to YHWH’s children in the end. The wicked are going to get more wicked, and the righteous more righteous. No matter what, YHWH has provided us with the route to truth. There have been very brave men and women calling out the truth during this whole time. Those who have ears…

  2. The best you can do for your immune system is good hygiene and healthy living ( Torah)! Those who persevere until the end will be saved.
    Blessings, John

  3. Although the panic has left, the daily count down of covid deaths has ceased, we are still being held captive by government and large businesses here in Australia. Most unvacced people have not been given their jobs back and in Queensland they re-employed the unvacced teachers, but are punishing them with lesser pay. Even though it has become obvious that vacced people get sick from covid just like the rest, many companies are still prejudice, even organisations run by volunteers.
    How about America. The FDA states that presently, there is no difference between the vacced and unvacced, but unvacced none citizens are not allowed to enter the country, unless they come in illegally; then they are welcomed with open arms. Utterly crazy!
    At least we have a program on T.V. called ‘the outsiders’, who deal with all this nonsense; unfortunately, most people can’t access it, because its on pay T.V. only (Sky News).

  4. Shalom All.
    Blessings of hope & faithfulness to each & All!

    Today Natan I arrived at a shopping centre early & the food shop was not yet open. A man no more than 35 was there with his 8 or 9 year old daughter, waiting.
    He looked nervous & was covered in trendy tattoos.
    I always say hello in the hope of sharing love & maybe the hope of Messiah.
    Started with some small talk & then he shared his reaction to the shot…terrible heart issues. Nothing showed up on the initial scans. Off for more tests. Brain fog & no energy. ALL his heart valves had become eliptical shaped & the pump was sucking back.
    Dangerous Open heart surgery that he was not expected to survive. Had to explain to his children & make out a will prior to surgery.
    Pulled up his T shirt to show me his big thoracic zipper scar. No history in the family of any heart issues.
    Then he got out his phone & showed me a photo of his mate in his 30’s with staples around a quarter of his skull after surgery to remove an aneurism post vax.

    This chap sells medical equipment in 3 states in Australia & knows Doctors & Surgeons that have “retired” rather than get the shot. The surgical unit that did his operation are keeping under the counter statistics of the Covid “adverse event major surgeries” that they cannot put on the actual books for fear of retributive action.
    It was 300 when he last checked from the one surgical unit. Not sure if that is one heart specialist surgeon or other disciplines as well.
    Said he now has an exemption certificate n an upbeat way…seems if you die or suffer a surgical intervention to survive you get the exemption.
    Others aren’t given that though they can’t walk through tremours etc.
    Those folks, even if they could work again, are expected in the not compulsory industry mandates to be jabbed in some industries even after the mayhem of maiming vials among the inert so it always looks accidental.

    Asked him directly if he had faith & matter of factly he said no, he is no longer afraid of death anymore as the expectation was he would probably die in surgery.
    My heart sank at how little value we place on our own lives & the glory Abba is willing to share.
    We are already dead… all of us, if we aren’t alive to Christ’s purpose in us.
    How closed the mind has become through secular humanism that made us worthless animals
    ..not God’s Image & wonderfully & fearfully made.
    He was wrapped in a shroud of resignation to this world’s lie & then the door was opened to the shop & off he went with his daughter to more important matters as my heart sank that nothing I shared touched him ….but I do pray for more people to come across his path & share their faith to awaken him to reality that he doesn’t have to die forever & life has actual purpose & meaning.

    • Hello FJ, don’t be to discouraged. We can plant seeds but the growth is mostly out of our control. Remember the old Beatles song, all you need is love? One line states, Nothing you can make that can’t be made
      No one you can save that can’t be saved.
      As John 6:44 says, it is ultimately up to the Father. Here’s hoping you stay healthy and safe!

    • A heart-rending and sobering testimony! There aren’t words… You can’t make this stuff up can you? If this were a fictional horror movie, everyone would think that no one in real life could do this to other humans, except that this is not fiction but these are real, live people with dignity and families that we are talking about. The promoters of the kill shot have nothing on the murderous Nazi Dr. Joseph Mengele, the evil WW2 concentration camp doctor who experimented on hapless Jewish victims. May Yah judge these wicked people according to their crimes!

      Thank you for reaching out to this poor fellow and sowing seeds of hope. May Yah water those seeds.

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