Book of Revelation, Babylon the Great New World Order Update

Every so often it is good to step back and to evaluate world events in light of Bible prophecy in order to ascertain where we might be in the order of end time events. In this video, Nathan reviews some prophecies in the Book of Revelation and shares what he sees coming in the near future like the proverbial watchman on the wall of biblical times. Those who have ears to hear will wake up, prepare and be ready.


Book of Revelation, Babylon the Great, New Weird Order Update

 Like a bad nightmare, a worldwide system that the biblical Book of Revelation refers to as Mystery Babylon the Great is arising that will exercise power and dominion over every tribe, tongue and nation on earth (Rev 13:8; 18:3). This system is mysterious because it is hiding in plain sight, and is visible only to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear this warning message (Rev 13:9). Even though we can only see through the biblical prophetic lens darkly, the general outline or blueprint of end time events is still apparent (1 Cor 13:12). After all, didn’t Yeshua promise his disciples that the Holy Spirit would reveal to them (and us too) things to come (John 16:13)? 

Do you have eyes to see? The Bible declares that YHVH’s elect saints are to be children of the light, of the day, and not of the darkness or night, especially as the coming of Yeshua draws near (1 Thess 5:1–8). Based on this, we can be assured that our Father in heaven will give his saints unique insights and revelation pertaining to end time events. Not only that, Scripture instruct us not to be ignorant of Satan’s devices (2 Cor 2:11). As the old adgae goes, to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Since the mid-1970s, I have been keeping my thumb on the pulse of this slowly emerging, end times global Antichrist system. Both my Bible-believing father and late grandfather also kept a keen eye on world events going back to 1950s and the 1940s respectively, and they passed this interest on to me. Based on this background and what I see in the Book of Revelation, here is my best understanding to date of what I see coming toward us with regard to the Babylon the Great global Antichrist system. 

The Book of Revelation draws a distinct line between those who will acquiesce to this Satanic system versus those who will resist it. The line in the proverbial sand is marked by blood: those who will shed blood countless millions to impose this system on the world (for them, the ends justify the means) versus those who are under the blood of Yeshua the Messiah and who will be victorious over evil. Those whose names have been written in “Book of Life of the Lamb slain from the foundations of the world” will neither submit to nor worship this evil beast system. Most people will though, for they will be forced to go along to get along in order to survive (Rev 13:8).

The Bible tells us that the vast majority of the earth’s population will worship (i.e., literally fawn like a dog or crouch before, prostrate oneself; Rev 13:8) the spiritual powers behind this evil Antichrist system for three-and-one-half years (Rev 13:5).  Both the books of Daniel and Revelations liken this global system to an evil, ugly, power-hungry, Elohim-hating, fearsome demonic monster beast. The so-called global elites or leftist globalists refer to this system as the New World Order (I refer to it as “the New Weird Order”), the Great Reset, the Liberal World Order, the Fourth Turning, or the Fourth Industrial Revolution to name a few.

This emerging global system that will tyrannically control the earth’s masses will be a merger of political, economic and religious powers through technological means (read Revelation chapter 13). Futurists and science fiction writers have been predicting this for nearly 100 years in books like Huxley’s Brave New World and Orwell’s 1984. This system will be an oligarchic technocracy.

How will the global “elite” power brokers and controllers impose this system on earth’s populace? These demoniacs will impose their (dystopian) vision of a so-called utopian New World Order system over earth’s population primarily not by military force, but rather by technological control. Limited military or police actions may occur to enforce their agendas and edicts upon rogue entities, but all-out war or global conflicts is unlikely except as necessary to impose this system upon the world’s masses. The Book of Revelation does not seem to indicate a large, global massive military conflict. Why not? This is because global financiers and power brokers have invested trillions of dollars much energy and resources into developing a worldwide system and with a vast, interconnected infrastructure by which they hope to engineer the world’s population into compliance with their world-domination objectives and then to manage people from that point forward. 

Many people are certain that we are heading toward a global system that follows a Marxist-Leninist model. Again, the Book of Revelation does not indicate this to be the case. Rather the global elites are endeavoring to morph the world’s economic system into a blend of capitalism and communism—a system similar to what we now see occurring in the Peoples Republic of China. The end goal is a neo-feudalist system where the oligarchic international capitalists are conspiring with the world’s political powers to create a serf class of compliant workers for their factories and fields. This is exactly what the Book of Revelation predicted would occur nearly 2,000 years ago (Revelation chapters 13 and 18). The overlord elites will keep people dumbed down, drugged up, entertained and unarmed, thus making resistance by the masses unlikely, difficult and virtually impossible. The Book of Revelation clearly and tersely states this,

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Acharie Mot—Yom Kippur, Blood, Sex, Virgins, Whores & Revelation

In this video Nathan discusses how the end time prophetic implications of Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement) in Leviticus 16 relate to the power of the blood of Yeshua (Leviticus 17) to carry the saints through the great tribulation mentioned in the book of Revelation, so that they will not succumb to physical and sexual sin (Leviticus 18 and Revelation 17 and 18) and acquiesce to the whore of Babylon, thus preventing them from being the virgin bride of Yeshua the Bridegroom at his second coming.


What I See Coming to the World in the Near Future

What do I see coming in the near future on the world stage that will greatly affect our lives? To be forewarned is to be forearmed, as the saying goes. I do not claim to have any great divine revelation. YHVH has not appeared to me or spoken audibly to be. Therefore, I will not say, “The Lord told me this or that,” as many people are currently doing in order to gain a following or to peddle their products. I have nothing to sell, and not seeking a following and make no self-adulating claims other than the fact that I have simply been a student of the Bible for more than half-a century, a student of world events of history during the same time, a studier of people, and a disciple and follower of Yeshua, the Lamb of Elohim; therefore, In advise you view what is written below with the help of the Spirit of discernment and prove all things and hold fast to that which is good (1 Thess 5:21) based on the Word or Truth of YHVH Elohim as found in the Scriptures. What follows is one man’s opinion, and is what I see coming on the world scene in the next few years based on what I see in the Bible, and what I see as the trajectory of current events often predicated on past historical events, since history often repeats itself.

An Outline of Major World Events Over the Past 100 years.

What is written below is the most cursory overview—a skipping of stone over the tops of the waves—of world events since World War I (1914–1918). Each of these points could be elucidated upon tremendously. Others have done this, so do your own research. The information is all out there.

  • The purpose behind World War I was to destroy four empires (the Ottoman Empire, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Russian Empire, the German Empire and to weaken the fifth—the British Empire). As long as these empires held power over large areas of land, an end times global government as prophesied in Revelation chapters 13, 17 and 18 could not come to pass, and the biblically prophesied Satanic Antichrist figure could not rise to power over all nations and people as also prophesied in the same Bible passages.
  • A result of WW I was the overthrow of Russia and the establishment of the Soviet Union—the first truly communist nation.  
  • After WW I, the idea of a world-ruling government called the League of Nations was introduced to humanity. It failed as a meaningful institution, but the idea of global governance did not die among those who rule the world behind the scenes under Satan’s directions. Do not forget that Satan, the god of this world, is behind all of this. Human beings are merely his useful idiot pawns marching to his orders lured onward by the prospects of power and wealth (and sexual pleasure) whether they are aware of it or not.
  • After WW I, the world experienced the Great Depression. Whatever one believes the causes of this economic crash and the privation that resulted thereof, it introduced socialism into many capitalistic, free enterprise-based nations. The result was the expansion of central government and the rise of the State controlling people’s lives and providing for their needs, and the people looking to the State to meet their needs. This all gave rise to oligarchic capitalism, where a few major corporations in cooperation with the State had the power to strongly influence the lives of the masses and begin to socially engineer the peasant people toward accepting socialistic concepts and more State and corporate control over their lives (along with the diminishment of freedom and civil liberties) as predicted in Revelation 18.
  • WW II, occurring a scant 20 years after the end of WW I, brought more death and destruction to mankind.  Many nations who were wearied by another global war gladly accepted the idea of the United Nations, the  successor to the failed League of Nations. This time the idea took off and the nations of the world signed on to the concept of a quasi-world ruling government to help to establish world peace and end global wars. The seeds of the satanic Babylon the Great, as prophesied in the Book of Revelation, had been planted and took root in the hearts and minds of humanity. 
  • Another consequence of WW II was the expansion of the Soviet Union as well as the rise of communist China along with the puppet states of North Korea and Cuba. Eventually, over the following years, communism would spread to many other nations on multiple continents. 
  • The European Common Market and eventually the European Union (EU) was another experiment in global governance on a regional level in the name of regional peace and prosperity. The United Nations and the EU were all steps toward global governance.
  • The Cold War was an engineered conflict between the so-called communist bloc and the capitalistic nations. Both sides have been funded by the same monied interests for purpose of using conflict to control the masses. This is called the Hegelian Dialectic where one causes the problem then creates the answer the problem, or otherwise known as thesis-antitheses-synthesis or problem-solution. In this way, the nations of the world have been gradually moved into accepting a socialistic paradigm yet retaining some vestiges of capitalism. Again, this is the system we see  ruling the world in the end time when we study the prophesies of Revelation 13 and 18.
  • The fall of the Soviet Union occurred in the late 1980s and it moved toward capitalistic free market system, while retaining a strong central government. The same thing happened later with communist China as it moved more toward free market capitalism. Again, in both nations, we see the rise of oligarchic capitalism where a strong State is in league with powerful business interests that do its bidding, while, at the same time, basically enslaving the people to work the government-business factories. Go read Revelation 18; it has all been predicted.
  • Then September 11, 2001 now euphemistically referred to simply as “911” occurred. The US was the major obstacle in the road toward a one-world government with its freedom and gun loving people.  Americans had to be driven into fear mode to allow more government overreach into their lives and diminishment of civil liberties and freedoms. 911 helped to bring that about with more government  surveillance on private citizens and biometrics, and travel checkpoints. Gun control became the big issue too. An armed citizenry cannot be easily controlled and manipulated by government tyrants.
  • 911 also led to America’s military involvement in Middle East causing chaos and mayhem wherever it went. Governments fell, destruction occurred and Muslims populations were displaced. Many displaced people from those nations immigrated to Europe and North America—traditionally Christians nations. The influx of Muslims in these nations has accomplished several things. It has helped to undermine the already weak Christian culture of those nations, and it brought many terrorists into those countries inducing more fear thus requiring more government control in an attempt to assuage the peoples’ fear. The result was more stringent State controls over its people to “protect” them from the terrorists.  
  • At the same time, America’s borders have been opened, thus allowing floods of illegal aliens to swarm into this country. The endless wars in the Middle East along with the illegal aliens have taxed America’s economy the social welfare program thus weakening this nation economically and socially. Public and private debt are soaring and fueling a future economic collapse thus necessitating a currency reset of some sort. The dollar must fail in order to give way to a global currency—likely a digital one that the State will control. This will pave the way for the famous mark of the beast system as just predicted two thousand years ago in the Bible in Revelation 13.
  • With the economic uncertainties in America coupled by the social unrest brought on by illegal aliens, and leftist anarchists, America and Europe are tinder  boxes waiting to ignite into major civil unrest and potential anarchy. 
  • Satan, the ruler of this world, is behind everything discussed so far above. The Bible tells us that he comes to kill, steal and destroy and to devour as a roaring lion all that is good. His chief target continues to be Bible believers (Jews and Christians) as well as anything remotely associated with biblical values including the family unit, traditional marriage, children, masculine and female gender, the church, male headship of the family, and basic law and order the basics of which are delineated in the Ten Commandments. With these foundations stones of society removed, a society will weaken and eventually collapse, since it is now vulnerable to overthrow by satanic forces. With the rising up from within traditional Western Christian nations as well as the invasion from without of those who hold non-biblical satanic and anarchistic ideologies, it is only a matter of time before there will be major social unrest, civil war or other socio-economic problems and chaos necessitating a major shifting or resetting of governmental and economic systems in response. Out of this chaotic crisis, the people will demand peace and order. The wise Satan-inspired strategists will then insinuate their new order of things along non-biblical, Antichrist, Luciferian lines, again as predicted in the prophecies of the Bible. The majority of the unknowing populace will all too gladly exchange the fearful uncertainty of chaos for the certain security of peace no matter what freedoms and civil liberties they have to give up. This will be Satan’s grand coup d’état to bringing in his Novus Ordo Seclorum or New World Order that the Bible refers to as Mystery Babylon the Great. This has been these Satanists’ plan for a long time. For example, pull a U.S. one dollar bill out of your wallet and look at the reverse side. What do you see? It is the Great Seal of the United States of America adopted in 1782. What is on the back of that seal? A pyramid with the an eye above it. This is the all-seeing eye of Lucifer (Isa 14:12), the light bringer, who purports to bring spiritual enlightenment and knowledge to his followers. This is the same promise he made to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden at the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in Genesis chapter three. The all-seeing eye is an ancient occult symbol that has been appropriated by the Freemasons and Hindus among others.
  • These things have all been planned and preordained. Is this simply a so-called “conspiracy theory” to be debunked and cast aside? It is only if you believe that the prophecies of the Bible predicting these things all are lies.
  • Then in late 2019, a virus escaped from a Chinese bio-lab and quickly swept around the world become a pandemic. This virus was named COVID-19 or the Coronavirus. Millions of people have died from this pestilence and many countless millions more have been injured because of it. Does the Bible predict this? Yes. Go read Matthew 24:7 and Revelation 6:7–8. At its onset, hhis pandemic was recognized by some of the global “elites” as a perfect opportunity for “a great global reset” (their words), to move the world toward “a new (economic) world order” (again, their words). Even the president of the U.S. publicly declared this in a recent speech (March 2022). We all know what COVID brought to the world, for we have all lived through it. This includes the diminishment or elimination of many of our freedoms and civil liberties, lock downs (house arrest, if you will), curtailment of freedom of speech, censorship of news and communications, travel restrictions, closures of businesses, forced vaccinations, seizure of bank accounts, arrests and imprisonment in concentration camps, and the list of nightmarish government mandates goes on and on. Out of all of this hellish fiasco, many governments have floated the idea of a COVID passport. Though largely not implemented globally, a few nations have played around with the concept and Guinea-pigged their citizens with such a passport that allows them to buy, sell, travel and to enjoy certain privileges. Does this sound like a precursor to the mark of the beast of Revelation 13? Though not fully implemented globally, the idea of a passport that allows one to function “normally” in society is now in the collective consciousness of the people of the world. The next time a world-threatening crisis occurs, it is likely that the majority of people will more readily accept the idea of “a passport”that allows one to buy and sell. The idea will be advertised a solution to the current crises, whatever that may be, and people will be encouraged to obtain the “passport” for their own good, safety, protection, convenience, and so on. Most will fall for the lie. The devil always over-promises and under-delivers.
  • Then America was defeated militarily in Afghanistan in 2021 by a gaggle of cave dwelling goat herders and poppy growers with small arms weapons. This had several consequences. This was a huge public relations disaster for America on the world stage—the surrender of world’s great military and economic superpower. This telegraphed to the world that the U.S. is no longer the nation to be feared and respected. It is weak and its leaders are effete and feckless. Several top leaders are even somewhat senile. America has to be weakened for the new world order to be imposed on the world. America’s defeat is also divine judgment on a nation that has largely turned its back on Elohim and the godly values that made it great.
  • Moreover, since the U.S. left behind approximately $78 billion worth of military equipment when retreating from Afghanistan, America has, in effect, armed the Taliban and their allies as a major fighting force in the Middle East. With China, Russia and Iran as Afghanistan’s chief allies, it is quite possible that the stage has been set for the biblically prophesied end times Gog-Magog or the Edom-greater-Israel conflict (see Ezek 38 and 39).
  • Whatever conflict will ensue out of this scenario, the Bible predicts that greater Israel will be punished in the last days for turning away from Elohim. This includes the so-called State of Israel as well as Christian nations which are, to one degree or another, contain many remnants  of dispersed Israel.
  • At the same time, the U.S. military (in reality, the New World Order’s global police force) is being systematically weakened by so-called leftist WOKE ideologies including the imposition on its members of Critical Race Theory (or CRT, which is racism against white people), the concept white privilege, acceptance of transgenderism, the promotion of gay and lesbian lifestyles and many other concepts that are weakening the moral and fighting abilities of its military forces. The term woke (according to Wikipedia) refers to “an awareness of social inequalities such as sexism, and has also been used as shorthand for left-wing ideas involving identity politics and social justice, such as the notion of white privilege and slavery reparations for African Americans”.
  • All of these scenarios and conflicts on the world stage are signs pointing to the very hard “spanking” that YHVH will give his apostate, backslid and lukewarm people resulting in many repenting of their sins and coming back to him (Rev 7:9–17 cp. Rev 3:18–19). This will result in a great spiritual revival “out of great tribulation” (Rev 7:14) at the end of the age and continuing into the millennial reign of Yeshua the Messiah. The Bible predicts that this revival will continue as the regathering of the dispersed and scattered tribes of Israel occurs in fulfillment of countless Old Testament biblical prophecies, as well as the fulfillment of the as to yet many unfulfilled promises in the Abrahamic Covenant. 
  • The current conflict between Russia and Ukraine seems to be setting the stage for a new world economic order. Global leaders like Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Joe Biden and Larry Fink (CEO of Black Rock) and others are openly talking about this “new world order” to be brought on by “a global economic reset”. The West’s economic sanctions against Russia and that country’s response seem to be pushing the world toward a new currency system—likely a (fiat) digital currency to eventually replace the current fiat paper currency systems.
  • It is inevitable that the world moves to global trackable digital currency tied to an ESG (or environmental, social justice and governance) social credit score system. Already, Communist China is experimenting with a social credit score enforced by millions of facial recognition cameras. This system helps to keep people “in line” by rewarding them when they follow government mandates that define “political correctness”, and by penalizing people when they go against those mandates. This is a form of crowd control and a social engineering tactic initiated by government leaders to force its masses into accepted forms of behavior that will serves the power-hungry and greedy interest of these so-called ruling “elites”. If and when this type of system spreads worldwide, this along with a trackable global digital currency will make it much easier for the new world order, Babylon the Great system to impose the mark of the beast upon the people of the world, even as the Book of Revelation predicted nearly two thousand years ago (Rev 13:16–18). Those who go along with the system will be rewarded for “good behavior”, while those who do not will be penalized into submission or totally excluded from the system and be forced to somehow survive without being able to work, buy, sell, travel, pay their bills­—or basically live. You say this system is not coming, that this is all silly talk, that it is a long way off? Well, then you believe the Bible is a lie. As proof of what I am saying, and the Bible prophesies will happen in the end times, simply listen to what global leaders are now openly saying about their coming new world order. Moreover, some of the pieces of this systems are already being tried here and there in various countries as we speak. The populations of these nations are the Guinea pigs unknowingly being experimented on. Of course, the major media outlets are hardly reporting on this, so in the minds of most people, it is not happening. But thanks to alternative media sources and social media, those who are awake can see what is happening and what is coming. For example, the current cryptocurrency craze seems to be conditioning many—especially younger—people into accepting a digital currency as an alternative to current big banker controlled or manipulated fiat paper money system. The only problem is that a cryptocurrency digital currency system is also a fiat money system that is backed by zero tangible assets and is totally based on the faith and confidence that those who use it place in it. So what happens when governments impose regulations on the crytocurrencies, attempt to regulate them out of existence, or attempt to replace them with their own currencies? Or worse yet, what happens if the electrical system goes down (due to sabotage, terrorist hacking or other malevolent forces or entities beyond one’s control), and you cannot get access to your digital currency for a week or two or three or longer? These are all question to which no one know the answers, but that need to be asked. At the very least, these are causes for concern.

How to Prepare for What Is Coming

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New World Order Bible Prophecy Update—What I See Coming

In this video, Nathan takes you on a journey over the past 170 years of world history with a special focus on U.S. history as it relates to end time Bible prophecy leading to the formation of the globalists’ Babylon the Great world-ruling, Satanic, Antichrist system that will have the world in its grip just prior to the Second Coming. We take a look at the broad sweep and trajectory of recent world history and events to project how they are coming together to fulfill the prophecies of the Book of Revelation chapters 13, 17 and 18. Saints, the pieces of the puzzle of the biblical prophecies made 2,000 years ago are falling neatly into place. Look up, for your redemption (that is, the redemption and glorification of your physical bodies at the resurrection of the righteous) draweth nigh! Are you getting ready? YHVH, by his grace, is revealing these truths to the weak and foolish things of the world, who follow his Torah-Word, to the consternation and confounding of the so-called wise of this world (including the so-called “wise” teachers and leaders in the mainstream church system.)


Natan’s Commentary on Revelation 1–3

Revelation 1

Revelation 1:1, Must shortly take place/come to pass. John expected that the prophecies that followed were about to occur. This seems to be proof that the Book of Revelation (at least up to Rev 10:11) was written before A.D. 70. The second half of this book was John prophesying again (see Rev 10:11) and must have been written after the fall of Jerusalem at the hand of the Romans.

Revelation 1:2, Testimony. In the New Testament or Testimony (marturia) of Yeshua (as compared to the Old Testament, also known in the book of Revelation as the Word of Elohim), the word testimony (as found in many places) is either the Greek word marturia or marturion meaning “testimony, witness, or one who testifies.” Interestingly, our English word martyr comes from these Greek words. A martyr is one who testifies to their faith and is killed for it. These Greek words refer to both one who shares their testimony of the good news of Yeshua or the gospel message including their personal testimony. It can also refer to one who as a prophet testifies of future events, but the word is not confined to that meaning only. Consider this. One doesn’t have to be a prophet to testify to the future events that the Bible already tells us are coming such as the second coming, the establishment of Elohim’s kingdom on earth, punishment for the wicked and rewards for the righteous, the glorification of the saints as well as inclusion in the family of Elohim as his glorified and spiritual children. These are all future events and are part of the gospel message.

Marturia and marturian come from the root word martus which is “a witness in a legal or historical sense, a spectator to anything.” As born again believers in Yeshua, we are witnesses to the power of Yeshua in our lives and the validity of the gospel message. For example, Stephen was a martus or martyr (Acts 22:20) as he was preaching the gospel to those who stoned him (see also Rev 2:13 where Antipas was slain for his faith as well). In the Gospel of John, John the apostle writes (marturia) the record John the Baptist in John 1:19. In John 1:32, John the Baptist records or bears witness (martureo) of what he saw pertaining to Set-Apart Spirit coming down upon Yeshua. A little later, John the Gospel writer testifies (martureo) that Yeshua is the Son of Elohim (John 1:34). The word martureo is also used of those who viewed the miraculous resurrection of Lazaurs (John 12:17), and of John who was witness to or who bore record of (martureo) the death of Yeshua (John 19:35). Many more examples could be given, but you get the idea. Marturia and its cognates can have several meanings that include the gift of prophecy, but is not limited to that.

Revelation 1:7, Even they who pierced him. How will those who killed Yeshua see him at his second coming if they are dead? Only those alive on earth and the righteous dead will be resurrected at his second coming will see him. Perhaps, they will see him descending from the New Jerusalem in his power and glory at the end of the Millennium when he will resurrect all the unrighteous dead who then must appear before him on bent knew at the white throne judgment before being cast into the lake of fire. Or perhaps Yeshua is referring to the children of those who were responsible for his crucifixion, since their parents made the responsible for his death as well when they declared, “His blood be on us and on our children” (Matt 27:25).

Revelation 1:10, The Lord’s Day. This verse is one of the cliche biblical passages that mainstream church scholars use to “prove” Sunday’s replacement of the Sabbath. The problem with this position is that there’s no clear scriptural proof that the apostles ever changed the Sabbath to Sunday. What’s more, to view this passage as referring to Sunday is to take a phrase the early church fathers used as a euphemism for Sunday when pushing for Sunday in place of Sabbath observance and to retroactively apply this meaning to John’s use of the phrase. Frankly, it is biased and dishonest scholarship to take the phrase “the Lord’s day” with its second century colloquial meaning and then to back-apply this meaning to John’s use of the phrase when there’s no reason to believe this was John’s intended meaning.

Alternatively, the phrase, “the Lord’s day, can be a reference to the biblical term “the day of the Lord’s wrath” when YHVH, in the end times, will judge the nations for their wickedness. This is a point that several biblical scholars have made (see From Sabbath to Sunday, by Samuele Bacchiochi, p. 111; E. W. Bullinger’s Companion Bible footnote on Rev 1:10; The Jewish New Testament Commentary on this verse, p. 791, by David Sterns).

There is actually more scriptural proof that the phrase “the day of the Lord” is a reference to the seventh day Sabbath than to the first the week. In Isaiah 58:13, the prophet YHVH refers to the Sabbath as “my holy day…the holy day of the Lord.” So conceivably, it could have been on the Sabbath day itself that John received his vision on the island of Patmos about that great and terrible day of YHVH’s wrath that is to come on the earth just prior to the Messiah’s second coming. 

Revelation 2

Revelation 2:17, A white stone. The Romans of biblical times exchanged a token of friendship between friends that could be passed on down from one generation to another. The ritual consisted of two friends writing their names on a tile of wood or stone, which was then divided in half and each took the piece containing name of their friend. To produce the counterpart of the one of the pieces to the other friend (or his heirs) guaranteed friendship and hospitality. The white stone with a new name on it is likely a reference to this first century practice (Manners and Customs, p. 70).

Revelation 2:27, A rod of iron. Yeshua’s rod of iron is similar to the scepter of a king, which was taken from the shepherds rod, since a king was viewed as the shepherd of his people. The scepter was not only a symbol of protection, but of power and authority.

Revelation 2:28, The morning star. In the Latin Vulgate Bible (translated by Jerome in about A.D. 400 for the Roman Catholic Church) is the official Latin Bible of the Catholic Church the biblical term morning start is translated into Latin as lucifer. According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, when morning star is translated as lucifer, it is not referring to the devil, but rather denotes the exalted state from which he fell. That exalted state refers to the glory of heaven or the morning star (Rev 2:28), and to Yeshua himself who Peter and John refer to as the Morning Star (2 Pet 1:19; Rev 22:16) ( The name Lucifer appears in some Catholic liturgy. It would seem that this is not a reference to the devil, but to Elohim or to Yeshua.

Revelation 3

Revelation 3:9, Worship/bow down before your feet. This scripture has puzzled many. Who are these saints before which those who are of the synagogue of Satan will at some time in the future bow down in worship? Who are those who are of the synagogue of Satan? First, the saints are wearing crowns (verse 11) and they have the name of Elohim written upon them (verse 12). We know that a group of saints will be ruling with Yeshua in his millennial kingdom (Rev 1:6; 5:10). These same saints will be part of the first resurrection (Rev 20:6), which occurs at Yeshua’s second coming. Not all saints will be kings and priests. There are levels of rewards (and responsibilities) in YHVH’s kingdom depending on how obedient one has been to his Torah-commandments. This Yeshua teaches in Matthew 5:19. Some saints will be the least in his eternal kingdom, while some will be the greatest depending on their level of Torah-obedience. Similarly, Yeshua identifies two groups of saints in his Parable of the Ten Virgins (Matt 25:1–13)—the wise saints and the foolish saints. The wise virgins will go into the wedding supper of Yeshua, and presumably will become his bride, while the foolish ones will be left outside. In Revelation chapter three, Yeshua further identifies two groups of believers: those who are spiritually lukewarm and those who are spiritually hot (Rev 3:14–22). It is not a stretch to connect those who are spiritually on fire in Laodicea with those in Philadelphia who have been faithful to his commands, who will be given a crown and who will be worshipped.

Can we further identify these faithful saints who will be worshipped (or before whom the knees of lower order saints will bend, which is the actual meaning in the Greek of the word worship) in Yeshua’s kingdom? They have crowns and are thus ruling as kings and have the name of Elohim written on them. Similarly, the 144 thousand have the seal of YHVH’s name on them (Rev 7:3–4 and 14:1), and they keep his Torah commandments and have the testimony or faith of Yeshua (Rev 14:12). These are the likely candidates for being those Yeshua describes in Matthew 5:19 who will be the greatest in the kingdom of Elohim, and who others will worship (Rev 3:9). 

Why would people be worshipping (or bending the knee before) these glorified, resurrected and kingly saints? There are several possible explanations here for this. First, the bride of Yeshua will be ruling and reigning with Yeshua as a queen (in ancient Jewish thought) or like a king (under Yeshua, who is the King of kings, as presented in the book of Revelation). Second, Paul teaches us that those saints who will be resurrected will be literally adopted (Rom 8:15, 23; 9:4; Gal 4:5; Eph 1:5) into the family of Elohim as sons or children of YHVH Elohim. 

In Galatians, Paul speaks of redeemed believers being both Abraham’s seed and being adopted as sons of Elohim (Gal 3:29; 4:5). Elsewhere where the term adoption is used in the Testimony of Yeshua, it is in reference to our relationship with our Heavenly Father, not with our earthly father, Abraham. The redeemed are therefore, sons or the seed of Abraham, yet adopted into the family of Elohim as spiritual sons (Rom 8:15, 23; Eph 1:5). In other words, the saints are literal sons or seed (physically) of Abraham, yet adopted sons (spiritually) of YHVH. This adoption will be finalized or completed at the resurrection when the saints receive their spiritual bodies (Rom 8:23), for then they will be like him for they shall see him as he is (1 John 3:2).

Elohim is a plural word in Hebrew and can mean many things, and has many usages in the Scriptures. It is used to refer to the Creator, YHVH Elohim, as well as to angels, kings, judges and humans in authoritative capacities. When the saints are resurrected, they will be as Elohim and will be part of the family of Elohim, though they will not be Elohim, who has existed forever and is the Creator of all things. It appears that these saints will be worshipped, not as YHVH Elohim, but as his created sons who have been elevated through the process of redemption, sanctification, glorification and adoption into members of the family of Elohim.

Revelation 3:14, The church at Laodicea.

Laodicean Church: Awaken!
Will you pass the test and make the grade?

Life is a series of tests. We either pass or fail them. YHVH is the school teacher who determines whether we will pass or fail, not us. His Word is our text book that tells us how to pass. If we learn the lessons and put to practice the things we have learned, we will pass. If not, we will fail. 

The problem is that we’re not just in a regular school classroom where if we fail, it’s really not a big deal in the bigger scope of life. No. Our “classroom” is this life. Whether we pass or fail will determine not only whether we will obtain eternal life or eternal damnation, but if we pass, the grade we get will determine our level of rewards in YHVH’s eternal kingdom. As should be obvious, there are a couple of important things going on here: there is not only the issue of life after death, but if we pass the test of life and are granted eternal life, where will we be, what will we be doing and, most importantly, how close will we be to the Creator. Some people will be existing in close proximity to YHVH Elohim, while others will be living further away.

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