Acharie Mot—Yom Kippur, Blood, Sex, Virgins, Whores & Revelation

In this video Nathan discusses how the end time prophetic implications of Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement) in Leviticus 16 relate to the power of the blood of Yeshua (Leviticus 17) to carry the saints through the great tribulation mentioned in the book of Revelation, so that they will not succumb to physical and sexual sin (Leviticus 18 and Revelation 17 and 18) and acquiesce to the whore of Babylon, thus preventing them from being the virgin bride of Yeshua the Bridegroom at his second coming.


6 thoughts on “Acharie Mot—Yom Kippur, Blood, Sex, Virgins, Whores & Revelation

  1. yea!!! Natan! Preach it! My husband was listening to you this morning and I heard you from the other room. I came out saying yes Natan! Alot of truth in what your saying. When we walk away from Torah, then were more apt to sin. Yes sexual sin, and yes alcohol is first in most time we fall into sexual sin. We need to warn our young for this! The church don’t teach obedience anuff! And the regrets we will have.
    Some may not like how you preach, but we need some like you! I felt like you are a coach, to incourage to press on! Stirred up a fire in me also, to wake up (literally to, ha), we need someone to holler , wake up! Thanks

    • Thank you for the kind and encouraging comments, Julie. Yea…I’m a bit salty and edgy in my preaching, but I’m not your typical, modern day, ear tickling preacher who is trying to gain followers and adherents and to please men. Don’t care in the least about that! Just want to do what I’ve been called to do by Elohim. How could I not do my divine mission when the world is going to hell all around us and people are in mortal danger? They need a hard message to wake them up— like a 2 x 4 whacked across their skull to wake them up from the highway to hell path that they’re on. I get some comments from folks, like the one just below this comment to tone it down because I might be too offensive. My response? Take it our leave it. If you don’t like it, then switch the channel and go back to your death sleep, highway to hell journey. Amein!

    • By the way Julie, if you and hubby are interested in joining our weekly online Shabbat fellowship and teaching time where I make these videos, you’re welcome to participate via Zoom. We meet at 2:30 U.S. Eastern Time. Just let me know and I’ll get you on the contact list for notifications. Blessings!

  2. Thanks! I think my husband was on there once or twice. But our computer is not set up for camera or to talk, so we can just listen. My kids (adopted grandkids) have a chrome book, maybe we can try on that. Especially start next fall, in a month were headed to our off grid mountain home. Getting out of this crazy world for awhile! Julie

      • Don’t have one of them, we like dumb phones, ha. We still have a phone on landline with a cord to it! I think these smart phones are ganna be used for Satan’s plan. Everyone is getting addicted to them! I know people can use them for good and cumputers, but I see these things as mostly evil. We do have a trac phone to use for when we leave home. But yea hope to be part of your group, thanks.

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