Let the glory cloud come down—Are you sure you want to “play” with fire?

What follows is a discussion on the interplay between the glory of Elohim, righteousness, atonement for sin, the blood the lamb and the fire of Elohim versus profane fire.

Leviticus 9:2–4, YHVH will appear. It is impossible to appear before YHVH Elohim without the shedding of innocent blood for the atonement of man’s sins. Man is too sinful and unholy to be able to come before his perfect and holy Creator. The sooner human’s realize their sinfulness and unworthiness, and the need to deal with the sorry state their live is in, the sooner they will be able to fill their inner (some say the “God-shaped) void and the unmet need of having an intimate relationship with their Creator.

Leviticus 9:6, This is the thing. When atonement for sin is made, and a person comes to their Creator on that basis, YHVH and his glory will appear in one way or another in that person’s life.

Leviticus 9:6, 23, The glory [kobowd] of YHVH. Kobowd means “glory, honour, glorious, abundance, riches, splendour, dignity, reputation, reverence.” The root word of Continue reading


The Manifest Presence of Elohim Transforms a Person

Exodus 25:22, There I will meet with you. Between the two cherubim was the glowing, anointed, manifest Presence of YHVH called the Shekinah. This pictures the glories of the New Jerusalem and life happily ever after for Yeshua and his spiritual bride.

The manifest Presence of Elohim is the last of seven “items” in the tabernacle and it is also the one ingredient that is missing in all the other religions of the world. Yes, many of the world’s false religions have their signs, wonders and supernatural experiences, but these are cheap demonic counterfeits that only imitate the real thing. In the end, despite all that they promise, they bring shame, confusion, guilt and eventual death and eternal separation from Elohim.

In the Tabernacle of Moses, the first six items were made with human hands. Six is the number of man. YHVH’s Presence cannot be constructed by the hand or mind of man. It just is, and it doesn’t come as a result of anyone conjuring it up. It comes as a result of repentance, holiness, obedience and humans seeking Elohim with all their hearts, while following the protocols he has laid out, which, when followed, lead to him. There is no other way.

The Presence of Elohim is what is missing in every other of the world’s religious systems. It was even missing in the Second Temple!

In YHVH Elohim’s Presence, a human is miraculously changed and transformed spiritually from the inside out.

There I will [Heb. ya’ad] meet with you…I will commune [Heb. d’bar]…I will give you. This entire verse is pregnant with spiritual meaning relating to the holy of holies, which was YHVH’s point of contact between heaven and earth. From this Continue reading


Do you fear and respect the Presence of Elohim?

Numbers 17:13, Whoever comes near the tabernacle of YHVH must die. YHVH doesn’t allow sinful and rebellious man to come near his Presence. After the Israelites had rebelled against YHVH multiple times, the fear of YHVH,which they were lacking, had to be re-established. Here YHVH is teaching the Israelites these important lessons by establishing boundaries around the tabernacle

When men have a proper fear and respect for YHVH Elohim and his human structures of authority, they are less likely to step out of line and sin against Elohim and against their fellow man. There must be a separation between YHVH’s Presence and man. That separation must be maintained and enforced to keep men in line spiritually and knowing their place before the Almighty.

On the fear of YHVH Elohim, review the following scriptures: Deuteronomy 10:12; Psalms 2:11; 33:8; 34:7; 96:4,9; 111;10; 2 Corinthians 5:11; 7:1; Hebrews 12:28.

On the transcendence of YHVH Elohim, review the following scriptures: 1 Chronicles 29:11–12; Psalms 89:6; 96:4–5; 97:9; 135:5; Isaiah 40:12–28; Ephesians 1:21; 4:6.


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