New Videos: Two Shavuot Messages

This is a basic, introduction and overview to the biblical Feast of Weeks also known as Shavuot or Pentecost. To download a free study guide, go to

David asked who may ascend to the mountain of YHVH and come into his Presence? Eternal life and spending eternity in YHVH’s Presence is the spiritual destiny of only a few. Now is the time to prepare your life for your ultimate destiny to live forever with your Creator. Watch this video and learn how to be a victorious overcomer, so that you may have the highest level of reward in Elohim’s eternal kingdom, which is heaven on earth.


What are YOU waiting for? Choose life NOW!

What are you waiting for? A flashing neon sign in the heavens with your name on it? For the Atlantic Ocean to part? For a death bed repentence? For your life to go to hell first? The God of the Bible is lovingly calling to you and he wants to give you salvation from sin and eternal life through Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah. What are you waiting for? Today is your day!


New Video: Following Yeshua = Immortality

Is there more to life than just living and dying? Need hope? What are the logical reasons to follow the Yeshua/Jesus of the Bible? What is the hope of the resurrection of the dead and how can that hope be yours? Watch this video for the answers.


New Video: What Is Your Idol? Lessons from the Rich Young Ruler

In the Bible, the rich young ruler had everything and was a good person, but despite all this, he had one idol in his life that kept him out of God’s kingdom. What is the most important thing in your life, the thing you’ve given your heart affection to? This is your god or idol. In this video learn how our idols keep us from coming into a relationship with the Creator of the Universe and from entering into his eternal kingdom.