What are YOU waiting for? Choose life NOW!

What are you waiting for? A flashing neon sign in the heavens with your name on it? For the Atlantic Ocean to part? For a death bed repentence? For your life to go to hell first? The God of the Bible is lovingly calling to you and he wants to give you salvation from sin and eternal life through Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah. What are you waiting for? Today is your day!


4 thoughts on “What are YOU waiting for? Choose life NOW!

  1. Very Good Word! “Be still and know that Am God” I was 36 coming from a Catholic Church. It was wonderful, glorious!

  2. I was 37 when I said “yes” to Jesus (Yeshua), and my life took a turn upward. Two weeks later, my husband surrendered to the Lord, and now all of our four children, their mates and grandchildren of accountable age have said their “yes!” Natan speaks the truth about the importance of this surrender. When the pastor gave the call for salvation, I rushed down the aisle in a little hippie Christian community in Kona, Hawaii in 1973, because I heard this fatherly voice say in my spirit, “I will not strive forever with you, Janelle.” I had started to go forward to give my life to Yeshua and then sat back down. When I heard God’s warning, I leaped up and ran forward, saying, “I need You, Jesus. I want You, Jesus!” And then I came to know Him as Yeshua in 2007 and said “yes” again, for another important turn in the road. Thanks for your important word, Natan.

  3. I have chosen Yehovah and Yeshua many years ago. When I came into the truth about the gospel was the best thing ever 2012. I have taken the steps to follow Yeshua as he commanded and teaching others to do the same. Thanks for the teaching as always. Shalom

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