New Video: Book of Job O’View—Growing in Righteousness

The Book of Job, one of the oldest books in the Bible, contains many nuggets of wisdom relating to man trying to understand his place in the world, the laws of cause and effect, his eternal destiny and his relationship with his Creator. This video gives a quick overview of this enigmatic book and discusses how the conventional explanation of Job doesn’t do justice to its fuller and deeper Hebraic understanding.


Where Are You in the Tabernacle of Moses?

The Tabernacle of Moses—A Picture of One’s Spiritual Journey. The Tabernacle of Moses from its from to back represents one’s progression in one’s spiritual journey starting with initial salvation leading to eternal life in YHVH’s eternal spiritual kingdom. Where would you place yourself in the tabernacle with regard to your spiritual walk?

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In the outer court of the tabernacle, all the rituals and furnishings pointed to death, judgment, washing or cleansing. These prophetically foreshadowed salvation through Yeshua’s atoning death on the cross, Yeshua being the door to salvation, and baptism for the remission of sins. In the set-apart (kadosh or holy) place inside the tabernacle, everything there pointed to life, light, food, fragrant incense, the fruits and gifts of the Set-Apart Spirit. The outer court speaks of basic salvation for the redeemed believer in Yeshua, while the set-apart place speaks of spiritual growth and maturity, of moving from spiritual babyhood into spiritual adulthood or maturity.

Paul speaks of man being subdivided into body, soul and spirit (1 Thess 5:23). The tabernacle’s outer court seems to relates to the physical realm, while the Set-Apart Place speaks more of the psychological, volitional and emotional aspects of man’s inner realm or psychological realm (i.e., his soul), and the most set-apart place (kadosh hakadoshim or the holy of holies) portrays man approaching YHVH through the realm of his spirit man.

As one progresses into the tabernacle, it is as if YHVH is drawing man into an ever deeper Continue reading