The Presence of the Spirit of YHVH brings healing!

John 5:4, Troubled/stirred the waters. The Greek word for stir or trouble can mean “to agitate, disquiet, make restless, cause inward commotion, to strike one’s spirit with fear, perplex the mind, render anxious or distressed or to cause dread.”

The troubling of the waters at the Bethesda Pool was more than just a breeze causing some riffles over the waters. Those at the pool’s edge must have sensed something supernatural when the angel troubled waters—that something supernatural was about to occur. Perhaps they sensed the presence of Elohim in their spirit. The outward stirring of the waters (with the inward stirring of the spirit?) coupled with their acting in faith to get to the waters to be healed brought about healing.

What is the lesson here for us? When we sense the presence of the Almighty to heal us, we must step forth in faith seeking Elohim’s healing touch in our lives. Our seeking might result in our finding heaven’s miracle for our lives.

Many times I have been in meetings when I sensed the Presence of YHVH’s anointing on me in a powerful and unique way. To me this is a signal from heaven that I’m supposed to pray for someone there. When this leading of the Spirit is obeyed, miracles and spiritual breakthroughs occur.

Let’s be tuned into this moving of YHVH, so that we can be a greater tool in YHVH’s hands to be a river of life to those around us!


May the Force Be With YOU in 32 Ways!

There’s a new Star Wars movie craze going on with the release of, I think, number seven. In reality, Star Wars is about a civil war between demonic, ungodly forces. There’s nothing righteous or spiritually redeeming about it except maybe simply for entertainment value. The underlying thematic paradigm is one of white magic versus black magic. The Bible condemns all magic and Satan, who is the source of both.

In the Star Wars movie, there is a thing called “the Force,”  which has a good side and a bad side. The Star Wars greeting is: “May the Force be with you.” This is supposed to be a blessing, but it’s really a curse. It’s saying, “May Satan be with you.” How is this?


YHVH Elohim isn’t the Power behind this satanic force, because YHVH has no dark or evil side to himself like the force in the movie. Everything Elohim does is good, light, loving and truth. His is the tree of life. On the other side is Satan the Devil who comes as an angel of light to deceive the whole world. In reality, the Bible reveals that the devil is the evil prince of darkness — the god of this world who is opposed to Elohim in every way. Satan’s tree is the tree of knowledge of good and evil. This tree has both good and evil. It has just enough good to sucker man into eating from it, but once in, it’s all pure evil! It brings spiritual damnation to men. This is what the Star Wars movies are all about. The Force has good and evil in it. This is Satan’s tree, not Elohim’s tree, which has all life in it.

So there are two forces in the universe: and evil one and a good one. They’re completely separate from each other. They aren’t two sides of the same coin as the movie likes to portray it. This is new age, Eastern religious philosophy.

In this brief study below, we’d like to show you how the only good, true Force from Elohim (not the counterfeit demonic force in the movie) can empower you more than any lying counterfeit force from the enemy ever could. Don’t settle for a cheap imitation from Satan who’s an arrogant, sulking, sorry loser and an evil chump. As you will see, the real Force from Elohim has so much more to offer!  —Natan

What is the most powerful Force in the Universe? It is Holy Spirit of YHVH Elohim — the Almighty Creator God of the Bible!

By the force of Spirit and Word of Elohim, the universe and earth were created. With his hands, Elohim shaped man out of earth and by the Force of the breath of his Spirit, he breathed life into that lump of earth and man became a living being. That same spiritual Force impregnated the womb of the virgin Mary and Yeshua the Messiah, the Son of Elohim, was clothed in humanity and became the Elohim-Man and Savior and Redeemer of humanity.

Yeshua the Messiah promised to send that same Force of the Spirit of Elohim to live inside of all those who seek him and put their trusting faith in him and choose to follow and obey him as he leads them on the path of righteous living leading to a life of immortality in Elohim’s kingdom of heaven on earth. This same Force has the power to resurrect the dead from their graves. So how can this Force help you?

Here’s are 32 ways the Force, which is the of the Spirit of Elohim, can empower you: Continue reading


The Glory Cloud … and YOU

Exodus 40:34–38. The glory of YHVH filled the tabernacle. This has to be one of the most beautiful passages in the Scriptures.

After YHVH lovingly leads his people out of Egypt, his first job assignment for them was to make him a tabernacle that he might “dwell with them” (Exod 25:8). Those who were of a willing heart (Exod 35:21–22) contributed to the effort, and approximately $4 to 5 million in material costs alone was spent building the tabernacle—all donated by the people.

The Israelites spent some nine months working on the project and the tabernacle was consecrated on New Year’s day of the second year out of Egypt.

YHVH expressed his approbation of his new house in a most tangible way. His manifest glory filled the tabernacle (Exod 40:34). From that point on, YHVH’s glorious Presence led his people through the wilderness into the Promised Land.

On the Day of Pentecost, the fire of Elohim’s Spirit came down and indwelt all those in the upper room.

We as redeemed believers are now the temples of the Holy Spirit, which is how Elohim’s glorious Presence now dwells in us.

Now for the tough question. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much are you walking a Spirit-led life now? How can we walk a more Spirit-led walk? Please share your thoughts and insights.