Only One Cure for Guilt and Shame!

Genesis 3:7, Naked…fig leaves. Guilt and shame. Guilt and shame are different. Guilt is a result of sin and brings conviction of sin leading to confession, forgiveness and cleansing from sin.

Shame, on the other hand, drives us to hide and tells us that we can’t truly be forgiven—that we need to hide. We have to hide behind something. Usually it’s a religious mask to make people think we’re different than we really are—to hide our true identity, who we really are. Adam and Eve used fig leaves. There was no church to hide in where they could play childish religious games of pretend.

Religious people are especially adept at play-acting with masks. This is often fueled by a sincere but misguided desire to please Elohim and others. In reality, we’re hiding our guilt, shame, scars, imperfections, hurts and sins without dealing with them.

The reality is that the shame and condemnation of sin doesn’t lift until one confesses sin and trusts Elohim to forgive them and then let him provide them with his own sin-covering. Elohim covered Adam and Eve in skins—probably a sheep skin, which was a picture of Yeshua—YHVH’s Lamb—dying for them at the cross.

Likewise, our sin must be covered in the atoning blood of Yeshua. Wearing masks instead of dealing with sin causes us to become smug, self-sufficient, dishonest, self-righteous and arrogant. This was the spiritual state of the Laodiceans.


How many people are on the brink of insanity…like King Nebuchadnezzar?

Terrified Businessman

Daniel 4:28–33, King Nebuchadnezzar. For all of his great power and accomplishments, the king was on the verge of emotional and mental instability (or insanity). Hearing the voice and judgment from heaven evidently was the tipping point that drove him toward the side of insanity.

This illustrates the fact that for all of their greatness, many notable world leaders live their lives on the ragged edge between sanity and insanity, between mental and emotional stability and instability. Likely, these individuals are so compromised in their souls in that they have had to perform so many dastardly deeds to rise to the positions of power that they hold that they have become tormented deep inside. In reality, this can be the case with any human who has  turned his back on his Creator.

Guilt, shame and a sullied conscience due to sin are irrepressible and cannot be expunged from a man’s heart. Such people can hardly live with themselves; they are trapped and can’t get out of their minds and bodies. Their deep inner guilt and shame perpetually keeps them at the brink of mental breakdown and madness.

Only the truth can set them free—the truth of redemption of sin through the preaching of the gospel message, through the love and forgiveness or Yeshua the Messiah and the supernatural transforming work of the Spirit of Elohim in one’s heart. For this reason, the servants of the Most High must keep preaching the gospel and holding sinners accountable for their sins against the Almighty.