Only One Cure for Guilt and Shame!

Genesis 3:7, Naked…fig leaves. Guilt and shame. Guilt and shame are different. Guilt is a result of sin and brings conviction of sin leading to confession, forgiveness and cleansing from sin.

Shame, on the other hand, drives us to hide and tells us that we can’t truly be forgiven—that we need to hide. We have to hide behind something. Usually it’s a religious mask to make people think we’re different than we really are—to hide our true identity, who we really are. Adam and Eve used fig leaves. There was no church to hide in where they could play childish religious games of pretend.

Religious people are especially adept at play-acting with masks. This is often fueled by a sincere but misguided desire to please Elohim and others. In reality, we’re hiding our guilt, shame, scars, imperfections, hurts and sins without dealing with them.

The reality is that the shame and condemnation of sin doesn’t lift until one confesses sin and trusts Elohim to forgive them and then let him provide them with his own sin-covering. Elohim covered Adam and Eve in skins—probably a sheep skin, which was a picture of Yeshua—YHVH’s Lamb—dying for them at the cross.

Likewise, our sin must be covered in the atoning blood of Yeshua. Wearing masks instead of dealing with sin causes us to become smug, self-sufficient, dishonest, self-righteous and arrogant. This was the spiritual state of the Laodiceans.


1 thought on “Only One Cure for Guilt and Shame!

  1. What isn’t acknowledged, can’t be fixed. .Mia culpa This is the whole idea of repentance, we went the wrong way, took a wrong turn, now turn back to Him where He waits with open arms for His prodigals before time is up and let he who is filthy be filthy still! Today is the day of salvation, harden not your hearts. This is not a one time thing, it is a constant, we fallen humans mess up. His mercies are new every morning because our sins are! To day if you hear His voice, its always today. Why put it off until tomorrow? Tomorrow never comes, besides its promised to no one. He does forgive but we must not abuse it, His grace is not a license to go one sinning-that’s what I call ” Godabuse!” He told the adulteress “Go and sin no more.” He did not say, just don’t commit adultery! Besides if you break one commandment you break them all. And He took it all upon Himself for us-what an awesome God we have…..does He have you? You don’t know who you are till you know you are His 🙂

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