New Video: The Church Is Drunk on the Wine of Fornication

The mainstream Christian church leaders, pastors, prophets and laity are drunk on the wine of fornication with the world through unbiblical, humanistic doctrines and traditions of men. YHVH is calling his people out of this harlot relgious system called the whore of Babylon the Great (Rev 18:4). A spiritual revival will occur as a result as Isaiah 29 and 30 prophesies.


The Blood of All the Martyred Saints on the Jewish Leaders?

Luke 11:49–51, I will send them…the blood of all the prophets. How can Yeshua logically lay at the feet of the spiritual teachers of his day the blood of all the prophets and apostles from the time of Abel to Zechariah?

Blood stains

Simply this. In all that the prophets of old did and preached, they pointed the way to Yeshua the Messiah.

For example, Abel preached Yeshua when he brought a lamb offering to Elohim. By the fact that Yeshua’s generation of religious leaders would reject him and condemn him to be crucified, they represented a false, demonic and murderous antichrist religious system that had been responsible for the deaths of all of YHVH’s servants to that time. Instead of repenting of their sins and accepting Yeshua as the promised Messiah to which all the prophets of old had pointed, they joined their voices and forces with the chorus of antichrist rebels and dissenters including with Satan himself—the arch instigator of that rebellion—in rejecting the Messiah.

By rejecting Yeshua, they tacitly approved of the deaths of all those who had gone before him pointing the way to him, and were therefore just as responsible for the deaths of the ancient prophets as if they themselves had been the ones who had actually killed them.


New Video: The Truth About Prophets & the Prophetic

In the church, there is much unbiblical misinformation about prophets and the prophetic gifts. Did you know that according to the Bible, there are eleven levels of a prophet, or that all the biblical prophets were Torah-keepers? Do you know the difference between an apostolic prophet and a congregational prophet, or the difference between a false prophet and a carnal prophet? This video answers these questions and much more.


Answers from Amos

I’ve been studying Elohim’s word this morning, and I was led to open up the little Book of Amos. I read all nine chapters. Somehow, I sensed that the answer to the question I asked in the previous post might be found therein. That question was how do we get to the next stage in our spiritual walk?

I can’t say that I have the full answer, but some spiritual insights were garnered.


The bottom line is that we need a fresh prophetic vision — a divine revelation of where YHVH wants us to go next.

It goes back to Proverbs 29:18, which says that without prophetic vision, YHVH’s people perish or become unloosened spiritually. Additionally, all prophetic vision should be on a solid Torah foundation — something that doesn’t exist among the so-called prophets in the contemporary mainstream church  system.

Amos explains the role of the prophet and how people really don’t want to hear YHVH speak to them through his servants, the prophets, much less obey the word of Elohim they’re proclaiming. So why then should YHVH send them his prophets if his people refuse to hear and to obey?

Though I’m not a prophet, as a servant of the Most High, I should be speaking prophetically as inspired by the Holy Spirit. This applies to you too. When a Bible teacher or preacher gets up in front of others to speak, he should do so prophetically; that is, in an inspired way that brings forth divine revelation from the word of Elohim. The problem is that most people start to shut the preacher off when he urges them to repent of sin. As a preacher, I can tell you this is the case. Almost every time I preach a message of repentance, someone gets offended and blames me for their angst. Instead of looking at themselves in the mirror and conforming their lives to the word of Elohim, they make excuses why it doesn’t apply to them, and then they shoot the messenger. Frankly, it get’s tiring after a while!

Okay, enough of this. Let’s see what Amos had to say. Here are some insights from this prophet I gathered this morning.

Amos 8:11, A famine…of hearing. Hearing is the Hebrew word shema, which has the compound meaning of both hearing and doing. In our modern world, the word of Elohim is more proliferated than ever before, especially Continue reading


Is YHVH Raising Up Modern Day Jeremiah’s?

Jeremiah 1–2

Jeremiah the prophet received a direct call from YHVH Elohim to warn the nation of Judah, YHVH’s people, of impending judgment if they would not repent and return to his Torah. YHVH commissioned the prophet to warn and to rebuke those at all levels of society: kings, princes, priests and people (1:18). Is it likely that YHVH will raise up a prophet or prophets in the last days prior to the return of Yeshua the Messiah who will be doing the same thing as Jeremiah?

Prophet 25341417

Jeremiah did not feel adequate to the job (1:6), yet YHVH assured him that he was, for YHVH personally had called and empowered him to do what seemed to be an impossible task: for one man, as YHVH’s representative, to set his face against an entire nation and to survive the resulting wrath of the wicked against that righteous man of YHVH (1:7–10; 18–19).

In the end times, will there yet arise true prophets in which the Word of YHVH is shut up like fire in their bones (Jer 20:9) who will utter forth the fiery oracles of YHVH, which like a hammer will smash to pieces the rock-hard hearts of YHVH’s obstinate, rebellious and sinful people (Jer 23:29)?

Yeshua prophesied that in the last days false prophets would arise, and if possible, would deceive the very elect (Matt 24:11, 24). If Satan the adversary has his false prophets on the scene just prior to Yeshua’s return attempting to deceive YHVH’s people, will not YHVH have his true prophets likewise on the scene to warn, rebuke, provoke, incite, encourage, and give spiritual direction to his people?

Some Christian teachers through their unbiblical teachings on the subject of prophets and prophecy are inoculating YHVH’s people against believing that Jeremiah-type prophets will Continue reading


For Profit Prophets—Like Balaam

Numbers 31:8, Balaam … they slew with the sword. Jude 11 talks about Balaam being greedy for money and indicates that there are those in the end times in the body of Yeshua who will follow after this sin. How is this possible? What will be the ultimate fate of these “tares”? (See Matt 13:40.)

Balaam prophesies 2

Had Balaam believed his own good prophecies concerning Israel and not have sided with Israel’s enemies, would he no doubt would have been spared the sword of YHVH’s justice. What were his motives for siding with them?

Greed and materialism blind one from YHVH’s truth and cause one to side with YHVH’s enemies. What is the end result of this action?

Balaam was a deceiver and a hypocrite. He spoke one thing and did something else. Are we ever guilty of this? How rampant is the sin of duplicity within the body of believers in Yeshua?

There are people who claim to be prophets in the church who, like Balaam, speak soothing and ear-tickling prophetic words in order to profit from the people. How can we know the difference between true and false prophets? A true prophet is not greedy like Balaam. (Read Deut 18:20–22 and Matt 7:15–20.) Can a true prophet of Elohim prophesy out of the flesh something false, and if he repents, when he finds he was in error, be spared from the death penalty? (Read 2 Sam 7:1–17.)