The Garbage Can Called American Politics Stinks to High Heaven!

Politics is a dirty, nasty and ruthless business. It’s largely about money, fame and power. Some people go into politics for altruistic reasons, but most are soon corrupted by the system and the requirements it imposes on them if they are to survive in its game.
Meanwhile, the political establishment is in an all out witch hunt war to destroy President Trump as demonstrated by the most recent actions of Mueller, the partisan politician hack, establishment goon and party “apparatchik.” Righteousness and the truth be damned, all these types care about is promoting the ruling elite’s narratives and agendas.
In your lifetime, have you every seen any president or politician treated like this before? The aggressors, like mad dogs, are rabidly on a search and destroy mission to find any dirt they can dig up on Trump or anyone near him in an effort to discredit and then drive him from office.
This nation has turned against itself and is trying to commit suicide!
Yes Donald Trump is no angel and he’s disturbingly rough around the edges. We all know this. Many of us held our noses and voted for him anyway. The alternatives were even worse. But at least you know what he thinks and where he stands, and, so far, he has done an amazing number of good things for this country.
The truth, however, is that the “progressive” pro-establishment, deep state, NWO crowd are no saints either, even though they’re now acting like a bunch of virginal choirboy saints.
Their duplicitous, hypocritical arrogance is repugnant to any righteous and Elohim-loving person. These politicians know that they can get away with it, since the mainstream media is complicity on their side and will cover for and defend them no matter what. This has further emboldened them to act even more vicious and hypocritical in their attacks on President Trump and all that he represents (which is more than half the Americans who voted for him)!
While doggedly attacking Trump like a pack of crazed wolves, they’re conveniently overlooking the criminality of Hillary, Obama, the Awan brothers, some in the FBI and CIA, and the list goes on. Moreover, how conveniently they’ve overlooked the sexual dalliances of other presidents like Clinton, JFK and FDR who, unlike Trump, actually did it while in the White House.
In the mean time, YHVH is revealing to the American people (and the world) the unrighteousness and filth in the garbage can called American politics. Let’s pray that enough people become so disgusted with the hidden things that YHVH is revealing for all to see that, in frustrated and desperate reaction to all this bad news, many people will return to the beauty of Yeshua and his word and the good news and purity of the gospel message!!!

So-Called “Progressivism” Is Actually Regressive

Today, on the comments section of this blog, a lengthy comment was posted from a “Progressive” taking exception with President Trump and “Conservatives.” He called all politicians “moral” and found it hard to understand why anyone would hold to conservative values.

Here is my response to him:

Thank you for your comments although they’re too lengthy for the comments section of a typical blog including this one.

Even though your comments are contrary to main philosophical tenets of this blog and grossly mischaracterize my philosophical views, I am not opposed to counterpoints when presented intelligently and respectfully as you have done. As the Bible wisely states, iron sharpens iron, and when our beliefs are challenged, as you have done, this opens the channels for dialog allowing, hopefully, the advancement of truth.

This blog is primarily a Bible study blog, and it’s from this perspective and worldview that we operate. Thus I will answer you accordingly. I will be brief and to the point. The older I get, the more I see the value in saying more with fewer words.

The God/Elohim of the Bible isn’t sectarian. He is neither a Democrat or Republican, a progressive or a conservative, a socialist or a capitalist. He is on the side of truth—his truth. Therefore he can’t be pigeon-holed into labels. As a follower of him neither can I. Truth as the Bible defines it can be found in many areas. In the political arena, the so-called Progressives have some truth as do the Conservatives. In determine who to follow, the questions to ask are these: What is truth? Who determines it? Who enforces it thus legitimizing it? How much truth does a person or group have? One can have one percent truth and 99 percent lives, or vice versa. Which is better? Who determines this?

The idea that “all politics is moral” quite frankly is laughable. That presumes that all men are moral. If that were the case, then why are there politicians in jail convicted of crimes? Was Mao, Stalin, Hitler, et al moral? They were politicians.

The problem here is that the social evolutionist presumes that man is evolving upward and improving morally. If that were the case, then why, when left to themselves, do things in the physical world naturally go from a state of order to disorder? That law of physics alone disproves the evolutionary model right there. This is true of humans as well. At this point, I’m reminded of the book and movie, “The Lord of the Flies.”

Next, your thesis presume that man is innately good. This is the typical foundation upon which cosmic or secular humanists base their beliefs. This is neither a biblical worldview and nor logical one. If man is innately good, then why all the problems, sin, disease, pollution, war, criminality, misery, suffering, etc. on the earth? The secular humanist and Marxist models blame this on man’s environment and how they were raised (i.e. nature and nurture). If they can just manipulate (called social engineering) the environment (political, economic and social systems) and destroy religion, then we’ll have paradise on earth. Hmm?! Show me where that’s ever worked? Castro, Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin, Hugo Chavez, etc., etc. have all failed miserably!

The Bible, on the other hand, teaches that men are innately sinful and morally debased. He needs redemption, deliverance and to be brought to a higher level through divine intervention. He needs a hand up, not a hand out. Elohim provides the former, governments of men the latter. The former improves a person from the inside out; the latter enslaves and often debases a person!

You see, the political progressive looks to government to supply all of its needs and to fix all of its problems. Government has become their god. This is called the religion of statism. This seems to be the ladder you have leaned your ladder up against. The problem is that government is run by sinful men who are not always moral. Therefore, putting one’s faith in government is regressive, not progressive. That’s why I view Progressivism largely as a joke. It’s not working in Europe. Why do you think it will work in America? A wise man learns from other people’s mistakes (and from history), so he doesn’t have to make them himself.

Over the history of the world governments have come and gone. There is nothing new under the sun. Men still have the same social ills they always have. So why should I trust government? Usually it’s the source of the problem, not the solution. Government enslaves, not liberates.

I could go on and on. And I have only made it to the fourth paragraph of your rather lengthy comment. I shall stop here.


Solomon’s Downward Spiritual Spiral Begins

Beautiful egyptian woman bronze portrait.

2 Chronicles 8:11, Daughter of Pharaoh…my wife. Solomon couldn’t bring his heathen wife into the City of David, for fear of defiling the holy ground thereof. So why did he marry her in the first place?

This obviously was a marriage strictly for political purposes (and being a kings daughter, she was probably good looking to boot!)

This type of action on Solomon’s part was the beginning of his spiritual descent that eventually led to idolatry and witchcraft.

Even as Samson had a weak spot for beautiful women and it led to his downfall, the same happened with Solomon. Instead of trusting in YHVH to be the strength of his kingdom as he had promised to do, Solomon relied on comprising political alliances, horses and chariots—something which YHVH commanded his servants not to multiply (Deut 17:16). To do this would lead them into a secular downward spiral orientation and take them away from trusting in Elohim for their defense and protection.

What is the lesson in this for us? Though we are in the world, we are not to be of the world, as Yeshua said in John 17. To live on this earth, we must sagaciously navigate the waters of this cosmos without getting sucked in to using worldly methods to advance the kingdom of Elohim. If not careful and discerning we can fall into the trap of using the methodologies of this world as a pretext for doing “the Lord’s work” when in reality we’re fulfilling our own carnal agendas and desires for money, power and public recognition.