The Garbage Can Called American Politics Stinks to High Heaven!

Politics is a dirty, nasty and ruthless business. It’s largely about money, fame and power. Some people go into politics for altruistic reasons, but most are soon corrupted by the system and the requirements it imposes on them if they are to survive in its game.
Meanwhile, the political establishment is in an all out witch hunt war to destroy President Trump as demonstrated by the most recent actions of Mueller, the partisan politician hack, establishment goon and party “apparatchik.” Righteousness and the truth be damned, all these types care about is promoting the ruling elite’s narratives and agendas.
In your lifetime, have you every seen any president or politician treated like this before? The aggressors, like mad dogs, are rabidly on a search and destroy mission to find any dirt they can dig up on Trump or anyone near him in an effort to discredit and then drive him from office.
This nation has turned against itself and is trying to commit suicide!
Yes Donald Trump is no angel and he’s disturbingly rough around the edges. We all know this. Many of us held our noses and voted for him anyway. The alternatives were even worse. But at least you know what he thinks and where he stands, and, so far, he has done an amazing number of good things for this country.
The truth, however, is that the “progressive” pro-establishment, deep state, NWO crowd are no saints either, even though they’re now acting like a bunch of virginal choirboy saints.
Their duplicitous, hypocritical arrogance is repugnant to any righteous and Elohim-loving person. These politicians know that they can get away with it, since the mainstream media is complicity on their side and will cover for and defend them no matter what. This has further emboldened them to act even more vicious and hypocritical in their attacks on President Trump and all that he represents (which is more than half the Americans who voted for him)!
While doggedly attacking Trump like a pack of crazed wolves, they’re conveniently overlooking the criminality of Hillary, Obama, the Awan brothers, some in the FBI and CIA, and the list goes on. Moreover, how conveniently they’ve overlooked the sexual dalliances of other presidents like Clinton, JFK and FDR who, unlike Trump, actually did it while in the White House.
In the mean time, YHVH is revealing to the American people (and the world) the unrighteousness and filth in the garbage can called American politics. Let’s pray that enough people become so disgusted with the hidden things that YHVH is revealing for all to see that, in frustrated and desperate reaction to all this bad news, many people will return to the beauty of Yeshua and his word and the good news and purity of the gospel message!!!

5 thoughts on “The Garbage Can Called American Politics Stinks to High Heaven!

  1. I totally agree about the main stream media that it is bias and not giving us any truth. I found a wonderful newspaper that gives the news unbiased and lifts up YWH called, ‘The Roseburg Beacon’ check it out. Eva

  2. The FBI and CIA have been infiltrated by the bad seeds of Edom and they own all or in part many of our media (ref: Kamal Saleem (of Koome ministry who was once a radical muslim, now a Christian, Hallelu-YAH!)

  3. I love Carols description of politics dated 04/10/2018….I had a good chuckle well a small one he he…!Her definition says it all. So sad….really BUT IT’S THE SYSTEM OF MAN..certainly got/gets is a real POWER GAME…AND MUCH MORE.MEN & WOMEN OF THE WORLD WITH THEIR WORLDLY IDEOLIGIES.

    BELIEF SYSTEMS OF MAN WITH THEIR NOT SO GODLY FOUNDATIONS..depends which god they worship for there are many….


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