The Bride of Yeshua & Levels of Spiritual Rewards

Is every born again believer automatically the bride of Yeshua? Will all believers get to abide in the holy of holies with Yeshua in his everlasting kingdom? What are the levels of rewards in Yeshua’s kingdom? Who will be the least and the greatest according to what Yeshua said in Mathew 5:19? Watch this video to learn the answers.


The World to Come: The Kingdom of Elohim & Millennium Explained

What is the kingdom of Elohim or heaven and why was it the fourth most talked about subject by Yeshua? why doesn’t the church talk about it? How does the kingdom of Elohim relate to the millennial reign of Yeshau on earth after his second comin, and how does it all relate to you? This video answers these questions.