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  1. Thank you for this teaching in explaining the Millennium. We are surely living in exciting times! Shavua Tov

  2. This video was a great blessing to me! I am away from my home fellowship but living in an r.v. this week! With no fellowship for the first day of tabernacles, I began my day by watching this. Then I went over to you tube for ‘more.’ Where is ‘Dr.Joe? That I did not find. In any event chag sameach and shalom to you and yours!

  3. [Comment portion deleted by NL]

    [A]fter 46 years of study ,I. Believe I have solved most of what had eluded me & everyone else.
    You will find that The 144,000 are the Saints who have been sealed prior to the 3 1/2 years Tribulation period,& any who remain alive at that time are taken to a place of safety ,here on the Earth ,to wait out those 3 1/2 years ..
    During that time A Goodly Company ,will make their apparel white ( REPENT) ,but will be killed anyway….They will be a part of The 1st Resurrection,along with the 144,000 ,who will Reign with Y’ SHUA for 1000 years..
    That period is then followed by the period of time the 6000 allotted years were cut short by Y’Shua’s return to forcibly take over Kingship of Planet Earth from its present King,… Lucifer / Satan ,who was bound for the 1,000 year period.
    ( The 6,000 years period is what YHWH ELOHIM had given Satan ,to prove his allegation ,that ” GOD” had lied..& to deceive Mankind,who had insisted on going their own way).
    ELOHIMIC LAW was rejected by Mankind ,& thus when Y’SHUA returns ,it will be to restore ELOHIMIC LAW./ Rule/Government.
    Lucifer / Satan will secure a following of fools ,outlaws,incorrigibles etc who will follow him to attack Jerusalem ,The HQs of Y’SHUA & The Saints ,only to be totally destroyed….Satan & his Demons are then banished to Outer Black Space—-outside of the Physical Universe,totally powerless but alive to suffer forever ,in a punishment befitting their ingratitude….
    The 2nd General Resurrection then occurs ,when every human who ever lived or ?????? was conceived????, to a second physical existence ,for their one & only opportunity to Repent a& be found worthy of the gift of Immortality/ Eternal Life!!!!
    That is the sole reason for Mankinds existence/ life.
    The 3rd Resurrection is of the incorrigible ,Murderers etc….Ingrates who understood but rejected ELOHIMIC LAW……To a very short physical existence ,for total destruction in The Lake of Fire ,which cleanses Earth of all traces of Mankinds Misrule preparatory to being reconfigured as the Headquarters of The Universe (Heaven) Ruling Family of YHWH ELOHIM,
    That Heaven / Universe awaits in travail for The Sons of ELOHIM…..Who will complete The Creation as originally intended & envisaged by YHWH ELOHIM….
    You will find that this fits like a glove all of the Scriptures pertaining to those times..

    [Comment portion deleted by NL]

    As previously discussed ,regarding ” THE NAME”,it could be that Nehemiah Gordon,The Karaite Jew,in claiming that THE NAME was YEHOVAH ELOHIM ,could have substituted The V ,where the original could have been W???????, & as The Aleppo Codex contains errors ,& some claim that the Masoretes were not above a bit of falsification ,it may be that your take on it is correct???.
    YAHUWEH …….YAHUWAH?????? & The Name of Y’SHUA as YAHUSHUA?????
    As it would seem to be more consistent with YAHUWEH/ YAHUWAH????.

    As Exodus 3:15 Says “Forever” ,one might assume that when in 3999\4000AM The TWO “ELOH” of John1:1 underwent a Reconstruct to emerge as ” EL The FATHER”& “EL The SON” AKA Y’SHUA of Nazareth…as their “Alter Egos” ,that the Family Name remained the same????? .
    Regards John.

    • I edited out your comments where you denigrate another ministry and the leader of that ministry. The purpose of this blog is to discuss biblical issues—NOT to denigrate other ministries.

      If a minister or ministry needs to be exposed for being evil and unbiblical, since this is my blog, I and I alone will be the one to make that determination.

      In Phil 1:15–18 Paul the apostle rejoiced over the fact that those who were who opposed to him were preaching the Messiah. If a ministry preaches the gospel, I, like Paul, will rejoice even though its leaders may be unsavory.

      In the 1950s, my parents personally knew and were taught by the man you criticized at his college. Despite all of his failings and sins, YHVH used him to chum the waters, if you will, as a precursor to the Hebrew Roots Movement. We owe him a debt of gratitude. If Yah can use Balaam’s ass, he can use anyone.

      Many of us have been burned in the churches we were a part of in times past. But let’s find the good and blessings in our past experiences and learn from them and move forward spiritually and let the hurts, bitterness, anger and vitriol of the past go. I have had to do this, so I know it’s possible with Yeshua’s help. Blessings.

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