Are you in the House of El or Babylon?

Genesis 28:1–22 and 29:1, Jacob’s journeys. Jacob was fleeing from his spiritual home, Beth-el or House of El, and was heading east some 500 miles on foot as a lone traveler and fugitive en route to Babylon (definitely not the House of El). What is the spiritual and prophetic significance of this? What is there for us to learn?

The same Scriptures elsewhere refers prophetically to Babylon as “the habitation of devils and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird” (Rev 18:2). Through his own human effort, Jacob had connived to procure the birthright blessing and in so doing had stepped out of the will of YHVH by trusting in himself instead of having faith in divine Providence to bring about YHVH’s perfect and blessed will for his life. 

But YHVH is gracious and often blesses us in spite of our human foibles and weaknesses. For example, YHVH had been gracious to Isaac earlier when he stepped out of YHVH’s perfect will for his life in attempting to flee Canaan for Egypt by graciously comforted him and redirecting his steps (Gen 26:1–6). Likewise, YHVH met the lonely Jacob and encouraged him at the outset of his long journey, for in Genesis 29:1 we read, “Jacob lifted up his feet and came into the land of the people of the east” (KJV, marginal reference). 

What can we learn about the ways of YHVH from these examples? Are you in tune with his methods of operation in the life of the believer? The more we study the word of YHVH, and the examples of the lives of those showcased therein, the more we can learn about our own lives. So study the recorded events about the lives of YHVH’s servants of old to learn wisdom for your daily life and spiritual walk. In so doing, you will learn how to stay in YHVH’s will for your life, and when you a happen to get out of his will, you will become aware of his mercy and grace.

Are you resting and abiding in the House of El or struggling in Babylon or somewhere in between?


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