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California mom confronts school district after 11-year-old changed genders without her knowledge

Aurora Regino says elementary school helped daughter transition under ‘parental secrecy’ policy


By Taylor Penley | Fox News

California school district votes to uphold ‘incredibly dangerous’ ‘parental secrecy policy’

Aurora Regino, a concerned mother from California’s Chico Unified School District, weighs in after the school board votes to uphold a ‘parental secrecy policy.’

California mom is outraged after her daughter’s school district upheld a “parental secrecy policy” allowing school officials to offer gender counseling without informing parents.

Aurora Regino said her 11-year-old daughter’s elementary school in the Chico Unified School District helped her transition from female to male during the last school year, but a guidance counselor kept her in the dark during the entire process.

“During one of the meetings, my daughter told the counselor she wanted to tell me about her new identity. They ignored her request and did nothing to support her in letting me know what was going on at school,” she told board members at a meeting last Wednesday.


The board weighed a measure that would allow for “more parental inclusion” but ultimately voted to keep the existing so-called “parental secrecy policy” in place with a 3-2 vote.

“It was a really sad decision that they made, but unfortunately I wasn’t extremely surprised,” Regino told “Fox & Friends First” host Todd Piro on Tuesday.

“This policy that they have in place, to keep these situations a secret from the family, is incredibly damaging. It was extremely damaging in my case with my daughter. She was bullied and she didn’t have the support that she needed from her family and, also, she was outed within the school with other people within the office knowing her new gender and pronouns that she didn’t even tell them, and she had to go through those feelings of wondering how they even knew all on her own.”


California mom Aurora Regino speaks to her daughter's school board ahead of a vote offering more transparency for parents.

California mom Aurora Regino speaks to her daughter’s school board ahead of a vote offering more transparency for parents. (Chico Unified School Board of Education)

Regino, who is suing the district for keeping her in the dark about her daughter’s identity and transition, lambasted the policy as “incredibly dangerous” and said the struggle to advance parental rights in the area had been hard-fought. 

She told Piro her daughter is doing well, but she is determined to speak out on behalf of her family and others with similar experiences, so everyone knows what is taking place in public schools.

“When this originally happened to our family, nobody could’ve ever told me that this was going on, especially at the young age of elementary school,” she said.


The policy that board members voted to uphold, according to Regino, extends to children as young as pre-kindergarten who are approximately five years old and reaches through the 12th grade.

“It’s incredibly damaging that they’re upholding such a crazy policy for such young children,” she continued after a moment, arguing that such a tumultuous time in children and adolescents’ lives is when they need parental guidance the most.


Christian Teacher Gets Fired for Her Pro-Bible Facebook Post

In too many of our public educational institutions, anti-Christian and anti-Biblical speech along with expressing every perverse and ribald idea under the sun is permissible. At the same time,  exercising one’s freedom of speech in favor of biblical truth and values is not.

What’s wrong with this picture? Simply this. The devil and his gang have never been fair, and they hate the truth of Elohim. They’re evil, hypocritical liars who are intent on killing, stealing and destroying. Though they loudly beat the drum of civil  rights, they could care less about human rights such as freedom of speech.

Bottom line? They hate Elohim, his ways and his people, and will stop at nothing to trample on the rights of others to further their demonic agenda. To these devil-loving, atheistic secular humanists, the ends always justify the means. Period.

Yeshua said,

Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. (John 8:44)

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. (John 10:10)

Bravo for this Christian teacher for standing up for truth and for exercising her right of free speech. May YHVH deliver her from the hands of her enemies!

Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity? (Ps 94:16)


NJ Gives Christian Teacher 3-Year Suspension After Facebook Post on Homosexuality

(SCREENSHOT: CBS2) Jeyne Viki Knox (left) and her husband Gene Knox (right)

A Christian teacher in New Jersey is now serving a three-year suspension of her teaching certificates all because she posted critical remarks about homosexuality on social media.

Jeyne Viki Knox, a 56-year-old long time special educator and faculty adviser to the Bible club at Union High School, has come to an agreement with the state’s Department of Education on a proposal to have her three teaching certificates revoked for a period of three years.

Knox, who is an ordained minister, has held certificates for elementary school, nursery school and handicapped teaching since 1990, according to the Associated Press.

Knox’s troubles began in October 2011 when she took to Facebook to criticize a display at the high school honoring LGBT history month.

According to, Knox participated in a back-and-forth with other Facebook users in which she reportedly called homosexuality a “perverted spirit” that also “breeds like cancer.”

“Why parade your unnatural immoral behaviors before the rest of us?” Knox was quoted as writing on Facebook. “I DO NOT HAVE TO TOLERATE ANYTHING OTHERS WISH TO DO. I DO HAVE TO LOVE AND SPEAK AND DO WHAT’S RIGHT!”

Knox was placed on administrative leave and about three months afterwards, the Union Township Board of Education filed a tenure case against her. Knox resigned from her position in 2012.

According to, Knox’s agreement with the New Jersey Department of Education comes after she appealed the department’s decision to revoke her certificates to the New Jersey Office of Administrative Law. After filing an appeal against the department of education’s decision, Knox submitted the proposal to have her certificates suspended for only three years.

The agreement between the New Jersey Department of Education and Knox was officially approved by the New Jersey Board of Examiners on Dec. 8, reported on Sunday.

Knox filed a lawsuit in 2013 against the Union Township Board of Education on grounds that her religious freedom rights and free speech were violated by the school board’s actions against her in response to her Facebook posts. Knox was seeking reinstatement and backpay.

A settlement was reached in the lawsuit in September, notes. However, very few details about the settlement have been made publicly available.

Demetrios Stratis, an attorney representing Knox, said that the settlement includes a confidentiality agreement.

“These Facebook posts that she made were done on her time, at her home, after school hours, on her home computer, and it was addressing a matter that could arguably be of big societal concerns,” Stratis told

Although LGBT activists called on the school board to take action against Knox for her Facebook posts, even representatives of the American Civil Liberties Union defended Knox’s right to free speech.

“Although we do not agree with the sentiments expressed on Ms. Knox’s personal Facebook page, her comments are protected by the First Amendment,” Ed Barocas, the legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey, told in 2011. “The ACLU believes that the response to offensive speech is not the restriction of speech, but more speech.”

Knox is not the only teacher in New Jersey who has faced backlash for posting what others have deemed to be “anti-LGBT” comments online.

In 2015, Patricia Jannuzzi, a religion teacher at the Roman Catholic Immaculata High School in Somerville, New Jersey, was suspended by the school in March 2015 after she posted about her opposition to same-sex marriage and ranted about the LGBT agenda.

However, Jannuzi was later reinstated in April 2015.


Condoms to Sixth Graders? Shame on Gervais, Oregon!

I’m angry!

The story below is proof of the sickness of the public educational system in America, and in my own state of Oregon. Instead of teaching sixth grade students exclusively about sexual abstinence, some schools are now teaching them how to use condoms, and then handing those condoms out to those same students. Come on now! What student won’t interpret this as a carte blanche approval and encouragement to become sexually active?

What kind of mental retardation has overcome our public educators to believe that there is some sort of a moral virtue or positive benefit in distributing condoms to our children and encouraging their use? This is a symptom of liberalism or progressivism (or whatever elitist sounding name you want to call it), which is, instead, repressive and regressive, and it’s a mental disorder to boot!

When one loses one’s moral and spiritual compass, this it what happens. Degeneracy occurs. To the morally derelict and reprobate, good (i.e., teaching the virtue and benefits of sexual abstinence to our students) is evil, and evil (i.e., giving condoms to eleven-year-olds) is good. This is evidence of a society that’s in the process of a steep moral and spiritual decline — a fact that our political and educational leaders seem too stupid to understand. They have become fools because they have rejected the God of the Bibles and his laws of right living. They are now attempting to indoctrinate our children with their own godless values with the hopes that if enough people view their own private amoral cesspool as acceptable, somehow it will make it so.

The perversion of our youth at taxpayers’ expense with the lies of so-called “progressivism” is reprehensible. What’s progressive about men following their animalistic instincts that only lead one down into the dank and stench-filled cellar of man’s baser nature? This isn’t the elevation, but the debasement of man from being a noble creature made in the image of God (YHVH Elohim), and with the potential to become like Jesus (Yeshua), the Son Elohim, to being just another amoral animal that simply follows its instinctive jungle impulses.

What the US and the world need is a spiritual revival of the fear and love of Elohim. It starts with you and me!

By the way, the school district in Oregon where they plan to start handing out condoms to sixth graders is about 20 minutes from my house. I am ashamed for the town of Gervais and for the school leaders there who are acting more like primates instead of humans made in the image of God. Shame on all of them for corrupting our youth. May they repent of their wickedness, and if they don’t, may YHVH’s just judgments come upon them swiftly for the travesty they’re committing against our children. And a double shame upon every  spiritual leader in that community who isn’t standing up to these degenerates in the school district by shaking an accusing finger at them and demanding that they put the kibosh to this idiotic policy!

Now on to the story…

Oregon school district to offer condoms to students starting in 6th grade


PORTLAND Ore. (Reuters) – An Oregon school district plans to offer condoms to students starting in sixth grade as part of an updated sex education policy aimed at decreasing teen pregnancy, sparking debate over whether 11-year-olds are too young for such a program.

The plan by the rural Gervais School District comes after a 2013 survey by nursing students found that 7 percent of district high school girls had experienced pregnancy and 42 percent of students reported “never” or “sometimes” using protection.

“Over the past few decades, teen pregnancy in our community has remained somewhat constant, but higher than the board felt comfortable with,” Superintendent Rick Hensel said in a blog post dated Monday.    Click here to read the rest of this story: