The Bible Speaks Out on So-Called “Conspiracy Theories”

In the modern mainstream media, one can hardly go a day without hearing the term conspiracy theory as a label applied to anything that does not fit the government-media complex politically correct narrative. What should be the saint’s view of the concept of so-called ­conspiracy theories? Actually, the Bible, the Word of Elohim and the foundation of all knowledge, has much to say about secret and evil plots by wicked cabals of like-minded individuals to thwart the plans and purposes of Elohim. As in all things, the saints of the Most High Elohim are advised to let Scripture inform them on everything they think, say and do, and this is true when it comes to “conspiracies theories” as well.

Even though the phrase conspiracy theory was apparently coined during the American Civil War, it was introduced into modern parlance in 1964 after criticisms surfaced concerning the Warren Report that “officially” explained how U.S. President John Kennedy was assassinated1. More recently, the phrase has been typically and cavalierly lobbed at anyone who suggests a narrative that explains the whys and wherefores of current political and economic events that diverges from that of the major government-media complex narrative, or what one might call “the party line”. The problem with this is that the use of such knee-jerk pejorative labels or epithets tends to shut down any questioning about, critical thinking concerning and discussion of a subject that is not “politically correct”. However, the greater problem with labeling any and every idea that one disagrees with is that this mentality ignores a key biblical truth which instructs the saints to “prove all things and hold fast to that which is good” (1 Thess 5:21). Moreover, it ignores the fact that from the beginning of time, there have always been nefarious schemes by evil people, who hate YHVH Elohim (and his saints), and to undermine and subvert the plans and purposes of the Creator. In fact, the Bible chronicles this from the beginning to the end including and even until the very return of Yeshua the Messiah as we shall see below. 

By dictionary definition, a conspiracy theory is,

A theory seeking to explain a disputed case or matter as a plot by a secret group or alliance rather than an individual or isolated act. A hypothesis alleging that the members of a coordinated group are, and/or were, secretly working together to commit illegal or wrongful actions including attempting to hide the existence of the group and its activities. In notable cases the hypothesis contradicts the mainstream explanation for historical or current events. Hypothetical speculation that is untrue or outlandish.2 

On the surface, this definition seems logical and almost incontrovertible, but upon closer examination, it reveals some serious flaws and begs some fair-minded critical analysis. The main and most obvious flaw in this definition is that it assumes that if we cannot see something in front of our eyes this means it does not exist. This is like saying that when we are in a boat on the ocean that if we cannot see the marine life below the waves’ surface, it must not exist. Of course, to any rational person, this is a foolish and ignorant proposition. Therefore, the typical definition of “conspiracy theory” is a non sequitur or a fallacious and illogical one.

The common and accepted definition of conspiracy theory is further flawed because it assumes that business, political and religious cabals do not exist or have never existed that have secret, ulterior and even subversive motives to gain control, power and wealth over other people. Anyone who has even a cursory understanding of history and current events knows that this assumption is patently false. If this were the case, then why do governments have secret spy and intelligent agencies such as the American CIA and FBI, the British MI6, the Israeli Mosad, or the former Soviet KJB now the FSB to name a few?

Further fallacies in the common definition of the term conspiracy theory reveal themselves like a flashing neon sign. For example, in Wikipedia’s article entitled “New World Order”, the title is followed by the parenthetical phrase “(conspiracy theory)”3. The lead paragraph in the article reads,

The New World Order (NWO) is a conspiracy theory which hypothesizes a secretly emerging totalitarian world government.

The glaring fallacious lie in this article is that high profile people (such as U.S. President George Bush) have publicly used this term New World Order as early as the late 1980s and early 1990s in reference to the very thing that Wikipedia denies exists. More recently, the so-called global elite political and economic power-brokers are using phrases like “a global reset” or “a liberal world order.” On the one hand, we are told that a new world order does not exist, and on the other hand, we are told that it is coming whether one likes it or not, and will impose upon humanity such things as a global tax, a digital global currency and cashless society, global social credit scores, a global initiatives to deal with climate change, global biometric tracking of humans, and the list goes on. The United Nations has even publicly documented such agendas in its Agenda 2021 report on the Earth Summit on “Sustainable Developments” and its similar Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals5. These publicly stated agendas by those who control the direction of affairs on planet earth are not conspiracy theories, but stated and undeniable facts that are being implemented and imposed on the human population as we speak!

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Psalms 2 and 64 on “Conspiracy Theories”

Psalm 64

Psalm 64:2, Secret plots of the wicked. When in human history have the wicked—those who hate YHVH—not been hatching up secret plots and conspiracies in an attempt to overthrow YHVH plans and laws and to destroy those who represent his rule of law and kingdom on this earth? 

Satan, YHVH’s arch enemy and the one ultimately behind these plots, kicked off this cosmic struggle between the forces of darkness and light, good and evil in the Garden of Eden at the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, when he enticed the first humans to join him in rebellion against haven’s mandates.

This never-ending tug of war between heaven and hell for world domination will culminate in the end times when “rulers [will] take counsel together [i.e., a conspiratorial plot] against YHVH and his Anointed [i.e., Yeshua the Messiah]” (Ps 2:2) in an effort to “break their bands [of YHVH’s rule of law as expressed in the Torah and the Prophets of the Bible] in pieces and cast their cords from us,” (Ps 2:3). Of course, YHVH will laugh in derision or mock and ridicule them for their hubris, and pour his wrath out upon them (Ps 2:4) prior to Yeshua’s second when heaven will place King Yeshua on his holy hill in Zion (Ps 2:6) to rule over the world as King of kings. The book of Revelation prophetically chronicles how this struggle will culminate, even as Psalm two predicts.

All this is to say that the secret plots of the wicked have been going on since man has been on this earth, and they continue to go on to this day. The government-media complex propagandistically derisively refers to this devilish plots as “conspiracy theories” as if to obfuscate their existence and to divert the masses’ attention away from them, but this does not change the fact the wicket of been hatching secret plots to overthrow YHVH and his people since the beginning, even as the Bible clearly shows.

What Does the Bible Say About So-Called“Conspiracy Theories”?

For as long has humans have been on earth, people have formed groups and conceived plans to consolidate resources and riches to rule over other people, forcefully if necessary, for the love of money, power and sexual gratification. It was true when the Bible was written, and it is true today because human nature has never changed from then until now.

The notion that governments and many other organizations are always open and transparent with the people that they supposedly represent or oversee is a belief only for the naive and ignorant. If this were so, then why do governments possess “intelligence agencies” and why do secret organizations exist whose membership is reserved only for certain privileged people and which have elaborate initiation rituals along with penalties if the organization’s secrets are revealed?

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A Homeschooling Mama Bear Speaks Out

Thanks William for bringing my attention to T.E. Solomon and her video entitled, “NOT all Hebrew roots Christians are “Flat Earthers.” I encourage everyone to watch it as I just did. It’s balanced, passionate and biblical. It’s just plain good old basic common sense, which seems to have scarce among many Hebrew roots teachers as it is elsewhere in the world.

Enjoy and be edified.