Why Does a Good God Allow Evil to Exist & “Good” People to Suffer?

“I’m a good person…just ask me!”

Why Does God Allow Evil to Exist on the Earth?

The following is a step-by-step logical answer to this questions.

YHVH Elohim (the LORD God, the God of the Bible) is pure love and he is holy (sinlessness), which is the opposite of evil and sin. He can have no communion or intimate relationship with that which is contrary to his character.

The Bible reveals that YHVH Elohim is love, and love cannot be self-focused (that is egotism, self worship, selfishness and pride, which is sin and the opposite of love and holiness), and it must be outward flowing. This is why YHVH made man in his own image as a recipient of his love. It was his intent to build a family to be comprised of those who will be like Elohim who is loving and holy (sinless).

Elohim could produce robots or automatons to fawn before and worship him, but true love can’t be generated mechanically. It has to proceed from the heart out of free will choice. Love that is mechanistic or mandated legalistically isn’t love. 

So instead of creating Adam and Eve as robots to “love” YHVH mechanistically or robotically and artificially, YHVH gave the first humans a heart and mind and the free will to exercise choice—whether to love him or not.

Since Elohim is love, all that proceeds from him is love. He is the definition of love, and all that he does is love. He gave man the definition of love in written form. It is called the Torah-word of Elohim and is found in the Bible. The Torah shows man how to love Elohim with all his heart, soul and might, and his neighbor as himself.

YHVH gave the first man and woman a couple of simple Torah-instructions to follow (see the Book of Genesis chapter two). All Adam and Eve had to do was to love Elohim by obeying these instructions or commandments, which would have put them not only on the path to having a loving and intimate relationship with Elohim, but between humans as well. 

YHVH put man to the test to see if they would choose to love him by obeying him, or to hate him by disobeying him. When Adam and Eve listened to the rebellious lies of the serpent (see Genesis chapter three), and chose to disobey the word of Elohim, they chose the path of sin, rebellion and disobedience.

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