First Fruits Day Prophesies Yeshua’s Death, Resurrection & Ascension

This video explains how Yeshua’s burial, resurrection and ascension to heaven was prophesied in minute detail 1,500 years earlier in the Torah’s amazing First Fruits Day barley grain rituals and some 700 years earlier in Isaiah 53. You will also learn what happened to Yeshua’s soul while he was in the grave and how that relates to his paying the price for our sins. Also learn why the New Testament mentions the death of Yeshua twice as many times as his resurrection. This information will strengthen your faith in the fact the the Bible is the divinely inspired, revealed Word of YHVH Elohim, and that Yeshua/Jesus is who the Bible says he is—the promised Messiah and humanity’s Savior or Redeemer who offers all who will believe in and follow him not only salvation from sin’s death penalty, but eternal life or immortality. Prepare to be amazed and inspired!