Numbers 19 Chukat–The Red Heifer, Bronze Serpent & Lethality of Sin

Believe it or not, the satanic, nutty goofballs at YouTube just banned another video of mine— one that I made a year or so ago on the Torah portion (or Parashah Chukat), which starts in Numbers 19 and covers the red heifer and the bronze serpent. In this video, I discuss the lethality of sin and the atonement of Yeshua on the cross as it relates to the red heifer and the bronze serpent.

Out of a video that lasts an hour and 25 minutes, I made one brief comment (only lasting several seconds), where I referenced “Pfizer’s kill shot” after which I directed the viewers’ attention to Yeshua, the lethality of sin and the message of the gospel. This brief, five or so second clip was too much for the devil to handle. It was banned because of “COVID misinformation”, even though I spoke the truth about the deleterious side-effects of this shot, which have been verified from Pfizer’s own documents as well as countless medical professionals among others.

For these reasons, I did not take the shot.

I pray that YHVH’s merciful grace and healing power will be over those who, though well-intentioned, but misguidedly, took the shot. I pray Psalm 91 over them, and us all!!! We need YHVH’s divine covering in these perilous times.

Anyway, so much for free speech. What more can be said? The darkness hates the light of truth!

Divine judgment is coming upon the Antichrist children of the darkness who refuse to repent!

Here is the banned video:


Chukat—Red Heifer & Bronze Serpent Mysteries Explained

In this video, we discover the deeper, gospel-centered implications of the mysterious Tabernacle of Moses ceremony of the red heifer. The spiritual ramifications of this curious ritual that affect your life are much deeper than you have probably supposed. We also discover the deeper meaning of the bronze serpent, how it relates to Satan the serpent, as well as Yeshua’s death on the cross. Along the way, we also tag a number of other bases including the anointed presence of Elohim, some false teachings in the mainstream church, some rules of biblical interpretation and much more. It’s a long video, but one that is packed with a plethora of potentially life-changing insights that will challenge you and may even leave you a bit stunned.