What Is the Second Exodus & When Does It Occur?

The children of Israel left Egypt on the first day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread, and crossed through the Red Sea on the last or seventh day of this feast. This was the first exodus. But there’s more!

The biblical prophets speak of a greater or second exodus to occur in the last days where YHVH’s people who’ve been scattered throughout the nations of the world will be set free from their spiritual, economic and political enslavement in the nations, which are under the control of Babylon the Great. There is much to learn on this subject, and it’s an important subject to study, since it affects your spiritual destiny.

The following article is a comprehensive analysis of this topic, which explores all the biblical scriptures on the subject of the second exodus. It’s a long one article, but try to stay with it and read it to the end. It will help you to understand end times Bible prophecy in a way that only a privileged and enlightened few do. You have never read anything like this before. It will help you to understand where you personally fit into end times Bible prophecy!

A Look at End-Times Bible Prophecies Relating to the Second Exodus

By Ya’acov Natan Lawrence

The Issue in People’s Hearts

The Bible clearly teaches that the ten tribes of the ancient northern kingdom of Israel (known biblically by various names such as the house of Israel, Samaria or Ephraim) were exiled among the nations of the world because of sin (1). At the same time, the biblical prophets and Jewish sages over the past 2000 years have predicted that in the end times (at the coming of the Messiah), through a series of supernatural events, these tribes will be regathered and return to the land of Israel to be reunited with their Jewish brethren who are descended from the southern kingdom of Judah (2). Furthermore, there is clear biblical and historical evidence that the ten northern tribes of Israel collectively known as Ephraim are largely to be found among the Christian peoples scattered across the earth. I have attempted to prove this point from biblical, linguistic, archeological, historical and rabbinic Jewish sources in a previous work (3)) .

In these last days before Messiah’s second coming, more and more redeemed believers in Yeshua (the Hebrew name for Jesus) are discovering a new-found love for the Jewish people and the land of Israel. At the same time, they are awakening to the need to return to the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith by adhering to a more Torah-centered lifestyle and spiritual walk. It then follows that some are coming to the fundamental truth taught Continue reading