Isaiah: “I am a man of unclean lips…”

Isaiah 6:5, Man of unclean [Heb. tamay] lips. Profanity, cursing and swearing—foul and unclean words from the lips of ungodly people—surrounds and overwhelms us like a tidal wave of barnyard manure! Nowadays it’s the norm, not the exception—even for women. This can have an adverse influence on the saint, too.

Like barnacles attaching themselves to a ship or a whale, the bad habit of unclean words can attach themselves to the otherwise righteous saint. The downward, magnetic pull of Baalism is ever with us and is powerful. The upward pull toward Elohim and righteousness…well, that’s another thing—is not always so strong!

Was this the case in Isaiah’s day as he found himself surrounded by apostate, backslid Israel? Did he struggle with profanity and impure words? Is this why he had to ask YHVH to cleanse his unclean [Heb. tamay] lips? Tamay means “polluted, impure or defiled both ethically and religiously.”

We must cry out to YHVH to deliver us from the often involuntary habit of profanity and polluted words. By his Spirit, he can and will. But, again again, like barnacles on a ship’s hull, this habit often tries to reattach itself to our lips. From time to time, a ship has to have its hull scraped of these pesky and unclean crustaceans, or seek the cleansing waters of a fresh water port. Barnacles can’t survive in fresh water and fall off. Likewise, may the cleansing waters of YHVH’s Word wash our minds and mouths of foul, unclean words that leaven our souls and contaminate our spirit man.

Here’s another example of the struggle against barnacles. Barnacle encrusted whales catapult themselves out of the water not merely to show off, but to knock the barnacles off of them through the slapping action of the water against their bodies.

Similarly, sometimes we have to take determined action and cry out to Elohim for his strength to break the curse of the bad habits of unclean words coming from our lips. This is part of the deleavening process that we will spend a lifetime engaged in! May YHVH give us help and strength to overcome this tidal wave of evil!

Can I be honest with you without getting stoned? Yesterday I slipped on a wet rock, and went tumbling to the ground. I hit my thumb against another rock and almost broke it. It was bent backwards so far that I’m shocked the bone didn’t break. O the grace of Elohim…! A broken thumb on my right hand would have prevented me from working for weeks. No income…not a good thing for me! I wish that I could tell you that “bless Yeshua!” were the first words that came out of my mouth when I took my spill. Sadly, they weren’t. Can anyone relate? Or are you all walking on water 24/7? My thumb is much better this morning, and I’m planning to go to work. Again, the grace of Elohim. I praise him!!!

Time to deleaven for the upcoming Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread.