The Rainbow—A Double Edged Sword


Genesis 9:13, Rainbow. The rainbow is a glorious symbol of two opposing spiritual realities and forces relating to Elohim’s righteousness and holiness. It speaks of his grace in that he will not bring the cleansing judgment of water on the earth again. At the same time, it speaks of his judgment against the evil of the pre-flood world.

When the modern homosexual movement has appropriated the rainbow as its symbol, it fails to realize that the rainbow is a double edged sword representing both the mercy and the judgment of Elohim. It’s both ironic and prophetic that in looking to this as their representative symbol, homosexuals are unwittingly recognizing and even declaring the ultimate judgments of a righteous and set-apart Elohim against man’s wickedness and rebellion including the sin of homosexuality.

Although Elohim promised to never again judge man for his wickedness through drowning him in water and at the same time cleansing the earth of man’s wickedness, he will, at the end of the age, judge men by fire and at the same time purify the earth of the wickedness men have committed on it (2 Pet 3:7 cp. Isa 51:6; Rev 20:15; Matt 25:41). Water only partially cleans the surface of things. Fire cleanses more deeply.

It is necessary for the earth to experience a deep cleaning in preparation for it to be a suitable habitation for Elohim and his glorified sons and daughters in the New Jerusalem on the new earth.