The Coronavirus, Covid-19 Plague—The Prophetic and Spiritual Implications

Judgment Against Many of Our Modern Gods and Idols

With the current viral plague that is sweeping across the world, I see YHVH judging many of the gods and idols of the ungodly heathens, and even some of the gods or idols in the mainstream Christian church. I especially see this occurring in America where I live.

  • The god of medical science and pharmaceutical drugs. Many people feel that they can live their lives anyway they like regardless of the health, psychological, emotional, societal or spiritual consequences. Modern medical science seems to have a pill, treatment or vaccine for everything that will cure all our ills. Currently there are no medical cures for the coronavirus.
  • The god of money and economic security as reflected in paper assets such as the stock market. The golden calf or bull of the stock market has come down. All the gains the stock market has made over many years has been erased in a couple of weeks.
  • The god of food and gluttony. The closing of many restaurants is judgment against the god of food and gluttony resulting in unhealthy diet, sickness and obesity.
  • The god of alcoholism. Judgment against over-consumption of alcohol with closing of bars and liquor stores.
  • The god of sports and entertainment. Sporting events have been canceled including television sports. Movie theaters have also been closed. Entertainment is a major distraction that not keeps people away from Elohim, church, the Bible, family and from thinking about the deeper things of life, but anathematizes people form the deeper spiritual realities of life.
  • The god of education and learning. Most schools and universities have been shut indefinitely.
  • The god of self-beautification, self-indulgence and narcissism. Beauty salons, barber shuts, nail shops, massage parlors, day spas and fitness centers are all shut.
  • The god of trust in Big-Brother government to take care of us. Despite federal and local government’s best efforts to stop the virus, people are still getting sick and dying.
  • The god of full grocery store shelves to meet all of our needs when we need them day-by-day. This exposes our lack of preparation for hard times, and our vulnerability to shortages to food and other staples of life such as toilet paper and our trust in man and economy to meet all of our needs on demand.
  • The idol of money or mammon in the churches. Since giving will likely be down because many churches have had to cancel church services, church leaders will have to living by faith and start trusting Elohim for money instead of the usual church gimmicks to extract tithes and offerings from people.

An End Time Judgment from Elohim?

The Bible predicts that plagues and pestilence will come upon the earth in the end times just before the second coming of Yeshua the Messiah. This along with wars, famines, earthquakes and the persecution of the saints are just the beginning of sorrows (Matt 24:7; Rev 6:7). These are also precursors to the Great Tribulation and the great end times spiritual revival that is yet to come (Matt 24:21 cp. Rev 7:14).

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