The Coronavirus, Covid-19 Plague—The Prophetic and Spiritual Implications

Judgment Against Many of Our Modern Gods and Idols

With the current viral plague that is sweeping across the world, I see YHVH judging many of the gods and idols of the ungodly heathens, and even some of the gods or idols in the mainstream Christian church. I especially see this occurring in America where I live.

  • The god of medical science and pharmaceutical drugs. Many people feel that they can live their lives anyway they like regardless of the health, psychological, emotional, societal or spiritual consequences. Modern medical science seems to have a pill, treatment or vaccine for everything that will cure all our ills. Currently there are no medical cures for the coronavirus.
  • The god of money and economic security as reflected in paper assets such as the stock market. The golden calf or bull of the stock market has come down. All the gains the stock market has made over many years has been erased in a couple of weeks.
  • The god of food and gluttony. The closing of many restaurants is judgment against the god of food and gluttony resulting in unhealthy diet, sickness and obesity.
  • The god of alcoholism. Judgment against over-consumption of alcohol with closing of bars and liquor stores.
  • The god of sports and entertainment. Sporting events have been canceled including television sports. Movie theaters have also been closed. Entertainment is a major distraction that not keeps people away from Elohim, church, the Bible, family and from thinking about the deeper things of life, but anathematizes people form the deeper spiritual realities of life.
  • The god of education and learning. Most schools and universities have been shut indefinitely.
  • The god of self-beautification, self-indulgence and narcissism. Beauty salons, barber shuts, nail shops, massage parlors, day spas and fitness centers are all shut.
  • The god of trust in Big-Brother government to take care of us. Despite federal and local government’s best efforts to stop the virus, people are still getting sick and dying.
  • The god of full grocery store shelves to meet all of our needs when we need them day-by-day. This exposes our lack of preparation for hard times, and our vulnerability to shortages to food and other staples of life such as toilet paper and our trust in man and economy to meet all of our needs on demand.
  • The idol of money or mammon in the churches. Since giving will likely be down because many churches have had to cancel church services, church leaders will have to living by faith and start trusting Elohim for money instead of the usual church gimmicks to extract tithes and offerings from people.

An End Time Judgment from Elohim?

The Bible predicts that plagues and pestilence will come upon the earth in the end times just before the second coming of Yeshua the Messiah. This along with wars, famines, earthquakes and the persecution of the saints are just the beginning of sorrows (Matt 24:7; Rev 6:7). These are also precursors to the Great Tribulation and the great end times spiritual revival that is yet to come (Matt 24:21 cp. Rev 7:14).

Interestingly, Covid-19 started in China, which is the same place that the Black Death or Bubonic Plague started in the 1270s as well where the Spanish Flu of 1918 likely started. China is probably the darkest and most evil and demonic nation on earth in spite of the many wonderful persecuted saints who live there. In terms of abortion alone, China’s official one-child policy has been responsible for the death of 191 million babies in the last 100 years or so alone. It is well documented that infanticide, especially of baby girls, has been practiced in China for millennia. On average, approximately nine million abortions are performed in China each year. Add to this the Chinese government’s demolition of countless churches and the persecution, imprisonment, torture and murder of countless Christians, and China is ripe for divine judgment. 

The next country that the Covid-19 virus hit in a big way was Italy, which, by the way, is the birth place of pagan-Christianity—the Roman Catholic Church along with all of her harlot church daughters. This may be YHVH’s judgment against a Torah-denying church system that the book of Revelation likens to a whore or a harlot system, and which YHVH is calling his end time saints to come out of (see Rev 18).

The countries next to be hit the hardest were Spain and France, two of the most Catholic countries in the world. After that, the U.S. has been hit and now has more Covid-19 cases than any other country and deaths are escalating at an exponential rate. The U.S. as the leading nation of the world has turned away from Elohim and is now a world leader in propagating all sorts of everywhere. YHVH Elohim is not happy with this.

The Coronavirus/Covid-19 Plague—
A Divine Blessing in Disguise?

I’ve lived long enough to find out that there is a blessing in everything—even in the midst of severe trials, testing, pain, suffering and even death. As upward looking people who walk by faith and trust in Divine Providence, it is imperative that we attempt to find the blessed benefits in every situation including the unexpected curve balls that life throws at us. This positive perspective gives us the strength to go on and builds our faith in Elohim. Out of the viral pandemic that is sweeping the world, let’s now consider some blessings that are likely to come out of it, and for this we can be thankful.

  • With restaurants closed, people will be forced to rediscover the use of their kitchen again and the joy of sharing meals around the family table. This will help to bring families closer together.
  • Families will have to find other ways to entertain themselves (other than sporting events, theme parks, moves, video arcades, parks, beaches, hiking trails, etc.) such as actually hanging out together and learning to converse, relate and interact with each other.
  • Since a vaccine or medical cure has yet been found for this virus, and medical science doesn’t have a cure for the coronavirus, many people will hopefully turn to Elohim and the Bible, the Rock of Ages for answers including healing.
  • With so many businesses shut down, schools closed and entertainment activities curtailed, many people will have a lot of free time on their hands. Hopefully, this will cause people to stop and reflect about the direction and purpose of their lives. Are they on a path that leads to a good place or a bad place? What are the consequences of their current lifestyle actions and belief systems?
  • When overwhelming fear grips a society, it’s time for people to stop for a reality check, especially when those around them start getting sick and dying. This will cause some people to take a look at their life priorities and, hopefully reset and reorder their priorities along more righteous and godly lines,  and to reconnect to the important things in life  such as God and family.
  • When the economic system collapses, to one degree or another, and the value of people’s investments nosedive, it’s time for people to take stock of their lives. What’s left after that? Hopefully people will begin to look to God, family and transcendent spiritual values—the really important things of life that will carry them through the hard times.
  • If people are dying around them, some people will ask, “Maybe I’m next?” and then cry out, “God help me!” The fear of Elohim brought on by the fear of death is a powerful motivating force in the lives of people. The Bible teaches us that the fear of Elohim is the beginning wisdom and knowledge. Hopefully, many people will turn to Elohim and gain true wisdom and knowledge about the important things of life. Trials, hardships and the fear of death can help to bring people closer to Elohim in search of answers.
  • During times of plagues, men’s hard hearts are often softened, and eyes become opened to Elohim and his Word. Pray that Elohim will pour out his Spirit like rain upon the dry ground of men’s hearts and people will turn to him.
  • During hard times, many people begin to care about others, reach out to others in caring concern—especially the elderly, needy and vulnerable. Such love and caring attitudes can go a long way to improving society. Moreover this is a great opportunity for Bible believers to share the gospel message of life and hope with people who are living in fear, confusion and hopelessness and are seeking answers to life’s most pressing questions. Believers have a mandate from Yeshua our Lord to be salt and light at all times to those around them, especially in times of great spiritual darkness.
  • The Bible teaches us that judgments of Elohim against men’s sin such as plagues, famines and war can help to bring people to repentance. Blessings from heaven come when people repent of their sins and turn to Elohim.
  • Passover is coming up soon. At the first Passover in the book of Exodus when the Israelites put the blood of the lamb on the doorposts of their houses, the Messenger of Death passed over them and they were spared YHVH’s judgment upon the Egyptians. Then YHVH promised the Israelites in Exodus 15:26 that if they would diligently hearken unto his voice and obey all of  his Torah commands that we would not put the diseases of Egypt upon them. The promises of Elohim for his people, including the one new man Israel of Elohim (Eph 2:11–19; Gal 6:16) are still yes and amen (2 Cor 1:20). This Passover, make sure that your family are under the blood of Yeshua, for it is by his blood and the word of their testimony that the saints will overcome Satan, who comes to kill, steal and destroy the blood-bought people of Elohim (John 10:10). 

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  1. To my fellow bloggers everywhere-I must share with you all what I have recently learned health-wise and what we can do to help our bodies, which YHVH created to heal in the first place. While this is by NO means medical advice and you MUST always consult your PCP and take into account any allergies you may have, along with any medications you are on, when I ran out of my vitamin D3, I decided to order some online. While reading the label, it listed it’s source as “cholecalciferol” and I thought what is the source? I found out it’s animal sourced so naturally I wanted to know which animal. Turns out it’s derived from the lanolin in SHEEP’S WOOL! When the sheep are sheared they extract the D3 from the lanolin (google “sheethrillsfarm.” This gave me such joy as I realized ‘how like ELOHIM to put a virus killer in the sheep/lamb!” Now there are many sources you can google and do the research for yourself and educate yourself as I am doing. Since medical doctors don’t believe in natural remedies for the most part, they should still be consulted for any contraindications. I cannot tell you what will work for you or what dose, I can only share what I am learning. Now as to a natural cough remedy, I found a recipe on Mary’s Nest (youtube video-for this) It was easy to make just 4 ingredients and it works very well. Stay blessed and in the Word, Carol! Shofar s good 🙂

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