D’varim—Moses & John Reveal the Heartbeat of Torah

For years, Deuteronomy (D’varim) has been one of my favorite books of the Bible for several reasons. Mostly because in it Moses reveals the heart of our loving Father in heaven for his people, and why it’s important for them to follow his ways, which are a river of life and a source of great blessings. Additionally, Deuteronomy is the aged Moses’s last will and testament for the people of Elohim, and it contains life saving information for the next generation. It also reveals the quintessential truths of YHVH’s Torah, while pointing people toward Yeshua the Messiah, who is the Living Torah-Word of Elohim. Interestingly, and I have sensed this for many years, John’s first epistle, written when he too was a very old man, is like the Deuteronomy of the New Testament containing much of the same information, warnings, pleas, instructions and exhortations as Moses’ last book. For the first time, in this video, I do a comparative analysis of the main messages of each of these books such that your perspective on each one may be expanded and a new appreciation for each as well as Messiah and his Torah gained. May you be blessed! — Nathan