The Pillar of Fire—Who, What and Why?


Numbers 9:22–23, Abode … rested … journeyed. How do these concepts relate to our spiritual walk? How do we know when to rest or abide, and when to journey? How does YHVH show us his will for our lives? Matthew Henry in his commentary on this passage says, “Thus we are taught to see [Elohim] always near us, both night and day. As long as the cloud rested on the tabernacle, so long as they continued in the same place. There is no time lost, while we are waiting for [Elohim’s] time. When the cloud was taken up, they removed, however comfortably they were encamped. We are kept at uncertainty concerning the time of our putting off the earthly house of this tabernacle, that we may be always ready to remove at the command of [YHVH]. It is very safe and pleasant going when we see [Elohim] before us, and resting where he appoints us to rest. The leading of this cloud is spoken of as signifying the guidance of the blessed Spirit.” (Read Pss 37: 3–7, 23–24; 73:24; Prov 3:6; Rom 8:14.) Are we ready to lay our lives down, die to self, and to follow YHVH’s perfect will for our lives no matter how much it may stretch our faith?

Some Additional Insights on the Pillar of Fire That Guided the Israelites

In Exodus 13:21 we read,

And YHVH went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by day and night.

Then in Exodus 14:19 it is written,

And the Angel of Elohim, which went before the camp of Israel, removed and went behind them; and the pillar of the cloud went from before their face, and stood behind them.

Who is this “Angel” of Elohim (in other places he is called “the Angel of YHVH”)? Angel is an unfortunate translation. The Hebrew word for angel is palak and simply means “a heavenly or a human messenger.” Prophetically this word can refer to human messengers such as the one coming in the spirit of Elijah prior to Messiah’s Continue reading


What Is the Ultimate Goal of the Torah?


The Higher Torah and the Highest Torah Explained

The Torah is NOT the ultimate goal! The Torah, as wonderful as it is, points us to something even even better and higher!

What are the weightier matters of the Torah? Perfect obedience to the Torah is not the ultimate goal of the saint. The Torah is merely a vehicle to lead us to something. What is that? What is the greater Torah, the higher and the highest Torah? What really matters to YHVH when all is said and done???? The Gospel of Matthew (Matt 23:23) records that Yeshua rebuked the religious leaders of his day for their not following the higher Torah.

Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye pay tithe of mint and anise and cumin, and have omitted the weightier matters of the Torah, judgment, mercy, and faith: these ought ye to have done, and not to leave the other undone.

What did he really mean by “the weightier matters of the Torah”?

The Deeper Meaning of the Word “Torah”

Almost every place where you see the word “law” in the Old Testament (or Tanakh), it is the Hebrew word “Torah.” This word is used 219 times in the Tanakh, and in almost every case it is translated in the KJV and in most other English Bibles as “the law.” Is this all this word means? Is “law” even its main definition according to the Hebrew?

Let’s begin to answer this question by asking another one. When you think of the term “the laws” what comes into our mind: good thoughts or bad thoughts? Do you think Continue reading


We all have been (or still are) an adulterous woman…

Adultrous Woman

Numbers 5:11–31, This passages deals with a curious ritual involving wives suspected of adultery called the Law of Jealousies whereby the woman is hauled before the priest, her head is uncovered and, according to Jewish tradition, her dress is ripped open just above her breasts (b.Talmud Sota 7a). She then has the choice to drink a concoction of earth from the floor of the tabernacle mixed with the set-apart (kadosh) water from the bronze laver into which is dipped a piece of paper that contains the curses written on it. If she is guilty of the charges of adultery when she drinks the bitter waters, her belly shall swell and her thigh (Heb. yarek or side or loins,which are the seat of procreative power) shall rot as a result of a divine judgment. If she is guiltless, the bitter waters will have no effect on her. If she refuses to drink the bitter water and her husband still suspects her unfaithfulness, then he is free to divorce her, even though she has admitted no guilt. According to Jewish tradition, this legal procedure was carried out by Israel’s highest court in Jerusalem (Sota 7b).

Some biblical commentators see a parallel here between the adulterous woman and the trial and execution of Yeshua at the cross. After only a casual reflection on the issues, this may seem unlikely. But ponder this for a moment. Did YHVH liken his Continue reading


The Biblical Feasts and YHVH’s Plan of Salvation for Man

The Feasts Represent the Seven Steps of YHVH’s Plan of Salvation For Mankind 

Passover (Pesach): The first annual festival in YHVH’s glorious lineup in the steps of redemption is Pesach which occurs in the early spring of the year at the time of the rebirth of the creation after a long and dead winter season. Likewise, it was the time of the birth of the nation of Israel. The Children of Israel had been enslaved in Egypt for many years, but they could not extricate themselves from the death grip of Pharaoh, a picture of Satan, without some help from above. YHVH heard their cries of anguish, told them to sacrifice a lamb and smear the blood on the doors of their homes. This they did by faith. YHVH


extended his grace and mercy upon them, caused the angel of YHVH to pass over their homes so that they were delivered from the wages of their sins which is death. At the same time, the Egyptians received judgment unto death because they were not under the blood of the lamb. Israel was now free to leave Egypt. Spiritually one must leave the world (spiritual Egypt), a place of spiritual oppression and slavery, darkness and false religion. It is the realm or kingdom of Satan, the prince of death. One cannot leave the kingdom of darkness on one’s own strength. One cannot free oneself from slavery to the strong tyrants and masters of this world, the flesh or the devil. A greater power than these must deliver us from these slave masters who maintain humans in their death grip. Only by the blood of the Lamb of YHVH smeared on the door posts and lintels (our actions and thoughts) of our houses (our lives) will the death angel pass over us, for Yeshua the Lamb of YHVH defeated the enemy at the cross and defeated the death sentence or death grip of sin by resurrecting from the grave on the third day after his death (Col 2:12-15). The Israelites, by faith, trusted in the blood of the Lamb and by YHVH’s grace their sins were not credited to their account, but were forgiven causing the death angel to pass over. At that time they physically began to leave Egypt.

The Feast of Unleavened Bread (Hag HaMatzot): The Israelites left Egypt on the first day of this seven-day long festival. Leaving Egypt was a relatively simple process, but now began the process of “getting Egypt out of them.” Dying to self and overcoming all the sinful habits in our lives is a process. We cannot do this of our own efforts but need the redeeming work of Messiah. This is illustrated during this feast by YHVH’s command to remove all the physical leavening from our homes. Leavening is a type of sin and pride since yeast causes bread to rise and puff up. The sin of pride and hypocrisy leads one to believe that one is in a better spiritual state than one actually is. This is the state of spiritual Continue reading


The Feasts, Yeshua the Sun of Righteousness and the Calendar

Sun of Righteousness 16958560

Leviticus 23

Yeshua the Messiah is the Light of the world or the Sun of Righteousness (Mal 4:2) or the Greater Light to show man the path of spiritual darkness of this world. The saints are like the moon or lesser light that reflects the light of the sun or the greater light into the darkness of this world.

The biblical feasts are calculated based on the lunations of the moon. They YHVH’s plan of salvation to show man the way to Yeshua who is spiritually the Greater Light as represented by the sun. The feasts are like a tract or sermon by which the saints preach the gospel message of salvation to the world. The saints as the lesser light reflect the message of salvation through Yeshua the Greater Light into the darkness of this world through their adherence to the biblical feasts. This is why the moon — the lesser light — is so pivotal to YHVH’s calendar and feasts.

Judah’s calendar is off; it’s not in accordance with the moon. It claims to be, but it’s not. At the same time, they’re not bring the gospel message of Yeshua to the world — only the doctrines of men and men’s traditions. Their whole message is askew and fails to reflect the Greater Light of Yeshua.

Similarly, the mainstream church tries to preach the gospel, but without understanding the moon, feasts and biblical calendar their message of the gospel is only a partial one and is also off.

A time may come in the future when the calendar and feasts will go off the sun and not the moon. This may occur when there is a new heaven and a new earth when Yeshua is ruling on this earth and he will be the only Light of the world. That time isn’t yet, though, for it’s still the saints’ job as the lesser light to be like the moon to reflect the truth of Yeshua, the Greater Light, to this world through a lunar-based calendar and the biblical feasts.


New Video: Are Hebrew Roots Teachers Preaching “Another Gospel”?

As numerous people worldwide are exploring the Hebraic roots of the Christian faith including an emphasis on Torah-obedience, the question is being asked, “Are Hebrew roots teachers preaching “another gospel”? Surprisingly, the answer is both yes and no. In this video, we’ll discuss what the apostles of Yeshua taught compared to what some Hebrew roots advocates are preaching and define what “another gospel” means.


Make my day!

Growling Grizzly Bear

With all this flat earth talk, consider these points:

Why are we getting sidetracked about the shape of the earth when the lost sheep of Israel need to be gathered in as Yeshua commanded us to do?

Why are people so passionate about the shape of the earth enough to bombard my blog and YouTube channel with all kinds of emotionalism, when we can hardly get anyone excited about Yeshua and the gospel message?

Of the hundreds of topics I have covered on my YouTube channel and on this blog, no subject has generated so much rancor. Why? What’s the deal?

Yeshua rebuked the church at Ephesus (Rev 2) for losing their first love (i.e. for Yeshua), although they were faithful in the works of Torah-obedience. Yeshua also rebuked the Laodiceans for being lukewarm. How is it that people can get so worked up over the shape of the earth, but can’t get excited about winning the lost, preaching the gospel, making disciples for Yeshua, and generally doing the great commission? What’s this all about? Something is wrong with this picture!

It’s this: People are passionate for the wrong things because of their lukewarmness and because they don’t really love Yeshua as they should. Their priorities are all wrong. When someone points out their sin, they shoot the messenger! Many have come under a strong delusion. They have turned from a passion for the Continue reading