Luke 9—Nuggets of Wisdom from Yeshua’s Life

Luke 9:1–2, Gave them power. (See also Luke 10:19.) Spiritual power and authority over demons and sickness is manifested in no greater way than when exercised in conjunction with the preaching of the gospel. It is here on the ragged edge between the kingdoms of light and darkness that YHVH wishes especially to demonstrate his power through his servants in an effort to draw outsiders into his spiritual kingdom. Healing from sickness and deliverance from demonic powers is a great enticement for those on the outside to become part of YHVH’s kingdom, where they will experience freedom resulting in joy, peace and hope and eventually eternal life.

Luke 9:28, Eight days. Eight is the biblical number of new beginnings and the symbol for infinity. When Yeshua comes back in power and glory to establish his kingdom universally on this earth of which the transfiguration was a prophetic foreshadow, it will be a new beginning lasting for eternity.

Luke 9:41, Faithless and perverse. Faithlessness and perversity go hand-in-hand with the ability to cast out demons and to heal the sick. To the degree that one is faithful to and has faith in YHVH and his Word and is in sync with it is the degree to which one will be able to exercise power over demon spirits and sickness.

Luke 9:44, About to be betrayed. Even though Yeshua had just exercised authority over a demon when he cast it out of the boy, there are times when Elohim allows Satan to exercise power over his servants for the greater good of his kingdom (e.g. Rev 13:7). This would be the case with Yeshua’s betrayal and crucifixion. Sometimes denying oneself (Luke 9:23–24) means paying the ultimate price by losing one’s life physically and laying it down for our brother (John 15:13) and not loving our life even unto death (Rev 12:11). On the surface, this may appear to be a victory for the kingdom of Satan, but in the long run, it ends up be a victor for the kingdom of Elohim. This is yet another way in which Elohim demonstrates his superiority of Satan, the punk.

Luke 9:46–48, Be greatest. The passions of the flesh like a weed with a deep taproot are always ready to rise up even after the most spiritually elevating moments. That’s why Yeshua urges his disciples to stay humble like little children, so this won’t occur.

Luke 9:49–50, He who is not against us. Yeshua is totally beyond and above man-made fences and barriers, delimitations, cliques, labels, organizations, political parties and religious denominations and the like. He is neither constrained nor limited by any of these. He sees the truth, heart and spirit behind all of these be it good or bad. Veneers and facades don’t obscure his vision; he sees the good wherever it may be found. We must always endeavor to emulate the magnanimous heart of Yeshua and give credit where it is due regardless of whether the other person belongs to our particular sect, party or spiritual flavor or not. YHVH is always one to judge individuals according to righteous judgment (John 7:24) by looking at the heart of the matter, and not simply at the outward appearance of it (1 Sam 16:7), which is often deceiving and belies the true nature of a thing.

Luke 9:51–56, Steadfastly set his face. Yeshua’s disciples must discern the spiritual times and seasons. Yeshua was steadfastly determined to go to Jerusalem to fulfill his spiritual destiny, and was thus disinclined to be distracted by side issues including ministry opportunities that would present themselves to him while en route to Jerusalem. His disciples failed to recognize the importance of his mission and its goal, and were thus offended when the Samaritans failed to give Yeshua the attention they felt he as a dignitary was due. It, however, was not YHVH’s will for Yeshua to become sidetracked in the Samaritan village, and, as such, it was no problem for Yeshua to pass it by without having his feathers ruffled by their cold reception, since it didn’t matter anyway, for Yeshua was on a more important mission. He chose his battles carefully and didn’t feel the need to become entangled in every controversy that came his way, for as it is said, he had much bigger fish to fry elsewhere in being about his Father’s business. This is an example for us to follow in our daily activities. For as Paul instructed the young Timothy the evangelist, “No one engaged in warfare entangles himself with the affairs of this life, that he may please him who enlisted him as a soldier” (2 Tim 2:4).

Luke 9:56, But to save. Everything Yeshua did imparted the spirit of life to those around him. The spirit of death had no influence over him—only life. If he spoke harshly, corrected or rebuked anyone, it was done out of love and for the greater good of pulling down those spiritual strongholds that were causing death in a person, so that the light of life and truth could pierce and sweep away the darkness, thus allowing spiritual life to be birthed in its place. Let us follow his example in all that we do say and think and in all of our encounters with those around us.

Luke 9:58–59, The Son of Man. Yeshua was detached from nearly all earthly cares, so that he could exclusively focus on his divine mission to redeem men. Had he been burdened with having to care for a wife, children, a home and the other typical responsibilities that humans have to deal with to sustain their lives, it’s unlikely that Yeshua would have been able to fulfill his divine mission. If we want to follow Yeshua, then bigger, better and more (physically-speaking) isn’t necessarily better, for material possessions and worldly associations demands time and effort to maintain, which takes one away from following Yeshua unreservedly and without the strings of this physical life that hold us down spiritually.

Luke 9:62, Looking back. Followers of Yeshua must be forward-looking, and not longing for the things of the past life such as was the case with the children of Israel who longed for the food and comfortable lifestyle of Egypt, or Lot’s wife who longed for her home and family members back in Sodom.


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