No man can redeem his brother from sin except Yeshua!

Psalm 49:7, None…can…redeem his brother. In that all men are of equal value before Elohim, a man can’t redeem his brother from the penalty of sin, which is death. One can only atone for his own sins by dying, and once dead, there is no more possibility of living, since the wages of sin is death. So there is no possibility of a man atoning for his own sins, much less those of another; this verse makes this truth clear. 

Even if a man could live a sinless life, he could at best save only one other individual—that is, give his life in exchange for only one other sinner. Only Yeshua who was the Creator of all humans life (Col 1:16; Heb 11:3) could exchange his sinless life for all humanity, since common logic tells us the one who creates something is of more value than the sum total of all that he creates. This is why verse eight states that the redemption of men’s souls is costly, since it cost the life of the Son of Elohim, the Creator of all things. Only this costly sin sacrifice could redeem men from the pit of the grave and give men the gift of eternal life (verse nine).

Another point to consider in this discussion is that since Yeshua was born of a virgin and not of the seed of man, his nature wasn’t polluted or defiled by Adam’s sin nature. If he had not been born of a virgin, this would have disqualified him from being the perfect and blemish-free Passover lamb sin offering for the remission of men’s sins before the judgment seat of Elohim. Since the life of man is in his blood (Lev 17:11), and man’s blood was defiled by Adam’s sin nature, and since Yeshua’s blood didn’t derive from man, but from his Father in heaven, Yeshua’s blood was acceptable to a holy Elohim as the required atonement for the redemption men’s souls (Lev 17:11 cp. Isa 53:10). No man except Yeshua has ever met these criteria, thus no man other than Yeshua is qualified to atone for another man’s sin. 

Because Yeshua was the blameless and sin-free Passover lamb, those who spiritually identify and unite with his atoning death through faith and the ritual of baptism for the remission of sins can now be presented as blameless as well before Elohim in heaven (Col 1:21–23).


5 thoughts on “No man can redeem his brother from sin except Yeshua!

  1. Yes He was born of a virgin, and was sinless however didn’t Miriam have an inherited sin nature, and though He was tempted as we are was able to overcome because He listened to His Father? So are we saying that because Yosef wasn’t His father He had NO inherited sin nature because that would not qualify Him to be the Messiah in the first place, and because He wasn’t of the seed (s) of Yosef but rather of Miriam and the Holy Spirit? And if what Ron Wyatt attested to that His blood found in the cave with the Ark of the Covenant contained only 23 human chromosomes instead of 23 PAIRS because he had only one earthly parent.

    • Hi Carol-Yes I just noticed that re The “Y”- Yeshua’s arms outstretched in pain,agony to embrace a sinful world ( fallen nature of man & woman).

      And at the ninth hour Yeshua cried out:

      Eli Eli , Lama Sabachthani -Mathew 27:46 My ELOHIM -God ,My God Why ”y” have you forsaken me.!

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