Behind the Veil, Washed in the Water in Nature’s Cathedral…

Last Sabbath, my son Jared and I took a short hike in a nearby state park to commune with YHVH Elohim, our Heavenly Father, in his creation. We’ll let the following photos speak for themselves about the glory of Elohim’s wondrous creation only a little over an hour from our doorstep here in Oregon.

How many times was Yeshua actually in a church building on Shabbat? When he was, what was he doing there? Just asking…Something to ponder.

Please enjoy!

A cathedral of old growth fir trees.

Jared gazing in awe at a giant Douglas fir tree.
Natan is dwarfed by this massive seven foot in diameter at breast height fir tree.
This was the first of several waterfalls we encountered on our short hike.
The trail goes behind this waterfalls—behind the veil!
Tell me you haven’t seen a more beautiful sight than this!
Behind the waterfalls’ veil, kissed by the mist, almost like being in the holy of holies and being washed by the water of the Word…
Though Elohim promised to never flood the world again, he never promised not to flood us with the water of his word! I’m thirsty for more…baptize me!
What more can be said? Nothing!
Here’s another one to inspire you…
All of these falls are within a couple of miles of each other. How is it possible that so much beauty can be fit into such a small area? With man this is impossible, but with YHVH Elohim all things are possible!
Just gotta get some more trees in this photo gallery. This is because in the business world, I call myself the Treevangelist. I’m passionate about trees (both the physical and spiritual ones) and I preach the good news of planting and caring for trees, AND the good news of the gospel message about the Tree of Life—Yeshua the Messiah. That’s why my “tent making” business is called the Good News Tree Service, Inc. of Wilsonville, Oregon, USA. For fun, check me out my website at and my tree blog at