Meet the Remarkable Rebekah

Do you  want to know what kind of woman Rebekah, the wife of Isaac was? Well read this and let it inspire you:


She was modest with a servant’s heart, selflessness and kind. Genesis 24:11–21 recounts Eliezer’s encounter with Rebecca at the well. He was not interested in a wealthy girl for Isaac. He preferred someone of modest means — the kind who would go to draw water herself, and not have servants do it for her. Eliezer wanted to see how the girl would behave away from her home atmosphere, so that he would have a more accurate perspective of her character. At the well, the girl would be natural and act in accordance with her own character. At home, however her behavior might well reflect the constraints of her family’s orders or expectations. She passed the test, for she spoke only about bringing water for him, and then went on to draw water for his camels. It was second nature to Rebecca that another’s needs should be provided for. This act spoke volumes about her great kindness. That his camels had to be watered was so obvious to her that she saw no need to say she would do it. Unlike the other girls at the well who wasted their time in idle chatter and gossip, Rebecca did her task quickly and without delay. Rebecca acted in a most exalted manner: Continue reading