Who is Edom in end times Bible prophecy?


Genesis 25:27–28, Esau vs. Isaac. There are only two types of people on this earth: Esaus and Jacobs. Ponder or discuss this for a moment. Consider, for example, the fact that hanging on either side of Yeshua on the cross, spiritually speaking, there was a “Jacob” and an “Esau.” (Read Luke 23:39–43 and discuss.) We see the same thing in Matthew 24:39–41. (Discuss.)

What type of person was Esau? He was described as a cunning hunter. Nimrod was the only other person in Scripture termed “a hunter.” What kind of person would a hunter have been then compared to a farmer or herdsman? Esau was a man of the field. Field in Scripture is a metaphor for the world (see Matt 13:38). Esau was a profane (unhallowed, worldly, ungodly) man (Heb 12:16). He had no esteem for things of eternal value. That is why he sold his birthright. He lived for the moment and had no eye for, hope in, or faith toward the future. He sought instant gratification of his sensual nature. His god was his belly. He disdained and dishonored his family heritage and those things that were highly esteemed by his father and grandfather. In Gen 26:34–35, we see, to the great grief of his parents, Esau marrying one of the local heathen Canaanite girls. He did not honor his parents or respect their wishes and marry inside the faith.

Do these traits describe some unbelievers that you know, and even some believers? Perhaps you were like this before you were saved. Do we see many Esau-types running around among the younger generation today?

Genesis 25:30, Esau…Edom. Many, if not most of the modern Moslems (especially the Arabs) trace their lineage back if not biologically then spiritually to Continue reading


Isaiah 61:10–63:9, YHVH to Defeat Israel’s Enemies and to Give Israel’s Exiles Salvation

Isaiah 61:10, He has clothed me with garments of salvation … robes of righteousness. The Hebrew word for salvation is Yesha (Strong’s H3468), which forms the root for the word yeshua meaning “salvation,” which, of course is the derivation of the Messiah’s personal name, Yeshua. How does Scripture define the word righteousness? (For the brief answer, reference Ps 119:172.) We see in this verse an interplay between the concepts of being clothed in Messiah’s salvation and works of righteousness, which is Torah obedience. Now relate these two concepts to Ephesians 2:8–9, which describes how we are saved spiritually, and then to Ephesians 2:10, which describes the proof of our salvation.

Now let’s take the next step in our line of logic by turning to Revelation 12:17 and 14:12 to discover what are the identifying marks of the end-time saints. Now relate this to the robes of righteousness the bride of Yeshua will be wearing in Revelation 19:7–9 with special emphasis on verse 8. The KJV reads, “for the fine linen is the righteousness of the saints,” while both the NIV and NAS read “righteous acts” for “righteousness.” What are the Continue reading


What is Jacob’s Trouble and how does it relate to end times prophecy?

Genesis 32 is the story of Jacob’s return to Canaan after having been exiled from his homeland for 20 years. This is often referred to as Jacob’s Trouble (from Jer 30:7). His exile occurred after he obtained his divinely promised birthright through shrewd if not unscrupulous means from his brother Esau resulting in his having to flee Canaan for fear of his life due to Esau’s vengeance. Jacob found refuge in the region of Babylonia at his Uncle Laban’s home where he married Laban’s two daughters, Leah and Rachel. Genesis 32 recounts Jacob’s encounter with Esau who, along with his small army, physically stood in Jacob’s way from entering the land of his promised inheritance—later to be known as the land of Israel or Promised Land.

country road with lightning

The Jewish sages believe that this encounter between Jacob and Esau is prophetic in nature and will happen again in the end times, but this time on a much larger scale and this time involving the numerous descendants of Israel and Esau. The Israelites will be attempting to return to their ancestral homeland, while the descendants of Esau will be attempting to block their way. As we proceed in this study, we will see whether this prophecy is beginning to come to pass in our days.

Rolling the film backwards a little, Laban had chased Jacob out of the area of Babylon, and yet Jacob was being blocked from entering Canaan by Esau (or Edom meaning “red”). This is reminiscent of Pharaoh chasing the Israelites out of Egypt only to find themselves blocked by the Red Sea, which is a picture of Edom (meaning “red”). In both instances, Continue reading


Dealing With Difficult Family Members

Deuteronomy 2:2–9, Edom. Edom (another name for Esau, brother of Jacob) and Moab and Ammon (sons of Lot) were blood relatives of the Israelites. Often those of our own family will stand in our way as we go in to possess our ­spiritual, Elohim-given inheritance and destiny.


What is the lesson from this passage of scripture on how to deal with less-than-cooperative family members who fail to recognize the calling on your life? Are we to make war with them? Are we in any way to be beholden to or dependent on them for our physical needs? If we became dependent upon them could this help or hinder our chances of entering our own spiritual destiny or “Promised Land”? Does YHVH desire our families to be saved? (See Acts 16:31; 2 Pet 3:9.) How can we be a light to our families if we are fighting and attempting to destroy those who would spiritually stand in our way?

This passage also teaches us to avoid conflicts with family members at all costs. No good can come from such confrontations. How does verse 5 start out? Now go on to read verse 6. YHVH instructed the Israelites to treat their cousins with respect and civility—almost in a business-like manner.

Nowhere does Scripture tell us that we have to like our heathen family members. But neither are we to act offensively toward them. Like the Israelites when forced to encounter long lost relatives, sometimes it is best to smile, be nice, but keep moving on!


This Just Out From Israel: Bloodthirsty Edom on the Loose



July 7-2013
As the world goes completely crazy, we seem to look first one way and then the other for the truth of what is happening, when in fact there is only one source of truth and that is God’s Word. Today we see how the descendants of Ishmael (Arabs) are killing each other to please their God Allah in Egypt, Syria, and even throughout the Muslim world as well. It is also interesting to note that they are killing each other for the right to kill us (you and me, non-Muslims)

Islam 1-20794873

You may want to take a couple of minutes and read Gen.16, paying close attention to the 12th verse “and he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.” The Chapter is only 16 verses long and it will give you a fresh and better understanding of who the Arabs are.

The fall of Morsi in Egypt will not be an easy thing for the Egyptians; the Muslim Brothers will not go down easily. They are the evil Satanic bloodthirsty descendants of Ishmael and it is built into their genes by God to be as they are. If that sounds cruel to you just think about the possibility of the day you could be laying on the ground with your hands tied and Ishmael standing over you with a doubled edged knife to cut off your head. Thousand’s face that reality daily around the world. Their crime; they were not worshippers of Allah. They were namely Jews and Christians labelled in the Koran as “the people of the Book”.

In Israel we are caught between the Syrians and Egyptians. They both sprang from Ishmael and are both raving crazy mad with blood before their eyes. Once they settle down a bit they will once again turn all their forces against Israel. They simply can’t stop killing. They love death more than we love life. But when they do turn their combined forces against Israel they will face their greatest defeat. They will be destroyed. Egypt and Syria are not part of Ezek. 38:5-6 Persia, Ethiopia, and Libya with them; all of them with shield and helmet: Gomer, and all his bands; the house of Togarmah of the north quarters, and all his bands: and many people with thee. The war we are about to experience will be terrible – and worse than any before it. Yet it is not the battle of Ezek 38:5-6. It will however set the stage for that great war. In the meantime Obama is doing all he can with little to no resistance from the American people to destroy the USA.

In past reports I have spoken of smokescreens. Some of these are themselves very dangerous and Islam is one of them. But there is a far greater threat to your life and your lifestyle and that is what is commonly called the New World Order, Illuminati, Bilderberger. or whatever you care to call it. They are simply using the Islamic terrorist to accomplish their goal of world domination. That however does not lessen the terrible danger the Islamist poses to you. They want you dead and they will do anything to accomplish that goal. We here in Israel have lived with that reality for decades and know the only way to survive is by strength, or at least that is what most Israelis believe. When in fact the only reason we are survivors is that by the Will of God He has determined to perform and fulfil His end time prophetic Word.

The ugly head of anti-Semitism is rising across Europe in the form of Islam and it has already gained a death-grip in many countries there. It is far stronger and with far more power in the US than many want to believe. Cities have already been taken over and Islamic Jihad training camps are now covertly springing up across the U.S.

You may be wondering what can you do about all of this. Globally, very little, if anything. Personally, however, there is a lot and very important things for you to do.

The first is; to assure yourself of your personal salvation and there is only one way for that – through the door that is Yeshua, (Jesus). If you are not certain of your relationship with God now is the time to bow your head and with your heart open to the move of the Holy Spirit ask Yeshua to come into your life and to be the center of your life, confessing your sins and asking for forgiveness of those sins.

There is another thing you need to do and quickly. Prepare for your loved ones and your family. I-Tim. 5:8 But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.

You are a wild olive branch grafted into a Jewish root. If you love Israel and the Jewish people you know of this supernatural love that can only come from God. God will bless those who bless Israel. Gen. 12:3 And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

God is bringing the Jews back to Israel. Many are coming today by air. That possibility will soon close and the only possible way will be by sea. We pray that God will touch you today and show you how important your support of this Ministry is.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden


The Arab-Israeli Conflict—Prophesied Long Ago

Genesis 27:40, By the sword you shall live. Compare this verse with the description of Ishmael in Genesis 16:12. In Genesis 28:9 Esau married the daughter of Ishmael thus uniting these two family lines from which some of the present-day Arabs descend. Look at these two verses and compare the character traits of Esau listed there with those of the Palestinian Arabs et al who live to kill the Jews and to destroy the nation of Israel today. The roots of today’s hatred among these people originate in jealousy and rivalry between Jacob and Esau.

The entire one-chapter Book of Obadiah is a prophecy against Edom. Let’s note several key points in this prophecy that might help us to understand some things about Edom in light of end-time Bible prophecy and how this relates to the end-times Arab-Israeli conflict.

  • Verse 2, The descendants of Edom are greatly despised (scorned, held in contempt, disdained).
  • Verse 3, Though they dwell in the clefts (places of concealment, retreats) of the rocks, they are proud and view themselves as invincible.
  • Verse 4, YHVH promises to bring Edom down.
  • Verse 7, Esau has a confederacy (league, alliance) of nations, which include many of the modern Moslem and Arab nations.
  • Verse 11, Edom’s eyes are on Jerusalem. Edom among other foreigners will cast lots for Jerusalem (seek to divide it among the nations/religions of the world as an international city under the control of the United Nations?).
  • Verse 13, Edom has entered into the gates of the land of Israel in the day of her calamity/disaster.
  • Verse 14, Edom will kill Jewish refugees trying to escape the land of Israel in her time of distress.
  • Verse 15, The time frame of the fulfillment of these prophecies is “near” the day of YHVH, when he will judge Edom and the other heathen nations.
  • Verse 16, Edom will be drinking (celebrating?) on the Temple Mount/YHVH’s “holy mountain,” and as a result, they shall drink the cup of YHVH’s wrath.
  • Verse 17, The house of Jacob will get the Temple Mount back!

How many descriptions of the modern Palestinian and other Islamo-terrorists do we see in Obadiah? What other people-group fits this description? Is Esau a picture of many modern-day Palestinians and their Moslem backers who hate the Jews, the state of Israel and even America?


Four More Years of Obama—Prophesied in the Bible??

Like most Americans, I was glued to the computer monitor (our family doesn’t have a television) watching live coverage of the presidential election returns until the election was called in favor of Barack Obama.

Okay, I’ll be honest. My flesh-man wanted Romney to win, since I felt that he’d be better for the economy and for my personal pocketbook. Conversely, my spirit man knew that this nation had done nothing to deserve a reprieve from the divine judgments that are coming against it for turning its back on YHVH. As a nation, we have largely rejected Elohim and biblical values. Remember the sound bite from the Democratic Convention where the crowd booed and rejected adding to its party platform “the idea of faith and belief in God” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cncbOEoQbOg)? This nation has not repented of its apostasy. There has been no mass (or even minor) return to YHVH and to his Word as our guiding light and spiritual standard. No major leaders calling for true repentance. And so on. Only divine judgments will bring a nation to repentance. Show me any place in the Scriptures with the possible exception of Nineveh where revival came to a nation without judgments first occurring? To wit, just study the book of Judges! This being the case, I knew that we deserved four more years of a man that YHVH will use to spank America for its spitting in his face.

We must ask ourselves, what will bring America to its knees? Nine-eleven didn’t. Neither did Katrina, nor record droughts and floods, nor fires, nor, most recently, Superstorm Sandy. Only when the golden calf of our prosperity comes down in a major way (even worse than 2008) will proud America fall to its knees—at least as I see it. The economy is that one thing that affects us all. Terrorist events, storms, droughts and fires only affect some of us. It’s always the other guy. With the economy, it’s all of us equally (more or less). Obama is the man for the job! He’s all about destroying our economy: carbon sequestration and credits, increased taxation, socialized healthcare, destroying attempts to develop our vast energy reserves, deficit spending and so on. All these things, along with natural disasters and terrorist attacks and the like will help to lower the standard of living of this nation by destroying our economy and bringing an end to the easy life as we know it, which will cause us all great woe and cause—at least some of us—to cry out to our Creator for reason of our sufferings. A pessimistic outlook, you say? Yes, but this could actually be a good thing if it leads to spiritual revival, which is optimistic!

It is my opinion that Obama and his crew will be the ones to help bring YHVH’s judgments upon this nation. And, to be sure, we, as a nation, deserve a sound thrashing at the hands of the Holy One of Israel for soundly rejecting him and his rule over us!

When Obama was running for president against Hillary back in 2006 and 2007, it seemed certain that Hillary would win the Democratic Party’s nomination. After all, who was this Barack Obama, who had ever heard of him, and what were his credentials and what had he ever done to qualify to be the president? However, in 2007 at Sukkot Northwest in Gold Beach, Oregon before a crowd of about 100 people, I predicted that Obama would win, since it fit the biblical pattern for YHVH’s judgment against America. At that time, I was teaching on Edom, and showing how YHVH historically had used Edom and its friends to punish the Israelites to bring them back to him. In Jewish thought to this day, Edom is a metaphor for any nation that YHVH will use to punish the Israelite people for their apostasy. Well, Edom is another way of saying Islam. Need I say any more about the connections between Obama and Islam? (For more on this subject, read my article entitled, “Is America in End-Times Bible Prophecy” which I published in 2007 (http://www.hoshanarabbah.org/pdfs/america.pdf).

And now for the clincher that pretty well convinced me that Obama would be re-elected this time around.

Remember the famous Gog and Magog prophecy of Ezekiel 38 and 39? Many of us believe that this is an end-times Bible prophecy that is yet to be fulfilled, and which will occur just prior to the second coming. (For those astute prophecy students, another completely different Gog-Magog event occurs at the end of the Millennium, see Rev 20:7–10.) Well guess what? (drum role) In Ezekiel 38:2, the name Obama is spelled in Hebrew letters forward every seven letters starting with the Hebrew word n’sey, which ends in the letter aleph, which I assume in this case is silent. (If I am wrong on this, someone please correct me.) This last letter (ie., aleph) is the first letter of Obama’s name spelled in Hebrew (every seven letters) like this: aleph, vav, bet, aleph, mem, heh.

Is this a Bible prophecy that Obama will be president during the Gog-Magog event, which is one of the precursor events to the return of Yeshua? You tell me!