Truth (capital T) versus truth (small t)

Psalm 117:2, Truth…forever. The Hebrew word for truth is emet spelled aleph, mem, tav, which are the first, middle, and last letter of the Hebrew alphabet or alephbet. This teaches us that the truth or Word of YHVH Elohim contains everything there is to say about everything, that it is the beginning, middle and end of everything and is complete; there is nothing that can be added to it. 

To wit, Scripture reveals that Yeshua the Messiah as the Word of Elohim incarnate is the beginning and the end of everything and the aleph and the tav (or to express this in Greek terms, the alpha and omega). As such, there is nothing to add to the this Truth, for truth is unchangeable, immutable and is eternal. Those who add or subtract from it do so at their own peril (Deut 4:2; 12:32; Rev 22:18–19) thinking that they know better or more than the Creator. This is not only folly, but is the epitome of rebellious hubris and is succumbing to the deceptive lie of the serpent who deigned to suggest to the first humans that one not only had the right but the ability to question the Word of the Almighty. All the serpent and man can do is to counterfeit and pervert divine Truth, not replicate or improve on it, for it is already perfect and complete. 

So why capitalize the word Truth? This is to differentiate divinely revealed truth from general truth. The fact that two plus two equals four is truth, but it’s not eternal or divine Truth. Two and two equaling four is truth on earth, but it may not be truth in other realms of existence. Truth on the other hand is true in all realms of existence whether on earth, in the second heaven of outer space or in the third heaven of YHVH’s spiritual existence and for all eternity. This is because Truth is an expression of truth at a much higher level; it is the revelation of Elohim’s very character and nature. It is who he is.

So what is Truth? We must look to the Bible to define its own terms and nowhere else, for it alone contains Truth and divine Truth is to be found nowhere else. To define its terms from any outside or extrabiblical source is to diminish its meaning and to arrive at an incomplete truth. The Bible is a self-contained vessel and needs no outside validation, substantiation or explanation. As such,the Bible defines the Truth as the Torah-commandments of Elohim (Ps 119:142, 151). This is logical and should be no surprise, since the Torah are the very words of Elohim given to man whether in spoken or written form. They are not the words of man and thus a reflection of the mind of man, but of the Creator. This is why the Torah cannot be abrogated, done away with or added to or subtracted from. It is ridiculous and ludicrous to think the this can be done. This is why any theological argument, philosophy or religious tradition of man that attempts to so is absolute insane foolishness and is laughable. How can that which was created think itself to be wiser than that which created it? Man doesn’t even posses the mental capabilities to comprehend Truth, much less change it or understand the ramifications and consequences of adding or subtracting from it? He cannot, so it’s best to accept Truth, to leave it alone and to bring his life into accord with it.

Moreover, Scripture reveals that Yeshua the Messiah is the Word of Elohim incarnate, and that as such he is Truth (John 14:6). And no wonder, for in his preincarnate state, he was the Word of Elohim that created all things and that spoke that same Truth to the first humans, to the patriarchs, to Moses and the Israelites, to the biblical prophets, which is the same truth that emanated from his mouth when he manifested himself in flesh-form as Yeshua the Messiah and was recorded in red letters in the Gospels, and was then transmitted to his disciples and his sent-ones apostles to be spread abroad to the ends of the earth from then until now. 

Yeshua is the same Truth who declared in the very last verses of the last book of the Bible that, “Surely, I come quickly.” The author of that book then completes that book and the Bible with the word amein meaning “truthfully,” which derives from the Hebrew word emet spelled aleph, mem, tav/<NT. If he is coming back quickly with the sharp sword of the Word or Truth of Elohim coming out of his mouth to judge the nations and all people on the basis of that Truth and to mete out rewards and punishments accordingly, does it not behoove the wise and discerning person to bring his or her life in accordance with the whole Truth of the Torah-Truth-Word, mind, heart, will and character of YHVH Elohim and Yeshua the Messiah who is the divine expression and manifestation of Elohim? Amein!