Dear Natan: What should be done to my body after I die?

Here is a question from one of this blog’s readers for Natan:

So, I have a super bizarre question for you if you don’t mind. Using Scripture as your base, what is your opinion or interpretation of rightness or wrongness of donating your body to science after death? I have always felt that an earth burial was what was correct, but as I consider how transient we (and people in general) are these days, and the ridiculous cost of death. I am wondering if I should rethink this.  Thoughts?   I know, I’m a weirdo…

Natan’s response:

You’re not a weirdo. These are honest and reasonable questions that I have asked myself. 
I’m not aware of any biblical commands or principles that give instructions on this issue. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any, but only that I’m not aware of any.
As we get older, we start to think of these things more, don’t we?

I have shied away from having my body used for science or for donating parts to those in need. Somehow, it goes against the grain of my thinking, but I can’t put my finger on why, or give Scriptures for it.

Similarly, people sometimes asking me about cremating vs. burying a body. Again, there are no scriptural commands on this issue, only Hebrew tradition. Traditionally, the body was buried, but this isn’t a biblical command.

I agree that in light of the high cost of burial services, cremation seems like a reasonable option.

Frankly, after I’m dead, I don’t care what happens to my body. Deal with it in the easiest and most cost effective way possible is my opinion. I don’t need a gravestone in a plot somewhere that no one will visit anyway. So why go through the bother? My inheritance is a heavenly one as I await the resurrection.