Mikveh anyone?

Shabbat shalom everyone!

Yesterday I quit work early, jumped in my truck and headed to a nearby mountain river for my annual fall feast days mikveh (ritual immersion). I like to do a ritual cleansing immersion, pray, repent and prepare my heart just before the upcoming fall biblical feasts. I like to do it in the spring, as well, just before Passover, but the river water is too icy cold around here at that time of the year! In can even be snowing.

While there, YHVH gave me my second teaching that I will be presenting on Yom Teruah this coming week. Of course, I will post the study notes and video on this blog. It’s on the subject of the resurrection of the dead. With all the bad news going on in the world, the Ruach prompted me to give a message on a subject that will hopefully encourage YHVH’s people and inspire great hope and joy in them during these dark times in which we are living.

I wish I could have shared my mikveh experience with you, but hopefully the photo, at least, will bless you.

You might  consider finding a mikveh spot where the water is clean and pure to do your own ritual cleansing. This is what John the Baptist (aka Yochanon the Immerser) was doing at the Jordan River to help prepare the people for the the Messiah’s coming. We’re living in the times of John the Baptist again as we’re preparing for Yeshua our Bridegroom’s coming.

My Mololla River mikveh hole.

My Mololla River mikveh hole.