Biblical Reasons NOT to Get the C0V!D “Vax!nati!on”

(Please note: misspellings in this article are intentional to circumvent potential internet censors.)

Biblical Reasons to Claim a Religious Exemption Concerning the C0V!D Shot

  • There are questionable or unknown ingredients in the vaxines that may not be biblically kosher.
  • Some vaxines contain aborted fetal tissues. 
  • Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, and it is our divine mandate to care for our bodies (1 Cor 3:16–17; 2 Cor 6:16). Those who defile their temples or bodies, Elohim says he will destroy (1 Cor 3:17). Not only that, but our bodies do not belong to us, since we were purchased with a price—the blood of Yeshua (1 Cor 6:20; 7:23; 1 Pet 1:18–19). Therefore, he owns us, and he is our Lord and Master, and we cannot go against the commands of his word or violate our conscience which is our personal spirit and which is linked to and directed by the Spirit of Elohim. As such, we are forbidden to put things into our bodies that we deem to be harmful. No one knows the long term effects of this shot. Even the short term affects have been called into question by countless medical experts. No one has the right to force us to do anything that we think may harm our bodies.
  • The C0VI!D shot and any so-called C0VI!D passport are preparing people mentally to accept the mark of the beast of Revelation 13:16–17. The saints cannot afford to go down this slippery slope spiritually path. To do so potentially opens one’s thinking up to all kinds of ungodly possibilities. The Bible is clear. Those who eventually take the mark of the beast will forfeit their eternal salvation (Rev 14:11).
  • We do not know how the experimental C0VI!D “vaccines” will affect our DNA if at all. Medical experts disagree on this point. Noah was “perfect in his generation” (Gen 6:9), while the earth was “corrupt before Elohim” (v. 11). The Hebrew can also mean that Noah was pure genetically. Yeshua declared that as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the coming of the Son of Man (Matt 24:37). Genetic degradation was occurring in the days of Noah due to the angelic incursion into the human DNA resulting in the nephilim (Gen 6:2–4). Yeshua indicated that similar things will be going on in the last days prior to his return. We do not know exactly what that means, but we do not want to do anything that might even potentially tamper with our Elohim-ordained DNA.
  • I do not want to be controlled or deceived by the world-ruling, oligarchic Babylonian big business merchants, who are attempting to control the world, including the thoughts and actions of humans, through their sorcery and witchcraft, that is, pharmaceutical and other drugs (Rev 18:23).
  • No one knows for sure how their body will react to the shots until they have been taken. There are adverse affects that can be moderately harmful to lethal for some people. That is why the US government has the VAERS (Vaxine Adverse Affects Reporting System) system in place, where thousands of people have reported adverse side effects from taking the C0VI!D shot. Again, my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and belongs to YHVH Elohim through the redemptive sacrifice of Yeshua my Messiah, so I cannot and will  not do anything that will even potentially harm my body. My faith is in Yeshua to protect and to heal me. 

Please help me out here. If you can come up with other biblical reasons, please let me know in the comments sections, and I will add them to the list. We need to put our collective understanding to work here to help each other out. Then let’s spread this information to everyone we know.