Anticipated Dates for YHVH’s 2020 Moedim (Biblical Feasts)

My mathematical and brainiac wife has just looked at all the data from various sources and put together a chart with the anticipated dates for the 2020 biblical feasts or appointed times (moedim). These dates for the spring feasts will, of course, be finalized when we spot both the new moon of the first month of the new biblical year (in the early spring) and the abib barely is found in the land of Israel at the same time. The dates for the fall feasts will be finalized when we sight the moon for the first day of the seventh month. Until then, this is our best projection. Hopefully, this info will help you in your planning, so that you can celebrate YHVH’s feasts when and how he has instructed us. Blessings!

Here is the link to the chart: