Anticipated Dates for YHVH’s 2020 Moedim (Biblical Feasts)

My mathematical and brainiac wife has just looked at all the data from various sources and put together a chart with the anticipated dates for the 2020 biblical feasts or appointed times (moedim). These dates for the spring feasts will, of course, be finalized when we spot both the new moon of the first month of the new biblical year (in the early spring) and the abib barely is found in the land of Israel at the same time. The dates for the fall feasts will be finalized when we sight the moon for the first day of the seventh month. Until then, this is our best projection. Hopefully, this info will help you in your planning, so that you can celebrate YHVH’s feasts when and how he has instructed us. Blessings!

Here is the link to the chart:


3 thoughts on “Anticipated Dates for YHVH’s 2020 Moedim (Biblical Feasts)

  1. But is this actually fruitful? Whatever chart we may put up, it is all dependant on barly and new moon as the starter. The little group I am part of has finally decided to follow the jewish calendar unless this one and the biblical one differs with one month. Normally these calendars differs with 0 to max 3 days. For members who ate employed it is very important to tell the employer long time in advance when they need the day(s) off, and for the employer this is also very important. Jeshua will set all this in order when he establish the Kingdom. But this is my thoughts about this… after many years practicing the biblical calendar. But I was never employed.

    • Yes, it is fruitful for the very reasons you specify.

      I am self-employed, so knowing the approximate dates ahead of time doesn’t matter to me. I can take time off work anytime I want. However, I know many people and have family members who are employed by heathens, and they have to ask permission for vacation days, so having a basic idea of when to ask for days off of work is very helpful (fruitful). This allows them to prepare their lives and schedules to obey YHVH’s Torah commands. What’s not fruitful and beneficial about that? Anything that helps people to obey YHVH Elohim’s Torah IS FRUITFUL! Would you not agree?

      This brings up another point worth mentioning. Decades ago, while still in my university studies, I decided not to go into the corporate world for employment. Why? Because I knew it would put me under the boot of a modern Babylonian technocratic dictatorship run by heathens. The idea of having to ask for permission not to work on Shabbat and on YHVH’s appointed times was contrary to my beliefs and values. Therefore, I decided to be self-employed, so that I’d have the freedom to obey YHVH as I wanted to. This was nearly 40 years ago. For me, it meant making different career choice in a different area than what I had been studying. Sadly, most young people can’t or don’t want to make these hard choices to come out of spiritual Babylon and serve and be a “slave” to Elohim rather than to man and Babylon. Therefore, we make these calendars for them. I am convinced that you can appreciate this.

      I don’t know if you actually looked at the calendar of the anticipated dates for the 2020 moedim, but they are approximate dates conditional upon the new moon and barley in Israel. I stated that in my blog post, and it is also stated on the calendar itself.

      May YHVH bless you for your faithfulness to his Word and for being salt and light in Norway!!!

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