New Video: How Torah Changed My Life

This video is the amazing testimony of a man who was raised as a Christian, graduated from Bible college and then discovered the Hebrew or Torah roots of the Christian faith, and how the Torah changed his life as a believer in Yeshua the Messiah for the better.

Audio is low on this video until 3:30 when the volume becomes normal.


New Video: What Is the Hebrew Roots Walk?

In this video, brother Bill explains what the basic steps are for the believer to take who’s returning to the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith. This is a great teaching for those who are new to the Hebrew roots movement or who want to understand what it’s all about.


New Video: From A.D. 70 to 135 — How the Early Church Left Its Hebrew Roots

This video is a history lesson discussing the events that happened affecting the early church between A.D. 70 (when the Romans destroyed the Jerusalem temple) and A.D. 135. During this time, the early church largely cut itself off from its pro-Torah, Jewish/Hebrew roots. By the middle of the fourth century, the new Roman Catholic Church hardly resembled its apostolic original. This video helps you to understand why the modern church has beliefs that are very different from, and, at times, opposed theologically to the original apostolic church of the first century.



From Messy Antics to The Dance of Lovers

Alone in a Dark, Strange House

Have you ever found yourself groping and stumbling around in a totally dark, strange house without a light? Many people who have left the Christian church with some vague notion of returning to the Hebrew roots of their faith find themselves in such a house. Welcome to the house of the Messianic /Hebrew Roots Movement!

Many of us have been there asking ourselves questions like: Where are we? Where are we going? What’s next? Who’s out there? Am I alone?

Shifting from a Christian paradigm and lifestyle to that of the Hebrew/Jewish roots of the Christian faith as modelled by the early believers in the Book of Acts and Apostolic Epistles isn’t an easy one. Perhaps knowing the transition zones or spiritual growth stages we all go through might be like someone handing you a flashlight in that dark house.

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