Is YHVH’s face shining on you?

Deuteronomy 31:18, And I will conceal my face. YHVH making his face to shine upon his people (Num 6:25; Ps 80:3, 19) or conversely concealing or turning his face away from his people is a Hebraism meaning “to be in the favor or disfavor of YHVH.” He said that he would hide his face from those who disobey him and do evil (Deut 31:17, 18; 32:20; Ps 132:10; Ezek 7:22; 39:29.) 

Are your prayers being answered? Or do you sense that the heavens are brass (a symbol of judgment)? 

If things are not going well for you in your life, perhaps you need to search out those areas in your life where evil still exists. Ask him to reveal them to you. Then repent and change and bring your life back into alignment with YHVH’s Word.