From Messy Antics to the Dance of Lovers—The Eight Phases of Coming Out of Spiritual Babylon—the Church

Alone in a Dark, Strange House

Have you ever found yourself groping and stumbling around in a totally dark, strange house without a light? Many people who have left the mainstream church system with some vague notion of returning to the Hebrew roots of their faith find themselves in such a house. Welcome to the house of Messianic or the Hebrew Roots Movement!

Many of us have been in this spiritual house asking ourselves questions like: Where are we? Where are we going? What’s next? Who’s out there? Am I alone? 

Shifting from a traditional church-system paradigm and lifestyle to that of that of a more first century or Hebraic one as modelled by the early believers in the Book of Acts and Apostolic Epistles isn’t an easy to do. Perhaps knowing the transition zones or spiritual growth stages most of us will go through might be like someone handing you a flashlight in that dark house. Even a little light on the subject might save your toe from getting stubbed and keep you from doing a nose plant on the floor! Not only that, knowing the stages most people inevitably go through when making the transition from a traditional Sunday Christian orientation to a Torah-pursuant one just might…

  • help us to stay on course spiritually, so that we won’t get stuck in one stage of spiritual development and fail to move to the next stage.
  • help leaders to see where people are at in their path to spiritual maturity, and help them to move to the next level.
  • help those who have advanced through these stages to be gracious and helpful to those who have not yet done so.

Here are the stages, as I see them. Each one’s personal experiences may vary a little, and the order of the steps may be slightly different for each person, but I think that most of us can relate Continue reading


New Video: “Come Out of Spiritual Babylon, My People!”

Are you in a church that’s part of spiritual Babylon the Great—where unbiblical lies are being taught, where doctrines of men and traditions that make the Word of Elohim of non-effect are being lifted up as the truth? Many people are waking up to this sad fact as YHVH is calling them to come out of Babylon as per Revelation 18:4 in preparation for the second coming of Yeshua the Messiah. Watch this video to learn the vital truth and life-changing facts about this issue.